Here's how Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson make long-distance work.

Kete’s Reportedly Still Going Strong Despite Being Long-Distance

They're in "constant communication," a source says.

Kevin Mazur/MG22/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maintaining a relationship when you have a busy career can be difficult, but keeping the romance alive when your job brings you to the other side of the world? That can feel nearly impossible. Luckily, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson seem to have figured it out and are reportedly stronger than ever even though Davidson is currently based in Australia for work. So how do Kardashian and Davidson make long-distance work? Here’s a hint: It involves a lot of FaceTime.

“The distance hasn't been an issue for Kim and Pete's relationship while he's been away filming,” an insider told E!. “They are still going strong and making it work. When they are apart, they are in constant communication,” the source added. According to the insider, Kardashian and Davidson "FaceTime consistently" and are "always getting quick phone calls in when they can."

The source also mentioned that these calls with Davidson are the highlight of Kardashian’s day. “Kim loves that he's always making her laugh, and he truly makes her day when they talk. She is still smitten over him, and it just works for her,” the insider told E!. A sense of humor is the key to any relationship, IMO.

The duo is reportedly already planning their reunion as well. “Pete plans to come back to L.A. after filming wraps to spend time with her for a few days,” the insider told the outlet. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if their first outing together is an ice cream date.


With Davidson based in New York City and Kardashian in Los Angeles, Kete was already somewhat used to having an LDR. TBH, it seems like distance has never really fazed the couple. The pair frequently take trips to see each other and even make going cross country for a slice of pizza seem like NBD. Of course, those kind of LDR dates are not quite as possible with a 15-hour plane ride both ways. And although Kardashian was able to visit her beau in Queensland, Australia for a quick trip in July, 7,500 miles is not an easy distance to cover on a regular basis.

At least Kete seems to be handling the challenges of an LDR together. I guess it’s true what they say, distance does make the heart grow fonder.