best gifts for BTS fans this holiday

These Gift Ideas For BTS Fans Will Send Any ARMY To Euphoria

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The holiday season is in full swing, and, while it's stressful finding the perfect gift for every one of your friends and family members, nothing beats the satisfying feeling you get when you check each item off your holiday shopping list. Luckily, if someone in your life is a member of the BTS ARMY, gift shopping for them will be easy, because this list of the 15 best holiday gifts for BTS fans will help you narrow down your search.

BTS has an extensive line of merchandise, so the gift-giving possibilities are endless. The K-Pop superstars have everything from collectible figures and dolls to adorable plushies and stationery items. Not to mention, ARMYs are talented AF and create their own unique, custom-made products inspired by the group. Since many of these products come in sets of seven — one for each member — you don't have to worry about getting your friend or family member a duplicate item because you can simply purchase one they don't have yet.

Whether you're looking for something fun or practical, these items will make that special someone feel nothing but euphoria once they unwrap your gift. So, without further ado, here are the best holiday gifts for BTS fans this holiday season.

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1. Funko Pop! Doll

Nothing cements one's pop culture status like being made into a Funko Pop! figurine. There are fourteen BTS figures in total, as well as seven BT21 figures, so finding one at your local Hot Topic, FYE, GameStop, or Barnes and Noble store shouldn't be a problem whatsoever. Seven of the BTS Funkos are from their 2019 collection featuring outfits from their Love Yourself album photoshoot, while the other seven are from their 2021 line featuring their “Dynamite” music video outfits. Depending on how much you want to splurge, you can either get a whole seven-pack of BTS or BT21 Funkos or you can just get an individual member or character.

2. BT21 Mini Backpack

This BT21 mini-backpack is perfect for holding all those concert essentials, like the BTS Official Light Stick, a BT21 headband, and, obviously, your BTS concert tickets.

3. BTS 2022 Calendar

One of the most enjoyable parts of a BTS concert experience is counting down the number of days leading up to it. While you can always mark it down on your digital calendar or use a countdown app, nothing is better than physically crossing out the days one by one until the wonderful day arrives. Although BTS hasn’t announced another world tour yet, you can still jot down any important events in the group’s music schedule, like their performances, comebacks, and television appearances in this 2022 monthly calendar.

4. “Butter” Hoodie

Rep BTS’ No. 1 single “Butter” with this unique, fan-made sweatshirt featuring silhouettes of all the members.

5. BTS Enamel Pins

These BTS enamel pins will make such a thoughtful gift because you can get that special someone a pin inspired by their favorite BTS song, from “Ddaeng” to “Mikrokosmos.”

6. BT21 Pillow

When the weather outside is frightful, lounging around in one's favorite pajamas sounds like the greatest idea for a night in. The only thing that could make it better would be cuddling up to a BT21 pillow.

7. BTS Mattel Doll

These BTS dolls are multi-purpose because, not only can they actually be played with, but they also make perfect collectible items.

8. BTS Face Mask

BTS' music is all about self-love, so treat your friend or family member to a spa day with these cool BTS Mediheal face masks. BTS' skin is flawless, so if they're repping this product, it must be good.

9. BTS Fan-Made Poster

You can never go wrong with a BTS-inspired poster. Each time that special someone looks at their new poster in their room, they'll not only think of BTS, but also about the person who gave them the gift in the first place. There are plenty of posters to choose from no matter who your bestie's bias is, like this one inspired by Suga in “Permission To Dance.”

10. BT21 Airpods Case

So many people have AirPods these days, so if your friend has them, a case based on their favorite BT21 character would be perfect as a gift. Thankfully, these cases are available for both the first-generation AirPods and the AirPod Pros.

11. BTS BE-Inspired Bracelet

Bracelets are always an option, too. On Etsy, you can get some inspired by all seven members of BTS. The ones below are based on the group’s BE era, and are only $7.

12. BTS Mystery Box

If you still have no idea what to get, try a BTS Mystery Box. Stylejjeoreo on Etsy sells various mystery boxes inspired by the group, including one centered around their Love Yourself album, as well as their “Fake Love” music video. Each package comes with socks, an official BT21 item, four fan-made accessories, a zippered canvas bag, and some bonus goodies. You can even send a message to the seller to send the gift directly to your special someone, so you don’t have to worry about mailing it yourself.

13. BTS Music Box

Get your friend a gift that’s totally unique with this handmade BTS music box. Each box comes with a different song and gorgeous illustrations on the cover featuring a gold foil and matte finishing. Gift wrapping is available for each order, so you don’t have to worry about packaging it. To see a preview of how the box works, check out this video on Madcheexy’s Twitter page.

14. Love Yourself Earrings

Commemorate BTS’ Love Yourself era with these earrings inspired by the group’s iconic album trilogy covers. The best part about these earrings is they’re super subtle, meaning only other ARMYs will get the reference.

15. “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” Necklace

Speaking of subtle BTS merch, this “7” necklace will also show your dedication to the group without being too obvious. The number not only references BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7 album, but their line in “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” that goes, “We were only seven, but we have you all now.”

Whatever gift you decide on, as long as it's a BTS-related product, your ARMY bestie or family member will absolutely love it.

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