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Funny Adult Memes About All The Responsibilities That Come With Adulting

Why is all my adult money disappearing so quickly?

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It’s no secret that being an adult is hard AF. You never could have predicted how hard it would be balancing your work life and relationships, while trying to save up for a house, cleaning the home you do have, and maintaining a healthy self-care routine so you don’t burn out. It’s a lot, but at least you can laugh at the funny adult memes you comes across on social media that are all too real.

Scrolling through Twitter and TikTok can be part of your self-care routine, especially when it provides some much needed LOLs. After all, these funny adult memes are so accurate and relatable. When you come across a really good one, you feel like saying “same” before texting it to your group chat so they can join in on the humor as well. It’s actually nice knowing that while the struggle of paying bills and working through the week may be real, you’re not alone. Whether it’s a relatable TikTok about money problems or a tweet about cleaning your house, you’ll find most of these adult memes so true that it’ll give a new meaning to the “For You” page.

Memes About Wanting To Be A Kid Again

Remember when you couldn’t wait to turn 18 because that meant you were officially an adult and could make your own decisions? Looking back, you may regret wanting to grow up so quickly. As a kid, you didn’t have to work 40 hours a week, you got to see your best friends all the time at school, and you even got summers off. Those were truly the good old days. You may even still feel like a kid, but now you have all this responsibility piling up, which will make these adult memes about being a kid even more relatable.

Memes About What Adulting Feels Like

While you may often feel like a fraud, there are times when you do feel like you’re adulting just right. These memes perfectly express those moments of what it feels like doing the bare minimum, and starting to understand what it truly means to be an adult.

Memes About Adult Money

Managing your finances is one of the biggest struggles of being an adult. You’re constantly trying to save while also splurging, because you live by the “treat yo’ self” motto of life. After all, it’s your money now so you can spend it however you’d like. Of course, you also want to go on vacations and eventually buy a home. The back and forth is a lot, but these memes get it.

Memes About Going To Work

In order to afford all those brunches with your besties and fulfilling your wanderlust, you’ve got to work. Unfortunately, work life isn’t always what you dreamed it would be as a kid. Even if you love your job, Tuesday still feels like the longest day of the week and you wish a passive income was easier to come by.

Memes About Adult Responsibilities

You never really realized just how much responsibility you would have to take on as adult. It’s like a toxic job where the work just keeps piling up, but the hours in a day remain the same. At least you have these adult memes to get you through.