Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's relationship timeline is so sweet.

Kim And Pete’s Relationship Timeline Is S'cute



This King of Staten Island and the Queen of Calabasas might be the couple that no one (least of all Kanye West) saw coming, but that only makes their story all the more sweet. Although Kete has not been together for long, they’ve given fans plenty to talk about — from an onstage kiss to spontaneous vacations to meeting each other’s families. They’ve only been dating since October 2021, but Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship timeline is proof that romance happens when you least expect it.

“I think that, you know, sometimes things happen when you just least expect it,” Kim told Hoda Kotb of their relationship on April 11 during an episode of the Making Space podcast. “It was the last thing that I was really planning on.”

A surprise or not, one thing’s for sure: Kim and Pete are seriously cute together, and considering their romance is just getting started, we have plenty to look forward to — maybe even a Pete appearance on Season 2 of Hulu’s The Kardashians? Fingers crossed.

Before looking too much into the future though, let’s take a peak at Kim and Pete’s relationship in all its adorable honeymoon-stage glory.

September 2021: They Saw Each Other At The Met Gala
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Kim and Pete’s romance really took off after her hosting gig at SNL, but there were some flirty feelers before that. Apparently, Pete approached Kim at the Met Gala and offered to give her his number in case she needed any pointers ahead of her SNL debut.

And apparently, he had been asking around about her for a while before that. At the time, however, Kim’s gloved ensemble prevented her from taking his number. “I was like, ‘Oh, I have gloves, and I can’t.’ And he was like, ‘All right, cool,’ and walked away. But I was going to be like, ‘Oh, you can take mine,’” she explained on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast.

OK, so they left things on a slightly awkward note, but it wasn’t long before a real romance started.

October 2021: They Kissed On Saturday Night Live

Though the awkward Met Gala moment meant that Pete didn’t end up texting Kim any pre-SNL advice, she still aced her episode as host. Plus, there was one skit in particular that ushered Kete into ~a whole new world~. While acting as Aladdin and Jasmine, the duo shared a stage kiss, aka their first kiss, that Kim later described as having a “zing.”

October 2021: They Were Spotted Holding Hands

Kim and Pete had their first public date at a Halloween-themed amusement park called Knott’s Scary Farm. (Apparently, their real first date was a chill hang at the Beverly Hills Hotel.) In some photos of the rides, they were even spotted holding hands. Though a source claimed the two were “just friends,” things got more romantic pretty quickly.

January 2022: They Took A Couples Trip

The romance rumors surrounding Kim and Pete got a little more legit when the duo was spotted in the Bahamas on vacation together. And per her March 2022 cover story with Vogue, the trip inspired a new sense of freedom. Apparently, the person she was with (aka Pete) threw their phones into the ocean.

“I was in the Bahamas, and the people I was with said, ‘We’re on f***ing vacation. We haven’t been on vacation in a long time.’ And then they threw their phones in the ocean,” she said of her companion. Who knew a wet phone would win Kim’s heart?

March 2022: Pete Texted Kanye

Kanye was not happy about the budding romance, and he didn’t shy away from complaining about it on Instagram. Eventually, Pete decided to step in and send Ye a message — one he wasn’t too happy about receiving. Besides defending Kim, Pete also made a point to say that he was “in bed with [Kanye’s] wife.” Oof.

March 2022: They Went IG Official

On March 11, 2022, Kim gave her Instagram followers what they’d been desperately waiting for: Kete pics. Though they weren’t the clearest pictures in the world, they finally confirmed the duo’s budding relationship.

March 2022: Kim Revealed That Pete Got Her Name Branded

Apparently, getting a tattoo for your girlfriend is sooo last year. To step things up, Pete decided to get Kim’s name branded on his chest. You could kind of see it in the selfie he sent to Ye, but it wasn’t until Kim appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on March 17 that fans realized it wasn’t just another tattoo.

April 2022: They Met Each Other’s Families
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Though Pete had already met Kim’s sisters — Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were actually with them at Knott’s Scary Farms — it took some time for Kim to introduce him to her children.

But on April 6, Page Six shared a video of Pete with North West. And reports from April 4 claim that Kim also met Pete’s family; she was reportedly introduced to his grandparents during a trip to Staten Island.

Kete 4ever.