I Tried BTS' Mediheal Sheet Masks & Now I'm A Skincare Fangirl

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You've been there before: You're scrolling through your Instagram feed when you see your favorite celeb post about their favorite new product — a face serum, vitamins that will make your skin brighter, or a specialty food service. You can't help but want to be like the stars, but are the products worth it? In Elite Daily's I Tried series, we put it all to the test. We're trying those products as well as celebrities' health and wellness tips, recipes, and life hacks. We'll do the leg work and tell you what living like your fave star is really like.

If you're ever able to pull your eyes away from BTS' incredible dance moves, trendy 'fits, and perfectly coiffed hair, you'll notice the K-pop stars have great skin — like, really great skin. The boy band members actually have a reputation for their luminous faces, so it's no surprise BTS has a partnership with one of Korea's top-selling sheet mask brands, Mediheal. Their latest collab, the BTS Edition Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Masks, launched in January, but like essentially everything BTS endorses, it instantly sold out. After months of waiting, the masks finally became available again in March, so I tried BTS' Mediheal masks to see if I could get their glow.

BTS' seal of approval may be all some fans need to convince them to purchase the masks, but I wanted to see what these masks would actually do for my skin. So, I put the products to the test, wearing one mask a day for a full week.

The Products

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There are eight sheet masks inside the package. Seven of the bags features a single member on the cover, while one bag has a group picture. BTS' merchandise always comes with extra goodies, so it's no surprise the box also comes with a carrying case for the masks, featuring shots of all the members.

During the process, I learned face masks work better when paired with other skincare products. So, three days into the experiment, I decided to pick my own additional products to pair with the masks. To allow the masks' ingredients to seep into my pores, I bought a cleanser that is meant to wash away dirt, oil, and makeup.

I also picked up an alcohol-free toner, which is meant to cleanse and refresh skin without causing irritation.

In an episode of BTS' annual vacation series, Bon Voyage, V pulled his hair back using a hair band in order to do his skincare routine, so I did the same with this TATA hair band from LINE FRIENDS.

Trying Out The Masks

Full disclosure: Before doing this experiment, I was totally unfamiliar with the world of skincare. I didn't even know what cleanser and toner were at the start of all this, so for the first two days, the only products I used were the masks.

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My first reaction when taking a mask out of the package was it was really slimy. It was a puzzle trying to properly unfold it, and I was afraid I would rip it from adjusting it so much, but luckily, the mask was sturdier than it looked. It fit on my face securely, since it had these handy flaps on each side to properly contour it to my face.

I had extra serum on my hands from opening the mask, and there was also some leftover residue in the bag itself, so I put it on my arms and neck, just like Suga and J-Hope did in their livestream.

I didn't realize how cold the mask would be, but the longer I wore it, the more refreshing it felt. While scrolling through Instagram, I eventually forgot I was even wearing it because it felt so light. The mask didn't have a strong scent, either.

After 20 minutes, I peeled the mask off, and my face felt cool, but also sticky. I followed the package's directions and patted the leftover serum into my face with my hands, and to my surprise, it quickly dried up. Although I didn't notice too much of a difference in how my skin looked from before putting the mask on (this was the first day, after all), I loved how clean it made my skin feel.

I repeated the same process for Day 2, and though it felt nice, I didn't see too much of an effect.

Courtesy of Michele Mendez

Adding Cleanser & Toner

On Day 3, I did some digging to find out how to see results after using the masks. It turns out, Mediheal recommends pairing the masks with other items for better results, and even BTS follows these guidelines. For example, during a June 2017 VLIVE, J-Hope revealed he likes to spray a bit of toner before applying a mask in order to hydrate his skin, while Suga said he prefers moisturizer.

After further research, I learned cleanser and toner can each boost the effects of face masks by removing dirt and oil from the skin's surface. With this in mind, I used these products before putting on the masks for the rest of the week. I began applying cleanser in circular motions around my face, making sure to spend more time on my nose and forehead, since those are the two places for me where oil tends to build up the most. I then applied the toner using a cotton ball.

Adding the cleanser and toner into my routine may have been a small change, but it made all the difference. Even before I applied the mask, my skin already felt and smelled so clean, and then after I put on the mask, it was even more refreshing.

Courtesy of Michele Mendez

For the remaining four days of my experiment, I continued with this method, and I felt like I was really beginning to develop a skincare routine for the first time ever — and I saw the benefits of it.

On Day 4, I looked in the mirror and noticed I was literally glowing. I expected the glow to disappear after a few hours, but I was wrong. By the end of Day 6, I realized it wasn't even necessary to apply a mask every day, because the effects lasted longer than 24 hours. I could actually get away with applying a mask every two or three days to maintain the glow.

Courtesy of Michele Mendez

Final Thoughts

As a BTS fan, I'm guilty of buying products simply because the guys recommend them, but this time, I found an even stronger reason to be a fan of what they're selling. The Mediheal sheet masks really did the job of making my skin not only look better, but feel better as well. For fans interested in buying these masks because of the BTS tie-in, they could serve as a great introduction to the world of skincare. Hopefully, there's room in your life for more than one fandom.

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