BTS "Home" Lyrics Are The Most Beautiful Tribute To ARMYs, Because The Love Is Real

by Hollee Actman Becker
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The moment ARMY has been waiting for is finally here: BTS' Map Of The Soul: Persona has finally dropped, you guys! And OMG it was so worth the wait because the comeback is straight fire! On April 8, ARMYs got a sneak a peek of the tracklist when Big Hit Entertainment revealed on Twitter that the EP would include seven songs: the already-released "Intro: Persona," the single "Boy With Luv" featuring Halsey, plus additional tracks: "Mikrokosmos," "Make It Right," "HOME," "Jamais Vu," and "Dionysus." Fans were very curious about "HOME," since the name was written in all caps. Would it be the second title track? A total bop? An emo tune that would make them feel all the feels? Turns out, the song is a soft bop with a funky vibe, and you have to hear what BTS' "HOME" lyrics mean because they will legit make you cry over their sweet message to ARMYs. Because, basically, it's all about how ARMYs are BTS' home.

The BTS ARMY has been waiting for the album to drop since March 11, which is when the guys first announced that a new album — their first of 2019 — would be coming on April 12. Pre-orders went on sale on March 13, and by March 18, Billboard had reported that over 2.6 million copies had already been pre-ordered.

Now those pre-orders are finally paying off, because fans are flipping out over the new music, particularly over the achingly beautiful "HOME," which was written by Julia Ross and Krysta Youngs and is about your home being in the people you love. In BTS' case, it's their loyal fan base, the BTS ARMY. The song is all about how although the boys don't always feel at home in the fancy cars, houses, or venues they frequent, it's their ARMY that makes them feel most at home.

Now that the song is finally here, let's take a look at BTS "HOME" lyrics to see what they actually mean, according to a translation by @SpotlightBTS.

Here's the first verse:

We couldn't even greet each other

In the midst of the excitement that drives me insane

As if everything would work out if I opened that door

(I hope this mirage doesn't end as a mere imagination)

Oh yes, I did it,

Me shine with flashing lights

Got lots of friends, my peaceful personal space

You remember? That time when I thought I could do anything?

I saw the ocean, yeah

Before I even opened this door, oh yeah

Then the pre-chorus:

For some reason,

The more I fill it up, the emptier it gets

I feel like I'm alone more often in order to be together

My half closed eyes, this night where I can't sleep

The place where you are

Then the chorus:

Perhaps that place is mi casa

With you I'mma feel rich

That place right there is mi casa

Leave it on your switch

It'll be comfortable even if you don't speak

It'll become my house as long as you're there

You know I want that


You know you got that


Then comes the hook:

Your love, your love, your love

(I miss that)

Your love, your love, your love

(I want that)

Your touvh, your, touch, your touch

(I need that)

La la la la la la la la I love it

And then the rap line is introduced on to the second verse:

The front door, where the lights are off

My foot that's placed there is strange

It's strange even if I close my eyes and I'm inside this light

This feeling of floating in the air, my spinning eyes

In these amazing spaces, I'm so pitiful

I'm so pitiful

We think we own this world

What we drew in our heads

Big house, big cars, big rings

Even if I have everything I want

Something is still empty

An unfamiliar feeling for someone who granted all their wishes

But even if I leave right now, there's a place I could return to

So I leave this door

The second pre-chorus is a little different:

In this parted path,

I keep thinking about you

You who acknowledged me even though I had nothing to show

I was able to smile

When I thought of you, the place where you are

Then the chorus repeats, and it all ends with this:

Once the doorbell rings three times

Will you open the door for me?

So I can give you the greeting that I couldn't give you thus far

I'll tell you then

Will I open the door for BTS? Hell yeah I will! And you only have to knock once and I'll come running!

So amazing, right? Listen to the full song below and get ready to cry your eyes out and/or dance your *ss off.