Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian's sex life is full of BDE.

Kete's Sex Life Is Full Of BDE (Obviously)

Take it from Kim, sex gets better in your 40s.

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It turns out, Mr. BDE himself and reality TV icon of the century, Ms. Kim K, have the exact kind of steamy personal life you would imagine for them (if you’re into that sorta thing). On the June 2 episode of her Hulu series The Kardashians, Kim spilled some serious tea about getting intimate with her sought-after Saturday Night Live boo. During the show, Khloé and Kourtney got to hear all about Kim’s sex life, and I’m here for it. I mean... there’s a reason why her current beau has been linked to formidable stars like Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, and Phoebe Dynevor. All things considered, is anyone super shocked that Kim and Pete’s sex life is full of BDE?

“When I turned 40, everyone said it’s the best sex of your life,” Kim said during the episode. “And grandma kept on telling me, ‘40 is the best sex...’ And so far...” She trailed off and gave a cheeky little wink. Ope. What was that, Kim? So far... ? So far Pete’s doing the trick? (That is some iconic Kardashian grandmotherly wisdom.)

She also admitted — and this is truly gold — that before the lovebirds met, she’d heard rumors of her beau’s BDE reputation and was ~healthily curious~ like the rest of the world. It’s no wonder she asked an SNL producer for his number. “I was just thinking,” she added in a confessional on the show, “[I], like, heard about this BDE. I need to get out there... I just need to jumpstart… I was just basically DTF.” She’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she gets what she wants.

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She got a whole lot more than she asked for, too. Since then, with Pete, the business mogul has been down to SNL, down to Met Gala, down to White House Correspondents Dinner and reportedly maybe even down to move in together (DTMIT?). According to an Us Weekly source, future co-habitation plans are brewing as the couple gets closer. Now, that is a house I need to see.

Maybe they’ll even have Kim’s pal (and Pete’s ex) Ariana over. The “pete davidson” singer recently gifted Kim with some gems from her R.E.M. collection, so it seems like all is smooth between Kete and Daltiana. Remember when Pete thought her infamous public compliments about his, ahem, assets would set his love life up for failure? “Every girl who sees my d*ck for the rest of my life will be disappointed,” he joked about her comments after their breakup in October 2018.

Oh, 2018 Pete. If you could see yourself now...