Everyone Joe And Love Have Killed In You

They leave a bloody path wherever they go.

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From serial killer soulmates to torrid love affairs, Netflix’s sexy slasher series You is a lot to process. And while the Season 3 finale left viewers with a heap of questions, it also left Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) with an extremely high body count between the pair of them. If you’re trying to remember everyone Joe and Love have killed in You so far, you’ve come to the right place. Consider this your Quinn-Goldberg murder cheat sheet, because yup, this couple requires one.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the You Season 3 finale. ​​Quick recap before the slayings: Season 3 — which hit Netflix on Oct. 15 — started with Joe and Love settling down in the ‘burbs and ended with Joe murdering Love, faking his own death (which he framed Love for, naturally), and escaping to Paris under the alias “Nick.” The middle part of the season consisted of some very scorching sex scenes, Love and Joe playing a fun game of “who’s creepier” cat and mouse, and of course, murder at the hands of everyone’s favorite serial killer couple.

With Season 4 of You already greenlit, there’s a good chance more names will be added to this list… unless of course France completely changes Joe. Who knows? Maybe he’ll give up his murderous ways for a life of pastries and pleasant, non-stalking people-watching! Until fans get to see what happens next, here’s a rundown of everyone who has died at the hands of Joe and Love… so far, at least:

People Joe Goldberg Has Killed:


At first, Joe seemed like an ordinary guy who enjoyed a quiet life of books and Dan Humphrey-level literary superiority. Then, he seemed like an ordinary-ish guy who got kind of possessive of his crushes. Then he seemed like a not-at-all-ordinary guy who locked people in cages. Finally, it was clear Joe Goldberg was anything but ordinary and, in fact, was a literal serial killer. Here’s the breakdown of all his (known) victims thus far:

Elijah Thornton (Before Season 1)

You might not remember this death since it happened pretty fast in a flashback, but it turns out, being a jealous boyfriend is pretty standard for Joe. When he found out his then-girlfriend Candace had cheated on him with a guy named Elijah (Esteban Benito), Joe decided to track down her fling. In a rage, Joe pushed Elijah off a building... even after Elijah apologized for unknowingly hooking up with someone in a relationship.

Benjamin “Benji” J. Ashby III (Season 1)

Beck's kinda-boyfriend Benji (Lou Taylor Pucci) met his end after Joe lured him into the bookstore’s basement and locked him in the infamous glass cage. After keeping Benji hostage for a while, Joe poisoned him before removing Benji’s teeth (which he kept in his ~memory box~) and burning his body in the woods.

Peach Salinger (Season 1)

Peach (Shay Mitchell) — or “Peaches,” as Joe liked to call her — was one of the few people who immediately saw through Joe’s good-guy façade. Joe initially attacked Peach in Central Park, but she recovered, only to later die at Joe’s hands at the end of Season 1. When Joe followed Beck to Peach’s family home in Greenwich, Connecticut, he had an altercation with Peach and ended up shooting her. Joe then wrote a fake suicide note in an attempt to cover up his crime, making it look like Peach took her own life.

Ron (Season 1)

Ron (Daniel Cosgrove), was a certified Bad Guy, which meant Joe, of course, had to kill him. Basically, Joe’s neighbor, Claudia, was dating Ron, who would repeatedly mistreat her as well as her son, Paco. Since Joe has a hero complex, he took Paco under his wing (which at first seemed sweet, but later turned lethal). When Ron tried to attack Paco, Joe killed him, and together, Joe and Paco covered up the crime. Because of this situation, when Paco saw Beck screaming for help in the basement, he chose not to help her for fear she would turn him and Joe in to the cops.

Guinevere Beck (Season 1)

Season 1 ended with the most unsettling, yet expected, death of the show thus far: Beck’s. After stalking her, luring her in, losing her, and luring her in again, Joe eventually killed Back after she found his treasure chest full of teeth and victims’ phones stashed away in his bathroom ceiling. Even though Beck almost managed to escape from Joe — who eventually held her hostage in his cage — she was ultimately killed by Joe in the bookstore basement before Joe framed her murder on their therapist, Dr. Nicky (John Stamos).

Jasper Krenn (Season 2)

Joe’s first murder of Season 2 was one of the few that you probably didn’t feel *as* bad about. ICYMI, Jasper (Steven W. Bailey) cut off Joe’s finger in an effort to get Joe to give him $50,000. The catch was, Joe was going by a different name at the time — Will Bettelheim — and it was the real Will who owed Jasper money, not Joe. Without any options (or maybe because he’s a big fan of murdering people), Joe killed Jasper then horrifically ran his remains through a mincing machine.

Henderson (Season 2)

In Season 2, Chris D’Elia played Henderson, a famous comedian who turned out to be an abuser of underage women. After Joe learned “Hendy” assaulted his neighbor, Delilah, when she was 17, he started fearing for Delilah’s sister, Ellie (Jenna Ortega). In an effort to protect Ellie, Joe snuck into Henderson’s house and attempted to force a confession out of the comedian. One thing led to another and Joe kinda-sorta-accidentally pushed Henderson down the stairs to his death.

