Young couple laying in the grass kissing, showing why Cancers are so good in bed.

They're Great In Bed, Plus 9 Other Reasons Cancers Make The Best Partners

This zodiac sign knows how to keep things ~spicy~.

by Rachel Shapiro and Chelsea Jackson
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If you’ve never experienced the love that comes from a Cancer sign, trust me you’re missing out. Cancers are the biggest caregivers of the zodiac, actively seeking to nurture and protect everyone in their life. Born during the beginning of summer, Cancers are the only cardinal water sign, meaning that they’re constantly looking to initiate emotional security for themselves and others. While Cancers tend to get the “cry baby” title quite often, they’re actually extremely assertive, which is one of the biggest reasons why Cancers are the best lovers of the zodiac. Not only do they aim to protect themselves with their tough outer shell, they are eager to use their protective shield when it comes to others, too.

Very few times have I met a Cancer who didn't perfectly embody the key characteristics that constitute "the crab." While they are highly sensitive, Cancers are also very emotionally mature and will always hold space for your own emotions in a very understanding way, like a mother would. In fact, dating a Cancer is almost like having a parent and a romantic partner all in one. Who doesn’t want that? (Really think about it.)

With all of these amazing characteristics existing in one person, Cancers make the best lovers by a long shot. If you need more reasons why, look no further:

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1. Cancers are protective.

One reason you want Cancers on your team is because the sign is very loyal. When you get close to a Cancer, you are family, and the family-oriented crab will likely do just about anything for those it lets into the exclusive walls of its shell, like around their family or in their home. If a Cancer allows you in their safe spaces, trust me they love you.

While they aren’t the type to pick a fight , they will always defend themselves and their loved ones. Cancers may be sensitive, but they aren’t pushovers. If you mess with them or their family, expect their wrath to be unleashed. Since they are so protective, it can oftentimes be misplaced they often find themselves getting defensive when it’s not exactly necessary, but Cancers always have their heart in the right place. If you want a partner who will go to the ends of the Earth to defend you, Cancer is the perfect person for you.

2. They will do everything with passion and love.

As the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, a Cancer does everything with love in mind and in heart. Because of this, they are the most tender lovers. Having a lover like a Cancer is important, as the crab will care for you in ways many others do not know how. Intuition, one of the major defining characteristics of Cancer, plays a large role in this sense. They’re easily able to tell when something is bothering you, without you even having to say anything. Many individuals have a tough time confronting their emotions, but spending a little time with a Cancer can validate your emotions in ways you didn’t even think were possible. They are naturally able to scope out what you need, which makes relationships run a lot smoother. Their intuition channels a somewhat maternal energy, making them gentle in their affection and expressing a clear concern of others' desires before their own.

3. Cancers will always support your dreams and ambitions.

Contrary to popular belief, Cancers don’t just sit at home and cry all day they’re actually extremely active and ambitious. What else would you expect from a cardinal sign? Cancers like to take initiative, which makes them the best supporters of your own personal goals and aspirations. You don’t have to worry about them not believing in you, because like a mother, they will be your biggest cheerleader. Just be sure to repay the favor though, because Cancers do have a tendency to become resentful if they feel as though their support isn’t being reciprocated.

4. Their empathy makes it easy for them to step into someone else’s shoes.

If you need to go to a person with a private matter, are in need of advice, or just want someone to listen in quiet support, consult an empathetic Cancer. Their empathy makes them great unbiased listeners. Cancers are able to adapt their thinking to better understand another's perspective, and their intuition grants them the great gift of wisdom, which they may share in offering up advice. Water signs are often the most emotionally mature and in tune, so their insight can oftentimes be exactly what you need. Cancers make the best therapists and advice-givers out of the zodiac, and even if you don’t take their advice, they will always support your decisions.

In relationships, you will always have your Cancer’s attention when you’re dealing with a crisis, and they’ll never let you go through anything alone. They understand the emotional needs of others, because they too are sensitive beings.

5. They are resilient.

Navigating this world as a sensitive soul is not an easy task yet somehow, Cancers make it seem effortless. They carry the weight of other people’s problems on their shoulders without complaining, making them some of the strongest people you’ll ever come across. Like a parent, Cancers don’t often expect anything in return for supporting everyone around them, but it’s important to show them how much you appreciate their efforts. Their determination to take on everyone else’s problems as well as their own speaks to their cardinal sign nature. The downside of this is that burnout can happen very quickly. Your Cancer loved one may never ask for it, but offer to help them out every now and then. They’ll appreciate you so much for it.

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6. They are good at adapting.

Cancers are good at keeping up. Since crabs must shed their shells and find new ones often, known as molting, they remain strong in situations of change. While they aren’t a fan of their safety net being threatened, they tend to rely heavily on change as the moon-ruled sign of the zodiac. Their emotions and attitude are always ebbing and flowing, so their environment must also be changeable, too.

In relationships, a Cancer's ability to adapt can keep things interesting, especially in the bedroom. If you’ve ever wondered why Cancers are so good in bed, it’s likely because they’re always changing and adapting, so being together always feels like the first time.

7. Cancers are open-minded.

The majority of Cancers I've met have made me feel an overwhelming sense of acceptance. They are incredibly nonjudgmental, and will always meet you where you’re at. When giving advice, they tend to tailor it to your own personal journey so that it fully resonates with you, which is why so many people are drawn to them. Their favorite things about people are usually their quirks or flaws because those are the things that make people different. Cancers are incredibly sensitive to these traits and are typically fascinated by them.

In relationships, this is especially gratifying, as no one will love the things you may not like about yourself quite like a Cancer will.

8. Cancers are highly independent.

As I mentioned, Cancer is a cardinal sign, so they have no issue being on their own. They actually tend to prefer it, feeling safer in their own company instead of in an environment where they can’t control what happens. Their independence is something that makes them highly appealing to potential partners, because they have an “I don’t need anyone” type of attitude in the best way. In fact, Cancers are usually the ones that people need, not the other way around, and they like it that way. They want to take care of you because they’re self-aware and can stand strong on their own two feet, so let them.

9. Cancers are the best chefs.

The way a Cancer likes to nurture people doesn’t stop at advice-giving they will open up their home to you and make you phenomenal food. They like to keep their loved ones well-fed and happy, so if you love home-cooked meals, Cancer is the one for you. Anything that has to do with nurturing your mind, body, and soul is their top priority, being ruled by the moon and all. They’re all about prioritizing your happiness and healthiness, and will strive to keep you taken care of no matter what.

10. Cancers are excellent at creating deep emotional bonds.

These individuals are all about the feels, meaning that they’re actively searching for deep, intimate connections with people. They’re not a fan of surface-level relationships, and want to get to know the rawest, unfiltered version of yourself. Cancers want to be able to bare their soul to you, but they won’t do it unless it feels safe to do so. If you feel like a Cancer is hiding something from you, it’s likely because they don’t fully trust you yet. Be sure to build that emotional connection with your Cancerian partner and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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