Feast Your Eyes On The First Full Photos Of BTS' Mattel Dolls, ARMYs

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The time has come, ARMY! The official photos of BTS’ Mattel dolls have finally been released and they’re just as amazing as you’d imagined! As you’ve probably already heard, Mattel is releasing their line of BTS dolls this summer and that means it’ll soon be time to drop your hard-earned money on all seven dolls. But you’ll probably want to check out the merchandise before you shove a fist full of money at Mattel. Thankfully, photos of the BTS x Mattel dolls are available for you to see!

In the photos, which were released by Mattel on Tuesday, March 26, you can see all the dolls wearing outfits from BTS’ incredible “Idol” music video. So, each BTS doll is absolutely popping with color and life. And that’s exactly what BTS is all about, right? It’s why so many people around the world love them and celebrate them as passionately as they do. When Mattel initially announced that they’d be releasing BTS dolls, they even shouted out how celebrated all the guys are!

“BTS is a pop-culture music phenomenon that transcends age, culture and language, and through this partnership, Mattel will offer a new way for millions across the world to engage with the band,” Mattel’s SVP & Global Brand GM for Mattel, Sejal Shah Miller said in in a Jan. 7 press release. “Partnering with established franchises that have global appeal is a cornerstone of our strategy and given our creative expertise, we are perfectly suited to create products celebrating BTS.”

Then, on March 18, Mattel shared a teaser photo of the dolls, which only elevated everyone’s anticipation even more. Here’s a look at that teaser photo:

So, BTS fans everywhere have been really excited to see the dolls fully unveiled. Well, it happened and here’s what they look like:

Clearly, this is a huge deal for Mattel and BTS. But it’s an even bigger deal for BTS ARMYs, who are undoubtedly already ready to snag all of them.

In the photo, the boys' dolls are lined up in a row, each wearing their brightly colored "Idol" suits. They've all got their signature "Idol" hairstyles, too (V's hair is even the dual blonde and pink), and just one look at the set shows how detailed they are.

Here are the individual shots of each doll:








What do you think, ARMY?

Mattel first announced their new line of BTS dolls on Sunday, Jan. 6 with an Instagram post. In that post, Mattel revealed that they partnered with BTS and Big Hit Entertainment to give fans the dolls they’ve always wanted!

“Announcing the first ever line of BTS fashion dolls!” Mattel wrote on Instagram. “We are thrilled to partner with @bts.bighitofficial to bring our favorite pop artists to millions around the world! The dolls will hit stores internationally this summer, but until then, be sure to follow us for more #BTSxMattel updates. #BTSDollsOfficial”

You can check out Mattel’s Instagram post down below:

According to Mattel, each doll will run you $20. That’s about $140 for all seven. So, be sure to save up so so you're ready to purchase these babies when they drop this summer. Trust me, they're going to go fast.