Joe’s Mother’s Abuser (Before Season 2)

Presumably, the first murder Joe committed was long before the days of Beck and Jasper. In fact, it happened when Joe was just a kid. In Season 2, viewers learned Joe shot his mother’s partner who was abusing her. It was because of that incident he got sent away to a boy’s home and started a lifetime of murder and denial.

Ryan Goodwin (Season 3)

Out of all the deaths on this list, Ryan (Scott Michael Foster) was one that viewers knew was going to happen at some point. As the abusive ex of Joe’s new obsession Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), it was only a matter of time before Joe got rid of Ryan to “protect” Marianne. After getting in an altercation with Ryan, Joe pushed him from a parking garage and finished him off by stabbing him with a knife. It’s not Joe’s sneakiest work, but they can’t all be well-planned and meticulously executed.

Love Quinn (Season 3)

From the moment Joe eschewed instead of embraced Love’s shared hobby of murdering people, it was pretty clear one of the Quinn-Goldbergs would have to go. At first, it seemed like Love might murder Joe after he told her he wanted a divorce, but in a surprise twist, Joe murdered Love with her own poison before staging his own death, dropping his son off at the home of some family friends, and peacing out to Paris to look for Marienne.

People Love Quinn Has Killed:


Love Quinn seemed like the perfect girl who had it all together... until she wasn’t. At the end of Season 2, viewers saw another side to Love’s story — the side that revealed she was also a killer. While fans don’t know as much about Love’s backstory as they do Joe’s, here are her confirmed victims thus far:

The Nanny (Before Season 2)

After Forty drugged Joe in an attempt to unlock their creativity, the former admitted he killed his childhood nanny, who sexually abused him when he was a minor. However, viewers later learned that even though Forty thought he was responsible for the nanny’s death, it was actually Love who murdered the Quinns’ household helper. After seeing the nanny engaging in sexual activity with her underage brother, Love slit the nanny’s throat and framed Forty, knowing her family would cover up the crime.

Delilah Alves (Season 2)

After Delilah discovered Joe’s cage, Joe held the journalist hostage... with every intention of releasing her, he said. After a drugged-up night, however, he found Delilah dead and was unsure whether or not he committed the murder. It wasn’t until the end of Season 2 that viewers learned Love had discovered Delilah in Joe’s cage. While it seemed like Love might release Delilah, she actually killed her to protect Joe.

Candace Stone (Season 2)

After a whole season of cat and mouse, Candace (Ambyr Childers) managed to capture Joe in his own glass cage, along with Delilah’s body. Before calling the police, Candace messaged Love from Joe’s phone, telling her to meet him at the storage unit. There, Candace told Love what Joe had done. While Candace initially wanted Love to see the truth before turning Joe in, Love wasn’t a fan of seeing Joe locked up. So, Love slit Candace’s throat with a broken bottle, thus revealing that she, too, was a cold-blooded killer.

James Kennedy (Before Season 3)

Fans speculated throughout Season 2 what, exactly, happened to Love’s first husband, James (Daniel Durant). Even though viewers knew he had a terminal illness, something about his death seemed a little sketchy. It wasn’t until the Season 3 finale, however, that Love finally confessed to accidentally killing James with aconite after he expressed a desire for a divorce.

Natalie Engler (Season 3)

As soon as Joe started obsessing over their new neighbor, Natalie (Michaela McManus), viewers knew there was a 0% chance she’d make it to the end of the season. What fans didn’t know was that Love would murder Natalie in the very first episode after realizing her husband was fixated on someone new. After luring Natalie to a rental property (which Love actually did rent to open her bakery), Love killed her with an axe before calling Joe to help her dispose of Natalie’s body.

People Who Have Died Because of Joe & Love:


Together, Joe and Love are obviously a deadly duo. Season 2 revealed the pair creates a lot of death and drama in their wake. And while there’s only one death at their combined hands thus far, I have a feeling if they manage to stay together, their shared body count will continue to rise. Here’s who’s gotten killed because of them so far:

Forty Quinn (Season 2)

Once Love’s brother, Forty (James Scully), uncovered the truth about Joe, he realized he needed to protect his sister from her murderous boyfriend. In an effort to save his sister, Forty held Joe at gunpoint in the Quinn family’s grocery store. But before Forty could shoot Joe, a police officer killed Forty, thus saving Joe and Love and letting them live to kill for another season.

Gil Brigham (Season 3)

Once Love learned the reason her son Henry contracted the measles was because a nice, Ned Flanders-ish guy named Gil (Mackenzie Astin) didn’t vaccinate his kids, Love went full-on momma bear on ol’ Gilly. After knocking him out with a rolling pin, Love locked Gil in the infamous glass cage. In an effort to convince Gil not to tell on them if they released him, Joe tried to blackmail Gil with information he uncovered about Gil’s older son. Unfortunately, Joe’s plan backfired and Gil hung himself in the cage.

Until viewers get to see if more victims need to be added to this list in Season 4, rewatch You Season 3 on Netflix for any more clues about what’s to come for everyone’s favorite murderer.

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