These 'You' Season 3 memes are all about Joe and Love's twisted relationship.

Joe And Love's Unhinged Behavior In You Season 3 Is The Perfect Meme Material

I can't decide if I love these two or hate them?


Joe and Love are wild this season! Fans are so split about Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn in Season 3 of the Netflix drama You. After Netflix released Season 3 on Friday, Oct. 15, fans are losing it over the edge-of-your-seat developments, and they aren’t holding back when sharing their opinions. As any fan of the series knows, it’s sort of impossible to root for Joe and Love as you’re simultaneously terrified at their cold-blooded tendencies. Still, there’s something so intriguing about their odd dynamic. Shortly after the premiere, people on Twitter have a lot to say about the latest episodes, and these You Season 3 memes are all about Joe and Love’s unconventional relationship.

As a refresher, viewers discovered more about Love (Victoria Pedretti) in Season 2, when she murdered Delilah in Joe’s (Penn Badgley) cage with no qualms. As Season 3 picks up where the storyline left off, Love and Joe are married and move from Los Angeles to the quaint suburb of Madre Linda. Of course, you can expect the dark deeds and stalker activity from Joe to continue, but now Love is also a wildcard. Plus the duo is in a whole new town and raising their newborn son Henry. What happens in the ‘burbs, stays in the ‘burbs, right?

Fans who have already begun marathoning the show have a lot to say, and most of the memes are about the shocking relationship that Joe and Love share. And that’s not to mention their unhinged behavior as the body count begins to stack up.

There are so many hilarious memes about the dysfunctional pair and how Joe finally seems to have met his match:

One fan is comparing the couple to Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise. Is Madre Linda actually Haddonfield?

As tensions between Joe and Love are at their peak, it’s so easy to make great memes about the couple:

Some fans stan the relationship because it’s so wild:

Imagine being Joe and Love’s therapist:

Others are counting down the minutes in each episode until Love and Joe murder someone else:

Love and Joe apparently can’t keep themselves on the straight and narrow:

One fan thinks Joe and Love are a bit too sloppy in Season 3:

A lot is going on in Joe and Love’s relationship, and fans are all about meme-ing the murderous couple as they watch the events unfold.