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These 8 Adventurous Sex Positions Will Mix Things Up In Bed

Try something new.

by Alison Segel
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You know that feeling where you first start seeing someone, and you absolutely can't keep your hands off each other? That obviously feels amazing. You might be having sex everywhere and in every position you know. After a while, though, that feeling can wane, which is where mixing up your bedroom routine comes in. After a few months, a year, when you're fully committed, or even when you're married, you might feel the need to try some new and exciting adventurous sex positions to keep the romance alive and make sure that you don't fall into a monotonous pattern with your partner.

Whether you and your partner are just exploratory people or you want to bring some new excitement into your usual position arsenal, giving new adventurous sex positions a shot can be incredibly fun. “Trying new things together can lead to laughter, silliness, a deepened connection, and discoveries,” certified sex coach Kristen Thomas, tells Elite Daily. “Asking to try something new and having your partner say yes conveys trust. Trust can be very erotic in the moment because you know your partner is about to do something that can potentially bring you both a lot of pleasure. And if it doesn’t, at least you tried it and checked it off the list.”

Here are eight sex positions to try at any stage of your relationship — be it serious, casual, long-term, a hookup, or just a fling — to keep the adventure and spice in your love life alive.

1. Reverse Cowgirl (Reverse Rider)

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If you and your partner often stick to missionary or other penetrating-partner-on-top positions, trying out a receiving-partner-on-top position can be a fun way to switch it up. Or perhaps you’ve already been doing the OG rider position (also called cowgirl or cowperson), and taking on reverse cowgirl is a way to slightly spice up the position you already use as a go-to.

In the reverse rider position, the receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner while facing away from them. From there, the person on top controls the movement, pace, and angle of penetration. This can be a great position, as it’s easier for those with vulvas to achieve orgasm when they're on top, due to the clitoral stimulation achieved from all the friction. Plus, the person on the bottom gets to exert less effort and have a spicy back view of their partner. “If the penetrator is a butt person, reverse cowperson is a visually gratifying position, but also exponentially less work,” Thomas says. “The penetrator can often focus more on receiving pleasure rather than doing most of the pump action.”

One thing to keep in mind about this position, as Thomas explains, is that it’s a bit more difficult for the person on top than, say, regular cowgirl, as there is less support. “The rider won't have a chest to prop up on, so consider grabbing a pillow or two to place between the bottom [person]'s legs if they aren't comfortable having their thighs used as your supports,” Thomas adds. “Be mindful of communicating about speed, depth, and angle of penetration (sometimes this one can be painful for people with a tilted uterus).”

2. The Speed Bump

This position goes by a few different names: the speed bump, the tight squeeze, and flat doggy style. A very low-maintenance, yet still adventurous, position for both the receiving and penetrating partners, it’s essentially doggy style laying down. “It’s really low energy and basically allows both partners to relax into position,” Lola Jean, a sex educator, mental health professional, and domme, previously told Elite Daily. As opposed to standard doggy style, this position doesn’t allow for super deep penetration and is definitely (as one of its names suggests) a tighter squeeze, which can feel great for both partners.

To get into this position, the receiving partner lies flat on the bed stomach down, with their legs slightly spread, while the penetrating partner lies on top of them (resting on their elbows) entering from behind. This position can be done anywhere: in bed, on the floor, and, if you want to get really adventurous with it, the back seat of a car (just be mindful about where and when you do it!).

3. The Sexy Snuggle

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The sexy snuggle, also called the side-by-side or the wraparound, allows you to experience some major intimacy while looking your partner deep in the eyes. While a lot of hooking up and casual sex culture may tell you to avoid eye contact so you don’t catch (or show) the feels, eye contact can actually be super sexy in bed. “Like the good ol’ missionary, [this position] gets you both up close and personal for some sexy eye contact,” Aliyah Moore, Ph.D., a certified sex therapist, previously told Elite Daily. So though this position might not be particularly wild, holding a lot of eye contact can be an adventurous act itself — especially if it’s not something you and your sexual partner do that often nor have really tried yet.

Essentially, this position is a modified missionary position — the only difference is that both partners are lying on their sides, wrapping their legs around each other. The sexy snuggle doesn’t promote lots of movement, but rather slow and sexy grinding. Plus, the receiving partner can help control the depth of penetration by pulling their partner closer in or pushing them away.

