The 'Schitt's Creek' finale left viewers with unanswered questions
14 Schitt’s Creek Questions The Finale Never Answered

Seriously, WTF happened to Mutt?

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When it comes to emotional sitcoms that take over your life in the best way possible, Schitt's Creek is simply the best. Starting in 2015, for six seasons, Johnny (Eugene Levy), Moira (Catherine O'Hara), David (Daniel Levy), and Alexis (Annie Murphy) showed viewers how to enjoy whatever life throws at you and laugh in the face of adversity. While all of the characters' stories were wrapped up pretty nicely as the show came to a close, there are still a few questions the Schitt’s Creek finale left unanswered.

Even though the final episode of the show premiered in April 2020, thanks to Schitt's Creek's streaming home on Netflix (soon to be Hulu on October 3, 2022), fans are still watching — and rewatching — the riches-to-rags story of the beloved Rose family. It’s pretty clear why the show had a historic sweep at the 2020 Emmys: Schitt's Creek artfully weaves together honesty and humor and teaches some very real lessons with some very memorable characters.

While it looks like every character was poised for success as the final credits rolled, if you pay attention, there are a few important details that weren't addressed before everyone said goodbye. Here's what fans want to know as the Roses set off on their next great adventures:

Is The Sunrise Bay Reboot Successful?

After starring in The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening, Moira was asked to reprise her longtime role as Vivian Blake for a Sunrise Bay reboot. Since Moira's dream was to have her star power rise again, the success of the show is crucial for her future. While it's unclear whether the reboot is a flop or a hit, it's obvious a lot is riding on the soap.

Is Alexis Living Alone In New York?

Originally, David and Patrick were planning to move to New York City and Alexis was going to live with them. After the newlyweds decided to stay in Schitt's Creek, however, it's not explained who, if anyone, Alexis will live with. They've (thankfully) lost touch with most of their former friends, but the city is really expensive, so it's unclear how Alexis is going to start this next chapter, even though she seems determined to go about it solo.

Will David & Patrick Have A Baby?

After getting his wisdom teeth pulled in Season 6, a loopy Patrick told David he wanted to have a baby with him since he thought David would be an awesome dad. Later, the couple talked and Patrick said he would be content with a life just the two of them after David said he didn't want kids. Granted, no one needs to have children to have a good life, but a lot could change as their marriage progresses.

Does Stevie Find Her Soulmate?

Even though Stevie dated on and off throughout the series, as the show came to a close, she was still flying solo. While you don't need a partner to be happy, fans are wondering: Will she find her person, or is the fact that she finds confidence in herself the full-circle moment her character really needed?

Will The Roses Stay Grounded?

After years of saving money and fighting for their dreams, the entire Rose family seems set for success. Moira is once again acting, Johnny's hotel brand is growing, Alexis is moving to NYC for work, and David has married the love of his life. As the family starts to see the fruits of their labor really come to fruition, it begs the question of whether they'll remain humble or if success will once again turn them shallow and vain. (I have faith they'll stay on the right path!)

Do Alexis & Twyla Stay Close?

Alexis and Twyla formed a close bond throughout the series, and it would be a shame if their relationship didn't survive Alexis's big move. Considering Twyla definitely has the means to travel, I hope she visits Alexis in NYC. Better yet, what if Twyla moved to NYC with Alexis and the two took on the city together? I smell a spinoff!

Do The Roses Visit Schitt's Creek Often?

While moving to Schitt's Creek wasn't what the Roses planned, it turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to them. But at the end of the series, David is the only one who stays in town as everyone else goes off to follow their dreams. Sure, there's at least a chance the family comes back to the town to visit, but considering how sad the goodbyes were, nothing's certain. And if they do come back, how would it feel for them to be visitors as opposed to locals?

Why Didn't Twyla Help The Rose Family Financially?

Twyla formed a close bond with all of the Roses, acting as a confidant to Alexis and a sounding board for Johnny. In the final season, she reveals to Alexis that she has a secret fortune, which begs the question: Why didn't Twyla ever help the Roses? Granted, telling them about the money right away might have been a little weird, but there were plenty of times she could have helped them with a little bit of cash, but she didn't. Considering how giving her character is (sometimes to a fault), it doesn't really add up.

What Happened To Mutt?

Despite being a main character early in the series, Mutt Schitt low-key disappeared as the show went on. Viewers last saw the (sometimes) bearded beauty in Season 4, when he tried to kiss Alexis. Their interaction made Alexis realize she was actually in love with Ted, which was major. While this paved the way for Alexis and Ted to get together, the fact that Mutt was completely out of the picture was kind of sad. Fans didn’t see him again for the rest of the series, which begs the question: What is Mutt up to? Could he reconnect with Alexis or Twyla? Or perhaps he gets on better terms with his family? Whichever the outcome, it would be nice to know what the hottest Schitt is up to.

What’s Next For Twyla?

While fans know Twyla is sitting on a giant sum of money and even purchased her beloved Café Tropical, it’s unclear what the town’s sweetest local will do next. Her bestie, Alexis, is moving away and despite having been in love with Mutt early in the series, the finale finds her living the single life. Will she franchise the restaurant? Rename it? Reconnect with her former flame? It’s hard to imagine her without the Roses, but it would be nice to see her taking charge of her narrative and paving her own path.

Does Stevie Ever Perform Again?

One of the most spellbinding episodes of the series was in Season 5, when Stevie stars as Sally Bowles in the town’s production of Cabaret. Not only was it a big moment for Emily Hampshire, who played Stevie, but also for the character. After bringing Moira to tears, it was clear Stevie has a strong stage presence. Could her performance be the start of a more theatrical life for Stevie? It would be a shame if her character never stood in the spotlight again.

Will Alexis & Ted Get Back Together?

One of the most heartbreaking moments in the final season was the breakup between Alexis and Ted. While the duo was nearly perfect together, the timing just wasn't right. But despite going their separate ways, there's clearly a lot of love between them. The fact that they didn't want to end things means there's hope for a reconciliation in the future. Who knows, once Ted comes back from the Galapagos, he could easily reconnect with Alexis and the two could finally live happily ever after.

What Happened To Ted The Turtle?

In episode 3 of the final season, Alexis gets a pet turtle to help fill her loneliness she feels in her long-distance relationship with Ted. She appropriately names the turtle Ted. However, much like her dissolving romance with human Ted, she loses Ted the turtle. Alexis and Twyla eventually find the turtle, but it’s never shared with audiences how this reptile’s journey ends. Fans want to know if Ted was re-homed, if he passed away, or if he was released into the ocean or a more free outdoor space.

Will Ronnie & Patrick Patch Things Up?

Ronnie and Patrick’s relationship was never really consistent. After the bathroom renovation fiasco as well as Patrick’s baseball win over Ronnie, they both made it clear that they weren’t exactly interested in becoming each other’s best friend. Ahead of David and Patrick’s wedding, which the entire town chipped in to financially support, Ronnie clearly assured to Patrick that she supported David as an individual, not as Patrick’s husband. She was far more focused on David’s happiness than the happiness of Patrick. This tension made fans believe that their friendship might remain just as separated, if not more, past the series finale.

Schitt's Creek is streaming on Netflix until October 2022, when the series will transfer to Hulu.

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