How I Ended Up Meeting My Fiancé On Halloween


I met my current fiancé at my friend's Halloween party two years ago. The best part about this story? Both me and my fiancé were planning on ditching the party that night.

I'll admit, I've never been a huge fan of costume parties. I know, horrible right? Plus, on this particular night, the idea of sloshing around in high heels and making small talk didn't seem as enjoyable as staying in and watching Netflix with my cat. I promise you I'm not some evil person who doesn't enjoy Halloween, I just don't love it. My fiancé had the same idea as me.

I decided to go at the last minute and this really made all the difference. I went to my local Halloween store to grab a costume and my only options ended up being a pirate or a clown. I hate clowns, no questions asked. I rang up my eyepatch, skimpy black and white dress and sword and headed over.

My pirate name was Ho Wench. Truly a class act.

So there I was, sipping on my Angry Orchard, when this man walked in with baggy jeans, an off white t-shirt and an open button down Caribbean shirt. He was a pirate. A really, really terrible pirate, but nonetheless a pirate.

He immediately captured my attention. When my friend sat down beside me, she saw him and told me, "he's single too!" She called him over, and from the moment we said hi we clicked. The rest is history.

Here are four reasons why meeting your SO on Halloween is the perfect start to a relationship:

1. Easy Conversation Starter

From the moment I said my name was Ho Wench, we couldn't stop laughing. My fiancé went by the pirate name of Treasure Chest. As you can imagine, our conversation was rooted out of laughter and comparing our names to one another. It was a great ice breaker and it lightened the mood.

2. You Feel Unstoppable In Costume

While I'm normally a sufficiently awkward person, being in costume allowed me to let my guard down enough to be myself without being self-conscious.

I was able to grab my sword and play around and exchange pirate noises without this guy thinking I was cray-cray. I'm already a spontaneous and playful person, but just like a first date, you can feel uncomfortable showing that playful side of you off too early. Halloween allows you to counter that.

3. It's Memorable

You're going to tell the story of how you met to everyone down the line, especially if your SO turns into your spouse. Meeting on Halloween always comes with a great, yet awkward story, and you have a lot to play with. You can talk about what you thought of their outfit, or what activities you did.

For us, it was pairing up in a scavenger hunt and racing around my friends' house looking for buried treasure. We had to take pictures of ourselves with the tokens we found as proof. Little did we know those were our first photos together. They are displayed proudly around our first home.

4. You'll Always Have A Reason To Celebrate

While Halloween used to rank as my fifth favorite holiday, it's now easily in my top three (Black Friday is first). Each year, you have the choice to celebrate in a different way.

Whether it's donning the same costumes you did when you met, doing a shared theme costume or even staying in and watching a horror movie with some wine and pizza, everything you choose to do will be extra special because you'll think back to that fateful night.