Here's How To Spend $10 On Your Halloween Costume This Year

Ah, Halloween.

It's a time for pillowcases filled with candy, a dreaded trip to the dentist the week after and a time when I could dress up as whatever I wanted.

Finding the best costume, though, was a feat.

Out of my 13 (actually 15, let's get real) years of trick-or-treating, it all comes down to these top five favorite Halloween costumes:

5. Sluty nurse.

Which I wore when I was 14, against my parent's knowledge (I left the house dressed in sweat pants, and a baggy t-shirt) and somehow ended up having dinner at my then boyfriend's house with his uber conservative, Christian parents.

To say that they pretty much hated me would be an understatement.

4. Sluty pirate.

Because that's the night me and my current matey met over a conversation of what we did that weekend, and why I gave myself the pirate name of Ho Wench. (Still not as bad as my best friend who went as Treasure Chest.)

3. Cat.

This was my costume once when I was 8, again when I was 11 and again when I was 20.

2. A vampire.

Because all girls go through their grunge stage.

1. Cinderella.

Because me and my then-boyfriend danced at our eighth grade dance, arms-length apart to some song popular by Jesse McCartney at the time, and I thought he was my Prince Charming.

School cafeterias were totally, like the most romantic settings ever.

Yes, every Halloween had a theme and an even higher price tag. (I think my Cinderella costume cost my parents well over $100, much to my father's dismay).

And so, as I got older, and no longer am justly allowed to knock on stranger's doors begging for chocolate (rude), Halloween costumes aren't worth as much hype and money.

Let's face it: Dressing up like sluty anything anymore is just overplayed once you hit 25.

So this year, when my best friend (remember Treasure Chest?) threw her annual spook-fest, I decided to not go out to the store and spend a ridiculous amount of money on an outfit I'd wear for five hours, max.

Here's how to rock a homemade, totally original costume that'll cost you under 20 bucks.

First, you'll need to know that I went as a Cat-napper/ villain/ cat collector, who grabs stuffed cats and hides them in her satchel.

What I needed: an outfit, a pillow case, a stuffed animal cat, wig and intense makeup

Step 1:

Rummage through your closet for something that pairs well with your theme.

This outfit doesn't need to be over the top.

Black leggings and a black t-shirt work wonders. For me, I went for a black and white polka dotted dress with black tights, black belt and black boots.

Step 2:

Find your accessories.

I went for a polka dotted dress because I had a black and white polka dotted pillowcase.

Identify what is crucial to your character that you already own i.e.: bookworm, grab a book; selfie-girl, grab a selfie stick; etc.

When you figure out what you want to be, try taking a look at what you already own, that way you're not spending a ton of extra money on playful accessories.

Step 3:

Visit Five Below or Dollar Tree.

Going to one of these stores is an ideal way to get those extra accessories you may need to complete your outfit, without breaking the bank.

They have makeup, wigs, hats, body decals, socks, t-shirts etc., all for under $5.

I spent $10 there for a cat hat with ears, and a green wig.

Step 4:

Use your own makeup.

Who's to say you need to go out and buy something? Lay on the thick eyeliner or the red lipstick, or go all natural if that's what you want. Utilize what you already have in stock.

The final result is that you'll have a costume that you didn't break the bank, and one that's original and funny.

The whole point of celebrating Halloween as adults, is to have fun, laugh with friends, eat a bit too much candy and just celebrate the way you did as kids.

It's not a costume contest, unless of course, it is, which in that case makes this totally awkward.

You can view my final costume on my Insta.

Much to my delight, it was puuuurrrrfect.