7 Reasons Black Friday Is The Best Holiday And IDGAF What You Think

I worked in retail for about five years. Throughout those years, I always worked Black Friday.

I would have to be in the store at 7 am, racing around, dodging customers, placing orders and offering discounts to eager people who were just trying to finish their holiday shopping.

If I were to ask any of those fellow ex-co-workers how they feel about Black Friday, they'd all say the same thing: I hate it.

But, I was the total opposite. It was my favorite day both retail and non-retail. Here are seven reasons why:

1. It's the start of the holiday season.

Whatever you're shopping for on Black Friday, it marks the start of the holiday season, and Christmas carols are playing in the stores.

It's officially cold outside, and everyone is bundled in coats, holding up cups of Starbucks coffee and looking festive.

It's the first time of year everyone gets into the holiday spirit.

2. Everyone is in a better mood.

Okay, maybe not everyone.

I notably remember one customer who was so mean that she might as well have been named Scrooge herself. #BahHumbug.

There always was, and always will be, that 10 percent of people who are just downright nasty over the fact there are too many people in the stores, they were unable to find a parking space or the cashier can't use their coupon.

But overall, people were feeling excited, going out with their moms or best friends and making a day of it.

Ninety percent of people just seemed to be in a happy mood.

3. It's worth the deals.

Everyone knows retailers will increase their prices a little bit for Black Friday, but that doesn't mean the sales aren't great.

Some stores offer their first 100 customers a free item, or sometimes, you can find a $500 TV on sale for 75 percent of the price.

You can snag some great deals for things your friends or family are asking for.

4. The day goes by fast.

You know what they say: Time flies when you're having fun.

If I'm out shopping on Black Friday, the night feels like it goes by so quickly.

By the time I get home at 4 am, I'm just about ready to pass out on my bed.

But working retail, the day went by just as quickly.

You didn't have any time to realize how tired you were or that your legs felt like Jell-O. You were too busy helping customers and having fun with it.

It wasn't your average day at the store; everyone did whatever he or she could to make it feel like an exciting day.

5. It's the one night you don't have to totally freak out over money.

If you're anything like me, you saved up $20 here and there to put away in your shopping fund.

6. It's a night out with the girls.

You spend time with your best friend, your mom, your sister or, if you're lucky, your husband who just doesn't realize what kind of madness he's gotten himself into.

You looked up what sales were happening first, planned your whole night out and dressed accordingly (aka black leggings and running shoes).

You were able to grab those discounted boots before that woman, who was clearly tailing you since you left Walmart, got to them.

7. It's fun.

There are those who hate the crowds, but that's what I loved most about it.

Everyone was out and about, having fun, laughing and being jolly.

It's the one night out of the year when you can stay at the mall as late as you want, and security can't tell you to leave.