Here's How To Pre-Order The BTS x Mattel Dolls, Finally

by Jamie LeeLo
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I'm just going to give it to you straight: BTS dolls are now available for pre-order, so you might want to get on that. I don't know what you do in your free time at home, but if it's collect figures of your favorite boys J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, V, and Suga, I get it. BTS merch is highly coveted and these dolls are almost guaranteed to become collector's items, like, overnight. If you're panicking about getting your hands on them, here's how to pre-order the BTS x Mattel dolls so you know your beloved bias is safe and on their way to you before they inevitably sell out.

As of 11 a.m. EST on July 17, 2019, the dolls became available for pre-sale globally in four of the most mainstream stores out there: Amazon, Walmart, Target, and GameStop. In addition to those stores you're all used to shopping at, the dolls are now available for pre-order on BTS' official merch store app, Weply (where it says shipping will start on July 25).

In addition to the dolls themselves, fans can also get their hands on a special UNO deck of cards that feature each BTS member. It's noted that when the "Dancing Wild" card is drawn, the next player has to perform their favorite BTS dance move. (You know you're famous when you change the rules of one of the most classic games of all time.)

The dolls themselves cost $19.99 and have an age limit of 6Y+. Fans will immediately recognize the dolls' costumes from the iconic "IDOL" music video, which featured bright colors, whacky patterns, and a variety of hairstyles. The music video also broke the YouTube record for most views in under 24 hours, which made it obvious inspo for the dolls' design.

In a press release shared with Elite Daily, it was also noted that the dolls come with "11 points of articulation," which is a fancy way of saying you can move them all kinds of ways. You want J-Hope to box step? You got it. You want Jimin to body roll? No problem. You want Suga to do the splits? His doll has it under control.

Feast your eyes on this beauty:

©Big Hit Entertainment All Rights Reserved ©2019 Mattel

The resemblance is uncanny, seriously.


Did they nail it, or did they nail it?

I don't envy the person that had to commit to which facial expression each doll is making. (Good job, person.)

The dolls' release comes hot on the heels of a million other BTS products like their collaboration with Uniqlo and the BTS World game app. In theory, ARMYs can suit up in their favorite BT21 BTS character t-shirt, log on to BST World, and physically manipulate their BTS doll so that they are as close to living and breathing the "real deal" as possible. (Not bad PR, eh?)

In a January press release, Mattel’s SVP and Global Brand GM for Mattel, Sejal Shah Miller, explained the appeal of partnering with the global idols. “BTS is a pop-culture music phenomenon that transcends age, culture, and language, and through this partnership, Mattel will offer a new way for millions across the world to engage with the band,” he said. “Partnering with established franchises that have global appeal is a cornerstone of our strategy and given our creative expertise, we are perfectly suited to create products celebrating BTS.”

No matter how you look at it, BTS is taking over the world one major song, music video, and product at a time. Get your keyboards ready to order your bias (or bias wrecker) or snag all of the dolls as a set. Let's be real, the boys are great on their own, but they're so much more powerful together! Don't break up their dolls.

Get 'em while they're hot.

©Big Hit Entertainment All Rights Reserved ©2019 Mattel