Paramore is touring in North America for the first time in 4 years

Alert Your Emo Friends: Paramore Is Back And Touring Again

This is their first tour in four years.

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They may have taken a bit of a break, but Paramore is back in the business of misery, baby! On July 15, Paramore broke the internet by announcing an upcoming North American tour. The newly announced dates will be the first live performances the pop-punk band has had in four years, so fans are stoked. Here’s how you can relive the pop-punk glory days by attending Paramore’s 2022 tour dates after the band’s four-year hiatus.

In 2018, Paramore put a pause on making music together, but it was clear that the hiatus was not permanent. During these recent years apart, frontwoman Hayley William embarked on a solo career, releasing two albums: Petals for Armor in 2020 and Flowers for Vases / Descansos in 2021. While the two solo release gave Paramore fans something to help tide them over, emo-rock fans were awaiting the day Williams would reunite with Taylor York and Zac Farro. Finally, four years later, Paramore is ready to dive back into music with a highly anticipated tour.

The tour will begin in Bakersfield, CA on Oct. 2 and it will close with its final show in Mexico City, MX on Nov. 9. In the middle of their reunion tour, Paramore is going to make a pit stop in Las Vegas at the end of October to perform at the When We Were Young Festival, which was announced months before the band’s fall tour. Every pop-punk band you can think of will be performing at the festival, making it a playground for emo kids.

Since the tour announcement drop, Paramore hasn’t commented on what music they will be playing on the road. A mix of everything seems likely, but we know for sure there is one track that will not be performed despite it being a fan favorite. In 2018 Paramore announced to concertgoers that they would no longer be performing “Misery Business” due to its misogynistic lyrics. That being said, Hayley Williams and Billie Eilish teamed up at Coachella to duet “Misery Business” earlier in 2022 to a crowd that went wild, omitting the offensive word from the original lyrics. So, maybe the band will choose to perform an edited version of their biggest hit on this tour — only time will tell.

Hayley Williams has also been busy with other ventures beyond her musical career in recent year, adding business owner to the list of her many talents. Alongside her stylist bestie, Brian O’Conner, Williams launched Good Dye Young, a haircare line that offers a wide variety of funky hair dyes. The brand feels fitting because it offers the exact shade of electric orange that Williams was so known for during Paramore’s heyday in the 2000s.

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With a new tour ahead, there’s also hope for new Paramore music. It’s just hope at this point, though, as the band hasn’t announced any official return to the studio. But hey, no worries if they just play the classics — I am more than happy to jam out to Riot! on repeat until the end of time.