Here's What You Need To Know About BTS World, The Game That'll Make You Part Of BTS' World

Courtesy of BTS WORLD and Netmarble Corp

ARMY, I am freaking out right now because BTS is getting prepared to launch something big! Seriously, it seems that not a day goes by where the group doesn't gift the world with something new to talk about, whether that be something as big as a new music video or single, or something as small as a new tweet, BTS never lets their fans starve for content for too long! I have never seen a group this connected to their fans, and now BTS is taking that relationship to the next level by inviting them to become their virtual managers in "BTS World." Wait, hold up their managers? And what is BTS World? I know, it's a lot to take in, so just sit back and let me explain it for you.

BTS World is a new mobile game that will come with 10,000 exclusive brand new photos and 100 new video clips of the group. Talk about new content! I'm already getting overwhelmed. Apart from that, the app will allow players to go on an interactive journey with the group but there's a catch. It won't be like how the group is now (aka world famous), but like how they were back in 2012, before they debuted as a group. Sounds interesting, right? Here's the fun part: fans will act as the group's manager, helping them rise to international fame. Wow, no pressure!

To give fans an idea about what kind of manager they're looking for, all seven members of BTSRM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook — shared their hopes about what that person should be like. RM wants that person to be really responsible and always on their side, while Jin just wishes they could keep their dressing rooms stocked up with chocolate milk 24/7. Is that too much to ask? Gotta stay hydrated for all those intense dance practices, amirite?

Watch the video below:

So, how do fans become BTS' managers? According to the BTS World website, the story goes something like this:

The world turns upside down the moment you grab the ticket. When you open your eyes, you’re somewhere unfamiliar, back in the year 2012. Wait, you’re a BigHit employee?
You've just become BTS's manager in a world where BTS doesn't even exist yet. Their debut is now in your hands!

The game's official website also offers a preview of what the story will look like. It seems that players will have to click through to follow along with the story and eventually help BTS become the group they're meant to be!

Netmarble Corp. and BTS World
Netmarble Corp. and BTS World

Although it is unclear what kinds of photos and videos will be available to fans at the time of publication, based on the story, it's likely that it could be from the guys' early days in BTS, and maybe even before that when they were still trainees. This could be really interesting, especially for those who just became a fan of the group and don't know much about their history.

BTS World will be available worldwide for both iOS and Android devices. An official launch date for the app has yet to be announced and it's unclear if the app will cost money to purchase but, for now, fans can pre-register on the game's official website to be kept in the loop about all things BTS World!

So ARMYs, get ready to go back in time because BTS World is coming soon!