Netflix Renewed You For Season 4 Ahead Of Season 3's Premiere



Few shows are as scary, seductive, and downright sinister as Netflix’s You. The thrilling series starring Penn Badgley follows a manipulative serial killer who’s looking for love in all the wrong places, and each season continues to get more gripping than the last. And it turns out, that pattern will continue. Just days ahead of Season 3’s release on Oct. 15, Netflix renewed You for Season 4. Here’s everything we know about it so far, including speculation on the season’s release date, cast, and trailer.

First of all, it’s not super common for Netflix to announce the next season of a show before its current season premieres. More often, the streamer reveals whether a show will continue about a month after it releases its most recent season, presumably so execs can analyze its success and popularity before deciding whether to invest more into it by greenlighting more episodes. However, this is You we’re talking about. The series is a bona fide hit, so much so that renewing it for another season is an extremely safe bet, even before Netflix has viewership data on its current season.

On Oct. 13, Netflix made its confidence in You public by releasing a surprise YouTube video announcing You Season 4. Obviously, there’s no footage from the new season, since Season 3 isn’t even out yet, but it does provide a lot of creepy flashback clips featuring Joe uttering the words “for you” over and over until the words “You 4” flash on the screen. The video’s caption confirms it: “You Season 4 is in the [body] bag.”

You Season 4 Release Date

As of now, it’s unclear when You Season 4 will hit Netflix, but we may be able to guess based on past release dates. Season 2 premiered on Dec. 26, 2019, and if not for pandemic delays, it’s possible Season 3 would have arrived around the same time the following year. Going off that, if production is able to turn things around quickly, Season 4 could arrive in late 2022 at the earliest.

You Season 4 Cast


The cast for You Season 3 really depends on who survives, doesn’t it? In a show so filled with death and disappearances, none of the cast members are safe from getting knocked off before Season 4. Of course, because the You Season 4 announcement video (as well as the series as a whole) heavily features Joe, it’s a good bet he’ll be back for the fourth season. However, you really! never! know!

You Season 4 Trailer

With things in such early stages, there’s no You Season 4 trailer to dissect quite yet. Check this space again for updates and until then, watch You Season 3 on Netflix starting Friday, Oct. 15.