Ellie is only mentioned in 'You' Season 3, but she is still a factor Joe needs to consider.

We Need To Talk About Ellie's Whereabouts In You Season 3

Joe hasn't forgotten about her, that's for sure.


Warning: Light spoilers for You Season 3 follow. The third season of You looks a lot different than Season 2. Joe and Love’s move from the bustling city of Los Angeles to the quaint but unnerving suburban enclave of Madre Linda didn’t just mean a shift in setting and tone, but also a whole new cast of suspicious characters. But just because the Season 2 characters are out of sight, that doesn’t mean they’re out of mind for Joe. Although he doesn’t exactly reveal where Ellie is in You Season 3, Joe does briefly mention his former neighbor, and she could definitely still come back to ruin his life in the future.

In case you need a refresher, Ellie was a pivotal character in Joe’s world throughout Season 2. As he did with Paco in Season 1, Joe took it upon himself to look after his precocious 15-year-old neighbor, especially after he noticed she has been hanging out with the sketchy comedian Henderson. To protect Ellie from Henderson’s predatory advances, he murdered the comedian and made it look like a suicide. However, Ellie’s sister Delilah, a reporter, was quick to uncover the truth, leading to Joe trapping her in his cage while he mulled over what to do next.

He didn’t have to think too long, though, because his girlfriend Love made the decision for him. In the final moments of the season, Love revealed she had more in common with Joe than anyone thought by murdering Delilah in Joe’s cage. Because of his genuine connection with Ellie, Joe sadly revealed the truth to her, telling her that he murdered Henderson and the Quinns murdered her sister. Naturally, Ellie didn’t take it well. She blamed Joe for ruining her life, but did end up taking the backpack of money he gave her in order to start a new life in Florida. The ending seemed to suggest Ellie may exact her revenge on Joe someday, and she’s in a unique position to do so as the person who knows the most about Joe’s murders.


However, Ellie doesn’t play a major role in You Season 3. She’s only briefly mentioned in the first episode, as Joe revealed he’s kept his book restoration hobby alive in his new Madre Linda home, but because there’s no bookstore in town, he sells his restored classics to buyers online. He then said he sends the money he makes from the venture to Ellie, “whenever [he] hear[s] from her.”

That line could carry a lot of weight. The Season 2 finale revealed Ellie moved to Florida, but the fact that Joe has to wait to hear from her before sending her money could mean she’s moving around a lot. Although she didn’t show up in Season 3, Ellie is clearly still in contact with Joe and knows the truth about his dark past, so she still poses a major threat as the show goes on. With You Season 4 already confirmed, I wouldn’t count Ellie out just yet.