The 5 Best BTS DVDs Every ARMY Needs On Their Shelf

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BTS’ merchandise is on a whole other level. Unlike other DVD packages out there that only bring the disc, BTS’ come loaded with extra goodies like photo cards, stickers, and posters, which is why ARMYs always want to get their hands on them before they sell out. However, since it can get pricey buying everything the group has to offer (especially with international shipping costs), you might be looking for just the best BTS DVDs you absolutely can’t miss. Luckily for you, I’ve rounded up the top products you absolutely need below.

The group drops several DVDs each year, so it was hard to choose just a handful out of their entire discography. For example, ARMYs love taking a trip down memory lane with BTS’ annual Memories DVD, which recaps their biggest releases and award show appearances from the previous year. Meanwhile, fans love BTS’ yearly Summer Package because it shows the guys doing photoshoots in various locations around the world. As for their Muster DVDs, ARMYs can’t get enough of them because they include footage from the group’s anniversary concerts featuring classic songs from their expansive discography they rarely perform live anymore.

Each DVD shows a different side to BTS, so to make sure you get a bit of everything, I’ve included one from each series in this roundup. Without further ado, check out the best BTS DVDs below.

BTS’ 2017 Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour In Seoul

BTS’ 2017 Wings Tour, which drew in over 550,000 fans from February to December 2017, marked their second most successful tour to date. The group performed all over Asia, North America, and South America, which was a sign of how popular they were becoming around the world. When BTS took the stage, it was easy to see why so many fans loved them. Their setlist was jam-packed with group singles like “Blood Sweat & Tears” and “Not Today,” as well as solo songs from each of the members showing off their individual talents. There was also a sub-unit performance featuring RM, Jin, and Suga. BTS’ Love Yourself tour would later follow a similar format that included a mix of group, solo, and sub-unit performances.

Currently, the DVD isn’t available for purchase online. But Big Hit sometimes reissues merch, so be sure to keep an eye out on the Weverse Shop, as well as Amazon, to see if it’s restocked.

BTS’ 2018 World Tour: Love Yourself In New York

BTS’ Love Yourself tour has been their biggest tour to date. The original leg, which ran from August 2018 to April 2019, consisted of 42 concerts across Asia, Europe, and North America, while the second leg, which ran from May to October 2019, consisted of 20 concerts. A standout stop during the tour was BTS’ Cifi Field show in New York, which marked not only their first stadium concert in the United States, but the first time a Korean artist ever performed a stadium show in the country as well. The guys got emotional throughout the night because of the historic achievement, making this DVD a special one.

All of BTS’ Love Yourself DVDs are sold out online, but because Big Hit still has them listed on the Weverse Shop, they’ll likely be back on the platform soon.

BTS’ 2019 Summer Package

It's a tradition for BTS to visit a new place every time they film a Summer Package, but in 2019, they switched things up by staying local. The group likely chose Korea as their destination that year because it was the last time they did a Summer Package. The fact that they haven’t released one since then makes this DVD a must-have item to fans’ collections.

BTS’ 2019 Summer Package is only available on Amazon and eBay at marked-up prices. If you don’t want to splurge on it, keep a lookout on the Weverse Shop to snag a copy if it’s restocked.

BTS’ 2019 Muster

BTS hasn’t had a Muster with a live audience since 2019 due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is why this DVD remains so close to ARMYs’ hearts. Although the group had virtual concerts in 2020 and 2021 to celebrate their debut anniversary, nothing can beat the feeling of BTS and ARMYs connecting in person. During their fifth Muster, the group wowed fans by performing their hits like “Boy With Luv” and “IDOL,” as well as fan-favorite songs like “Home” and “Love Maze.”

Right now, BTS’ fifth Muster isn’t currently available online at its original price, but it might return on the Weverse Shop in the future considering it’s one of the group’s newer DVDs.

BTS’ 2020 Memories

BTS achieved so much in 2020. After they scored their first No. 1 single with “Dynamite” that August, the group topped the chart again with “Savage Love” in October and their BE single “Life Goes On” in November. Their success earned them their first-ever Grammy nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance that year. With BTS’ 2020 Memories DVD, fans can relive the excitement of BTS’ successes as many times as they wish.

Fans can purchase both the standard and Blu-ray edition of BTS’ 2020 Memories DVD on Weverse.

The group has nearly 50 DVDs to their name, so fans have plenty of options to choose from when adding to their collection. Although these five are some of the best BTS DVDs, you really can’t go wrong with any in the septet’s videography because they’re all so amazing.