Before joining 'You' in Season 2 as Love Quinn, Victoria Pedretti revealed she had first auditioned ...

Victoria Pedretti Almost Played A Very Different Character On You

This would've changed everything.


By this point, it’s pretty much impossible to imagine anyone other than Victoria Pedretti playing the layered, diabolical chef Love Quinn on You, but things could have been very different. Upon the release of Season 3 on Friday, Oct. 15, Pedretti revealed she was originally in the running for a major Season 1 role before landing the main part in Seasons 2 and 3. Believe it or not, Victoria Pedretti auditioned for Beck before Love on You, meaning she almost played a very different object of Joe Goldberg’s obsessive “affection.”

You fans weren’t introduced to Pedretti until Season 2, when Joe moved from New York to Los Angeles and began a relationship with Love, a chef with a complicated family life and a dark past. Joe’s rollercoaster relationship with Love is at the center of both Season 2 and Season 3, but interestingly enough, Pedretti was nearly cast as Joe’s “soulmate” in the first season before replacing her in the subsequent seasons. In an Oct. 14 interview with Byrdie, the actor revealed she got pretty close to playing Guinevere Beck.

“I auditioned for Beck during my first time in L.A. while I was showcasing with my university,” Pedretti said. “I got pretty far in the audition process. It was the furthest I had ever gotten in an audition process. But I didn't really think about it after that. Then, the show came out on Lifetime.”

That’s how Pedretti learned the part of aspiring writer Beck had gone to Elizabeth Lail instead of her.


Coincidentally, losing out on the Season 1 role actually had a silver lining for Pedretti. It freed her up to star in her first major TV role as Nell Crain in 2018’s The Haunting of Hill House, a breakout role that ironically led to her finally getting cast on You.

“I was reached out to by [You showrunners] Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble about You because of the work they saw me do on Hill House,” Pedretti said. “I haven't even talked to them about whether or not they remember me auditioning for Beck, to be honest. But we started having conversations about the show. I was able to meet with Penn Badgley, and the rest is history.”

As Joe Goldberg might say: It was fate.