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You Season 3 Is Packed With Actors You've Def Seen Before

Madre Linda is full of familiar faces.

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When you’re a serial murderer, moving around a lot tends to be part of the gig. That’s why each season of You has Joe Goldberg settling into a new location, and with a new home comes an entirely new cast of characters. In Season 3, the suspiciously tight-knit suburban community of Madre Linda was full of new faces, ranging from wacky mom-fluencers to brooding tech moguls. But while the characters are new, the actors may be familiar to you. If you’re trying to figure out why they feel so familiar, this list of movies and TV shows starring the You Season 3 cast is exactly what you need.

After stalking his way through New York and Los Angeles, Joe relocated to a pretty surprising new city in You Season 3. He and his wife Love attempted to live out the white picket fence dream with their newborn son in the fictional California suburb, Madre Linda. Although the town looked picture-perfect, it turned out to be one of the most dangerous places for Joe and Love... and for the rest of the residents when the two arrived, for that matter. As the couple ramped up their murderous escapades once more, some of their new neighbors became targets, while others began to see through the lies.

The Season 3 characters are all super fun, but what makes them extra special is that the actors have all starred in buzzy TV shows and movies before joining the You-niverse. Here’s where you most likely recognize them from.

Warning: Light spoilers from You Season 3 follow.

1. Dylan Arnold in After

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Dylan Arnold is no stranger to messy romances like Theo and Love’s on You. Before arriving in Season 3, Arnold was best known for playing Tessa’s ex-boyfriend Noah in the After movies. He’s also recurred in the final season of Nashville and on the TV adaptation of The Purge.

2. Scott Speedman in Grey’s Anatomy


If you watch a lot of TV and movies, then you probably recognized Scott Speedman right away when he popped up in You Season 3 as Joe and Love’s suspicious neighbor, Matthew. He is best known for playing love interest Ben Covington in the 1998 TV series Felicity and for starring in the supernatural Underworld movies. His appearance on You came at a very interesting time, because Speedman also just returned to Grey’s Anatomy as the fan-favorite character Nick Marsh a couple weeks before Season 3 dropped.

3. Shalita Grant in Search Party


Tony-nominated actor Shalita Grant had already proven she could deliver a hilariously memorable performance before playing queen bee Sherry Conrad on You. She stole every scene she was in as the delusional lawyer Cassidy in Season 3 of Search Party. Grant also had standout parts in Santa Clarita Diet and NCIS: New Orleans.

4. Travis Van Winkle in Friday the 13th

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Travis Van Winkle has been in a ton of TV shows before playing fitness freak Cary Conrad on You. He’s popped up in 90210, Hart of Dixie, Happy Endings, and Malcolm in the Middle, to name a few, along with starring in big-screen comedies like Accepted and Meet the Spartans. Probably his most interesting movie role of all, though, is Trent Sutton DeMarco. Van Winkle played Trent in 2007’s Transformers before reprising the role in the 2009 Friday the 13th reboot film, creating a totally unexpected shared universe between the two movies.

5. Michaela McManus in One Tree Hill

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Natalie may not have lasted long on You Season 3, but Michaela McManus managed to fare a bit better in Tree Hill, North Carolina. Back in 2008, McManus starred in the fifth season of One Tree Hill as Lucas Scott’s girlfriend Lindsey after the show’s four-year time jump. McManus has also had major roles in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The Vampire Diaries.

6. Saffron Burrows in Peter Pan

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Saffron Barrows has an incredibly long list of acting credits that come before her turn as Love’s manipulative mother Dottie in You. She’s been in major movies like Circle of Friends, Frida, and Troy, as well as recurring in hit shows like Boston Legal, Mozart in the Jungle, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. One of her most interesting parts is in the 2003 live-action version of Peter Pan. She actually only appears as the grown-up version of Wendy Darling in a deleted alternate ending of the film, but she can be heard throughout the movie as its narrator.

7. Scott Michael Foster in Greek

ABC Family

Marienne’s vengeful ex Ryan is a total jerk all throughout Season 3 of You, but Scott Michael Foster doesn’t just play bad boys. He’s actually best known for playing the fun-loving frat bro Cappie in the ABC Family college dramedy Greek. He also played a live-action version of the Frozen character Kristoff in Once Upon a Time, and showed of his singing and dancing skills in The CW’s musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

8. Tati Gabrielle in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


Joe’s new obsession Marienne is a sweet librarian, which is a total 180 from the vengeful witch Tati Gabrielle played on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Gabrielle starred in all four parts of the supernatural series as the powerful spellcaster Prudence Blackwood. Prior to her turn on CAOS, Gabrielle played the religious leader Gaia in the final four seasons of The 100.

9. Victoria Pedretti in The Haunting of Hill House


Victoria Pedretti hasn’t just helmed one hit Netflix series. The actor is also at the center of the Haunting anthology series, starring in the first iteration The Haunting of Hill House as the tortured Nell Crain and in the follow-up The Haunting of Bly Manor as the unsuspecting Dani. Interestingly enough, Pedretti originally auditioned to play Beck in You Season 1, and she has said if she landed that part, she probably wouldn’t have been able to join The Haunting of Hill House. And in turn, her work on Hill House is what helped her get the part of Love.

10. Penn Badgley in Gossip Girl (duh)

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Every Penn Badgley fan already knows his original iconic role came years before he put on Joe’s baseball cap. Badgley starred as Brooklynite outcast Dan Humphrey throughout the teen drama’s six seasons. Weirdly enough, there are a lot of similarities between Dan and Joe, so there are definite moments of déjà vu for Gossip Girl fans when watching You.

You Season 3 is on Netflix now.

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