4. The Wrapped Lotus

If you’ve been with the same partner for a while now, you might at some point hit a lull in the relationship where things get a bit stale (even if you’re still into each other) — especially when it comes to the bedroom. That being said, trying a new position can really increase intimacy. If you and your sexual partner love snuggling or just being in close contact, then you should definitely try out the wrapped lotus, which is very up close and personal.

“In this position, the partner with a penetrative body part or strap-on sits cross-legged as the person being penetrated mounts themselves on the other's lap, facing them with their legs wrapped around their back,” psychotherapist Rachel Wright previously explained to Elite Daily. Plus, it can be done in a lot of different locations — sitting on a the edge of the bed, a wide chair, or sofa, for example.

5. Mutual Masturbation

Sex definitely doesn’t have to include penetration. In fact, there are so many fun non-penetrative positions and activities to try, even if you and your partner typically go for penetrative sex. Mutual masturbation, as an example, is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. It involves both partners pleasuring themselves, either at the same time or one at a time, while the other is close by. “Mutual masturbation brings couple intimacy to a whole new level,” Moore said. “Nothing feels more intimate than maintaining eye contact with your partner as you move your hands over your body and focus on the parts that turn you on.”

Plus, you and your partner might gain some insight into how each of you like to get off, according to Moore. “This position allows partners to show each other how they love touching themselves and being touched,” she said. “It’s also a great way to teach your partner how you like to be touched and vice versa.”

6. Shower Sex

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Moving from the bedroom to the bathroom is a pretty common fantasy for a lot of people. The thing about shower sex, though, is you have to try out a few positions before you get one that works best (doggy style or having the receiving partner’s leg up usually works). There are also quite a few safety factors to keep in mind before you attempt it. “Shower sex can be fun, and it can be dangerous, no lie,” Thomas says. “I highly recommend being realistic about your shower, as in, do you need some grippy pads on the floor for it to be safe? Handles make positions easier and safer.”

Not only that, but proper lubrication plays a big factor in shower sex, as well. “Water is not lube, and everybody should use lube every time, so having a pump bottle of silicone lube in or near the shower is handy,” Thomas says. “Silicone won't wash off immediately, plus brands like Überlube are biostatic, so they are safe to keep in the warm bathroom without worry of bacterial growth. Be cautious, apply sparingly, and do not use lubes in the shower unless you have a no-slip surface below you.” However, once you have everything set up and find a position that works, there's nothing hotter than hooking up in a hot, steamy shower.

7. The Faceoff

This position requires a ledge, be it a bed, table, counter (more on that below), or chair. “The partner with the penetrative body part or strap-on sits on the edge of the bed, couch, [or] surface, while the person being penetrated sits on top of them, but facing in the same direction,” Wright said. It’s basically a modified rider position — the penetrating partner is sitting up as opposed to laying down. And just like rider, the receiving partner gets to control the depth and angle of penetration (and it’s less tiring!).

The faceoff is a great one to try out, as there are a ton of modifications, as well. “Do it in front of the mirror and explore more erogenous zones to add more intensity to the experience,” Moore said. Similarly to rider, you can do it both facing each other or in the reverse style, facing away from each other. So many options!

8. The Countertop Coitus

As Thomas explains, sexual adventure can come in all sorts of forms — not just physically twisting into different knots. “Sometimes the adventure is in the position, sometimes the adventure is in where you're doing the position,” Thomas says. “For example, being bent over your bed frame is one thing, but being bent over your dining room table where if your blinds were just a little more open the neighbors could see can intrigues the exhibitionist in some people. Try getting out of the bedroom! Chose any room or any piece of furniture besides the bed on occasion.”

The countertop coitus is essentially where you bring a position from the bedroom into the kitchen, like having doggy-style sex while the receiving partner is bent over the kitchen counter or moving any sitting position to the counter space. While you’re there, you may want to incorporate other locations, too, such as having sex up against the fridge.

Once you have been intimate with a partner for a bit, sex can potentially get monotonous, but there are plenty of ways to bring in some new excitement. “While ‘adventurous’ is subjective, most people use the same two to four positions most of the time,” Thomas says. “When I start encouraging clients to be more adventurous, I encourage them to start with a variation of one of their tried and true positions. What does moving a leg do? Can bending over more change it up to hit that spot better? Try elevating a pelvis with a pillow. Then keep modifying — they aren't allowed to return to the original, only to find out how many variations they can come up with.” Keep it spontaneous!


Kristen Thomas, certified sex coach

Lola Jean, sex educator, mental health professional, and domme

Aliyah Moore, Ph.D., certified sex therapist

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