Elite Daily dishes about 13 songs every Paramore stan should know.
13 Paramore Songs That’ll Refresh Your Stan Card

“This Is Why” the band remains iconic.

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Paramore is one of the most defining and influential punk-rock bands of the decade. And no, crowning them with that title isn’t a dramatic take. The members of Paramore originally formed as young, emo scene teens with a soft spot for music. That aura can be heard on their 2005 debut album All We Know Is Falling, which teased their talent for pairing emotionally honest melodies with spunky guitar riffs. This combination became the bread and butter of their sound, and helped them break through the noise with 2008’s Riot!. Ugh, talk about a timeless classic.

With those fiery guitar hooks and expressive wails courtesy of front woman Hayley Williams, Riot! brought something transcendent to the punk-rock scene. Seriously, my 15-year-old brain always had “Decoy” and “Let The Flames Begin” playing on auto-pilot. Not to mention, Riot! also influenced artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Olivia Rodrigo (ahem, “Good 4 U”), Billie Eilish, and WILLOW to channel their teen-and-twenty-somethings-angst through chaotic production. Now, nearly 15 years and a couple member changes later, Paramore’s still raising the bar with their new album This Is Why.

The album, which dropped on Feb. 10, comes five years after the band took a brief hiatus in 2018. Paramore first teased their exciting comeback last year, releasing two singles (“This Is Why” and “The News”) and embarking on a 17-date North American tour. By the end of 2022, the group revealed they’re hitting the road again in March 2023 in support of their This Is Why album.

Obvs, Paramore stans have a lot to look forward to this year, so it’s time to refresh your knowledge of their lyrics. From older, scintillating cuts on their Riot! album to their newer releases, here are 13 Paramore songs (not ranked in particular order) to know if you’re looking to attend a show. Or two shows — no judgement here.

“Running Out Of Time”

It hasn’t been a full week since This Is Why released, yet “Running Out Of Time” is gunning to be my favorite song of the year. That might be a bold claim, but once you hear those feverish guitar loops and Williams’ playful shrieks as she roasts her own anxiety, you’ll be just as enamored. This tune is a self-drag about how Williams is “always late to everything”— not a personal observation, but rather a confession from Williams herself.

“Misery Business”

Make way for the bop of the decade, “Misery Business.” The moment that furious guitar solo and Williams’ sly “I’m in the business of misery / Let’s take it from the top” line echoes throughout the venue, you know you’re in for greatness. Though Williams has expressed embarrassment for the song’s lyrics in recent years, this is still a punk-rock staple. In case the band sneaks in other hits from Riot!, get acquainted with my other personal favorites: “That’s What You Get,” “crushcrushcrush,” and Born For This.”

“The News”

“The News,” the second single from This Is Why, perfectly yet depressingly encapsulates these last three years. As the world swims in a post-pandemic haze, news continues to get darker and certain outlets feed into different fear tactics. On their grungy-punk track, Williams confronts how that form of horrific news storytelling can take a toll on your psyche. The music video (which landed on Elite Daily’s 10 Best Music Videos of 2022) taps into that reality, with Williams boasting undead eyes and ferociously broken vocals while watching television.


This tune oozes rockstar realness. Serving as the opening track from their 2009 album Brand New Eyes, “Careful” is a dizzying mantra about taking risks in life. As Williams wails in the chorus, there’ll be moments where you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone to reach your full potential. Ultimately, being “too careful” with certain choices will only hinder you becoming the best version of yourself, so go big or go home. The track’s thrashing guitar riffs truly throws listeners into head-banging territory, and you’ll need that energy if they perform this on tour.

“Brick By Boring Brick”

Clearly, Brand New Eyes is that girl. IMO, the album’s second single “Brick By Boring Brick” is the most infectious song from Paramore’s catalogue. Williams has never made digging holes with shovels sound so fun, especially when she storms in with those affirmative “ba-da-ba, ba-da, ba-ba-da’s” in the chorus. There’s more hook-driven tracks on Brand New Eyes, including “Playing God” and TikTok’s brief fave, “All I Wanted.”

“Big Man, Little Dignity”

While it appears “Running Out Of Time” will be the album’s third single, I’m hoping that “Big Man, Little Dignity” will receive that same recognition. On the surface, this track appears it would be a seething diss track towards men with well, little dignities. And it is, however, the sonic direction isn’t as brash and cutthroat as the song’s title. Over swaying production, Williams croons about problematic men who are never held accountable for their actions. Though the theme is serious, there’s such a cheeky playfulness in her cadence — almost as if she’s singing with a smirk.


Twilight gave the world two things: brooding vampires and a fire roster of soundtrack albums. Like an illuminating gem, “Decode” glimmers as the Beyoncé of the first soundtrack. Meanwhile, their other single, “I Caught Myself,” from the same project treads behind with a similar greatness. Once those guitar chords pulse in on “Decode,” you’re instantly transported to those blue-tinged woods where Edward professed his love to Bella.

“This Is Why”

Now, this is how you return to the music scene. “This Is Why” is a seething middle finger to the post-pandemic world and shows that even after a brief hiatus, Paramore is still an undeniable force. From Williams’ brazen vocal layers in the chorus to that rhythmic guitar, this single is a gem to remember for when the band graces the stage.

“Still Into You”

Even after all this time, Paramore stans are still into this song. From their self-titled fourth album, this swoon-worthy tune describes that warm feeling of falling in love with your crush. With those off-kilter riffs and Williams’ punky vocals, “Still Into You” will always hold the crown as the sweetest rock-love song to exist.


You thought you’d seen the last of Brand New Eyes? On their third single, “Ignorance,” the rock band tapped into a grittier sound reminiscent of their Riot! days. Lyrically, this track embodies the same aura of “Simmer,” where there’s this menacing cloud of anger rising to the surface. Suddenly, that rage explodes in the heart of the chorus, where William belts, “Ignorance is your new best friend.”

“Ain’t It Fun”

“Ain’t It Fun” is the band’s most successful single for a reason. The track — which also appears on their self-titled album — is an eclectic dream, and serves as a reminder that being an adult comes with a lot of exhausting self-care. The lyrics are relatable, incredibly ironic (because no, adulting isn’t fun), and catchy, especially when Williams tugs along a full choir to sing the outro.

“Hard Times”

After Laughter was the start of something new and refreshing for Paramore. On their 2017 album, the band replaced their signature gnarly riffs for a poppier sound and surprisingly, this switch worked. Take their single “Hard Times,” a groovy, bongos-infused anthem about overcoming rough stages in life.

“Simmer” by Hayley Williams

During Paramore’s four-year hiatus, Williams tapped into her solo bag with two albums: 2020’s Petals for Armor and 2021’s Flowers for Vases / descansos. Her single “Simmer,” which appeared on Petals for Armor, is lyrically chilling yet so musically ambitious with those experimental alt-pop synths. Opening with rhythmic, labored breathing, this track sees Williams trying to find peace in her life after dealing with a traumatic experience. However, she’s still racked with rage and anxiety from those moments, and all she can do is remind herself to “simmer down.” The atmosphere behind “Simmer” feels like you’re trapped in a boiling room of your own emotions, and you’re desperately belting for someone to hear you. What better place than to scream these lyrics than at a concert?

Paramore’s sixth studio album, This Is Why, is out now.