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The New You Trailer Is Basically Knives Out Meets Peaky Blinders

With the show's signature foreboding sexiness, of course.

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Few shows are as scary, seductive, and downright sinister as Netflix’s You. The thrilling series starring Penn Badgley follows a manipulative murderer who’s looking for love in all the wrong places, and each season continues to get more gripping than the last. And that pattern will continue with You for Season 4. Here’s everything to know about it so far about the new season, including the release date, cast, and sneak peeks.

On Oct. 13, 2021 — even before Season 3 came out — Netflix released a surprise YouTube video announcing You Season 4. The vid showed creepy flashback clips featuring Joe uttering the words “for you” over and over until the words “You 4” flashed on the screen. The video’s caption confirmed it: “You Season 4 is in the [body] bag.”

It’s not super common for Netflix to announce the next season of a show before its current season premieres. More often, the streamer reveals whether a show will continue about a month after it releases its most recent season, presumably so execs can analyze its success and popularity. This is You we’re talking about, though. The series is a bona fide hit, so much so that renewing it for another season was an extremely safe bet, even before Netflix had viewership data on its current season.

Spoiler alert: You Season 3 spoilers follow. Once the long-awaited third season hit Netflix on Oct. 15, it definitely did not disappoint. Season 3 showcased Joe (Badgley) and his wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti), settling down in the suburbs with their newborn son, Henry. Joe, who pretty much immediately fell out of love with Love after realizing she was also a murderer, was trying to make his marriage work, but the fact that he kept obsessing over other women made things a little tricky.

While all Season 3 gave viewers a lot to process — like the fact that Love really did murder her first husband and Joe might have murdered more people when he was a child — it was the season’s final episode that really set the stage for a fourth season. After Joe told Love he wanted a divorce, the couple had an altercation that left Joe temporarily paralyzed. At that point, it looked like Love was finally going to off her murderous hubby, but in a Joe-like twist, he managed to escape. It turns out, Joe knew what Love was planning and managed to murder her instead. After dropping his son off at the doorstep of his friends, Joe made Love’s death look like a murder-suicide by cutting off his own toe and baking it into a pie — thus staging his own murder and framing it all on Love — before fleeing the country. The final scene of Season 3 showed Joe in Paris, the first hint that Season 4 would be taking the story international.

Here’s everything else fans have learned about You Season 4 since then.

You Season 4 Release Date & Filming Info

The show confirmed on March 22, 2022 that Season 4 had officially begun production.

Another Instagram revealed a change in filming location. Although Joe ended his Season 3 journey in Paris, Season 4 will actually center on his time in the U.K.

Netflix originally announced Season 4’s release date during the streamer’s Tudum event on Sept. 24. For the first time ever, You’s new season will be split into two parts, but don’t worry — there isn’t a long wait time between Parts 1 and 2. Originally, Netflix said Season 4, Part 1 would drop just in time for Valentine’s Day on Feb. 10, with Part 2 arriving a month later on March 10.

The date announcement teaser introduces the new cast of characters, as well as Joe’s new alias: a professor named Jonathan Moore.

However, two months after that first date announcement, Netflix hit fans with a very welcome surprise. The streamer pushed up the premiere dates for both parts of Season 4 by a day, revealing that Part 1 will now debut on Feb. 9 with Part 2 following a month later on March 9.

You Season 4 Cast


The is no You without Joe, so obviously Badgley will return for Season 4. Tati Gabrielle will also be back as his obsession from Season 3, Marienne.

On Feb. 17, 2022, Netflix announced Lukas Gage as the first new addition to You Season 4. Gage is best known for playing resort employee Dillon on The White Lotus and Tyler on Season 1 of Euphoria. At the end of 2020, he went viral after sharing a video of a director insulting his apartment following a Zoom audition. In You, Gage will play Adam, a wealthy party boy who’s infamous for never meeting the expectations of his high-profile family. Adam’s character description, as reported by Deadline, reveals he’s incredibly charming on the surface, but is hiding huge secrets by manipulating everyone around him. Something tells me Joe Goldberg is going to be pretty suspicious of this guy.


The next casting announcement arrived on March 25, 2022, with Deadline confirming English actor Charlotte Ritchie will play the character who sounds like she will be Joe’s new obsession. Ritchie’s character Kate is described as a smart, independent art gallerist who is fiercely loyal to her friends and tends to be suspicious of anyone outside of her inner circle. Of course, that means she’s not going to be hitting it off with Joe right away, but it certainly seems like she will be at the center of whatever new drama unfolds in Season 4.

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On April 1, a new round of casting announcements came. According to Deadline, here are the series regulars:

  • Tilly Keeper will play Lady Phoebe, a lovable and devoted yet chaotic socialite.
  • Amy Leigh Hickman co-stars as Nadia, a determined lit major who has made some questionable choices.
  • Ed Speleers is Rhys, a cunning author with a traumatic past.

And here are the recurring cast members:

  • Brad Alexander as Edward, a popular student and Nadia’s rival
  • Niccy Lin as social media influencer Sophie, sister to Simon
  • Aidan Cheng as Simon, an introverted artist and brother to Sophie
  • Stephen Hagan as the priviledged literature professor Malcolm, who’s dating Kate
  • Ben Wiggins as Roald, an aristocrat with a dark side
  • Eve Austin as party-girl Gemma
  • Ozioma Whenu as Blessing, a Nigerian princess with crypto money
  • Dario Coates as Connie, an Oxfordite who loves his vices
  • Sean Pertwee as Adam’s lackey Vic
  • Alison Pargeter as Dawn, a paparazzi photographer
  • Adam James as Elliot, a surprisingly grounded Californian

Fans got a first look at all these new characters on Dec. 6, 2022, when the You Instagram account posted a ton of new character photos.

The second carousel of new photos showed Joe getting very intimate with Charlotte Ritchie’s Kate, teasing that she will be his new love interest in Season 4. But what does that mean for Marienne?

That seems like a full cast right there, but some fans are holding out hope that Netflix will merge two of its most popular shows and Joe will bump into Lily Collins’ Emily while traveling Paris. That’s one crossover I would pay good money to see...

You Season 4 Trailer

Netflix dropped the Season 4 trailer on Jan. 10, revealing the surprising twist for this new installment: Joe is up against another mysterious serial killer. The first three seasons saw Joe scrambling to hide his own murders, but after moving to London, the stalker will become the stalked when an anonymous murderer dubbed the Eat The Rich Killer targets him.

Get ready for Joe’s rampage to take on a whole new continent when the first part of You Season 4 drops on Feb. 9.

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