Joe fixates on his new neighbor in the 'You' Season 2 finale.

We Need To Talk About That Mind-Blowing 'You' Season 2 Finale Cliffhanger


The newly released season of Netflix's psychosexual drama You followed Joe across the country to Los Angeles, where he quickly became fixated on a new love interest named... well, Love. But the last moment of the season had every fan asking the same question: Who is Joe's neighbor in the You Season 2 finale? That cliffhanger mystery certainly makes it seem like a Season 3 will be happening.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from throughout You Season 2. The finale episode of You's second season was absolutely jam-packed with unexpected twists, wild reveals, and a particularly unsettling resolution. It turned out, Love actually was the perfect match for Joe all along, since she is also not afraid to kill in order to "protect" those close to her. After Candace got Joe to confess to all of his murders, Love shockingly turned around and killed Candace, setting Joe free and revealing she killed the au pair who molested Forty back when she was a kid, as well as Delilah in an effort to protect Joe.

Although the revelation confirmed Joe and Love are even more alike than he thought, Joe recoiled from the confession and nearly killed Love before she told him she's pregnant with his baby. At the news he would be a father, Joe resolved to make things work with Love, and the final scene of the season showed the two of them moving into a house in the suburbs and Love was revealed to be much further along in her pregnancy.


Strangely, it all seemed like a picture-perfect, warped fairytale ending... but of course, You could not leave things without one last twist. In the final moment of the season, Joe stepped out into his new backyard and took notice of his neighbor reading in a lawn chair. The woman's face was obscured by a hat so viewers could not see her, but Joe's inner monologue revealed she was the new focus of his obsession.

While fans know absolutely nothing about this mystery woman aside from her apparent interest in books, Joe revealing his newfound fixation on her seems to clearly set up a future season. And interestingly enough, the dynamic will be totally different this time around, since Joe isn't just some single loner stalking another single woman anymore like in the first two seasons — now he's in a serious relationship with Love and about to start a family.

Not only does this twist hint it'll add a new cheating dynamic to the potential third season, but let's not forget that Love also does not have a problem with killing people. So, if Joe is planning to cheat on Love, he is going to need to be extra careful. As for right now, though, fans will just have to wait in worry to see if Netflix picks up a third season or not.