The Best Non-Basic Looks For Every Kind Of Fall Date

by Zara Barrie

If summer is season of meaningless, cheap, drunken hookups in bikini tops, fall is the season of explosive moments and hyper-expressive kisses with gorgeous foliage in the background.

In short, summer is the season of le fling, and fall is the season of le love.

That's because we've grown sick and tired of these quick-fix flings. We're ready for some good old-fashioned dating, baby!

Maybe it's because fall makes us think of going back to civilized school, or maybe it's because colder weather puts us in a more cozy mindset. All I know is, this dramatic shift in energy translates into a dramatic shift in wardrobe.

I associate summer flings with braless maxi dresses and beach waves, and I associate romance with wine-colored leather pants and over-the-knee boots. We have to change our fashion mindset when the seasons change. Because fashion is connected to everything: love, dating, weather conditions and the air we breath.

Since I know my sweet kittens are going to be venturing on many a romantic date this glorious love season, I decided to help you shift your style brain. Here are five fall date outfits, perfect for every kind of fall date:

For the fall hiking date: Go sexy grunge goddess with a chic, sporty edge.



It is possible to be super chic when you're hiking, contrary to popular belief. Go with liquid leggings because they're much more fierce than regular leggings, and throw on an oversized flannel, leaving it dangerously unbuttoned to show some of your gorgeous clavicles.

If it's sort of cold outside, throw on a faux fur gilet, and if it's really cold, throw on a puffer vest (which are pretty cool as long at they're balanced with really tight, slutty pants).

Add a beanie the color of the fucking leaves, slip on some duck boots (really sexy juxtaposed against the shiny leggings) and finish off the look with a cool "adult backpack" (preferably designer) because there is nothing stylish about toting around a massive handbag when you're hiking. (Trust me, I know from personal experience.)

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For the sexy hotel bar date: Think dark red leather and sultry swagger.



My favorite kind of fall date is at some old, sophisticated hotel bar. There is always a fire burning in the background, and it's a more glam alternative to the tired old pub.

Fall is leather weather, so really make the most of it because it's fleeting. I say, don't do your basic black leather pants; go for dark red instead. Think of a velvety, red wine color. (And who doesn't like to drink velvety red wine in the fall?)

Be really sultry and seductive with a crimson-colored lip and unrealistic sky-high boots that have a stiletto heel because you know you can't rock those boots in the day. Don't be afraid to sport leather pants with a leather jacket.

As long as they aren't the same color, you're fine. You won't look like a biker chick as long as the colors are different and nothing is studded.

Finish this sexified look with a chic, slightly sheer button-down, a crossbody quilted bag and a hint of leopard print.

I've never met a leopard print I didn't like.

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For the fall dinner date: Go for sweet minx mixed with a bit of refined lady.




When you're going on a civilized sweet dinner date in the fall, I think it's best to channel a little bit of your inner school girl, only sexier and more stylish.

Go for a seemingly innocent baby doll dress with a Peter Pan collar and a short hemline. It's not effective without those two pivotal components.

If you can't do heels, a flat Mary Jane with a pointed toe will do. But if you can do heels, go for a high Mary Jane, also with a pointed toe. A round toe just won't cut it this season.

Make sure your tights are sheer and sexy because the moment the temperature drops this winter, you will need thick tights. And thick tights are the antithesis of sexy.

Top it all off with a vintage, ladylike purse and gold studs.

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For pumpkin picking: Dream of distressed denim and Chelsea boots.



Pumpkin picking sounds like hard work, but let's be real, girls: Pumpkin picking really just means day drinking spiked apple cider and taking buzzed hayrides through stunning fall foliage somewhere in the country.

You want to look casual for this date, but not leggings casual. The next step up from leggings on Zara's Official Casual Scale is distressed denim. Keep it black because you will look too basic in light distressed denim.

Pair it with a plaid coat because flannels are just too goddamn cliched, and we're more imaginative than that.

Go for cherry red Doc Martens because they look gorgeous when you're strutting through a sea of leaves. If you're too prim for Doc Martens, a beige Chelsea boot will do just fine.

Pair it with a quirky bag because it's a little déclassé to wear a big designer bag to a pumpkin patch. And top it all off with a muted lip the color of a faded leave: mauve.

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For the fall "cuddling" session: Go for an "I woke up like this" chic look.



We all know what "cuddling and watching movies" means. It means you're going to have passionate, intimate, mind-blowing sex. At least that's the goal, right?

Now, the key to mastering the perfect look for Netflix and chill is to be effortless. Don't open the door in a silk nightgown or lingerie; it's too obvious. You have to be coy.

I say go for a cozy sweater you can low-key throw over one shoulder with a cheeky saying sprawled across the front. Make sure it's long enough so you don't need pants; that will really drive them wild.

Match it with some cozy, over-the-knee socks or leg warmers and a beret. Because your look is so casual, a beret adds the chic edge. Don't you dare add a beanie; it will cheapen the whole look. Believe me, I have made this mistake before.

All right, guys, that's it. I hope you have a stunningly beautiful, fall, storybook romance. Because the moment winter hits, the misery sets in.

Let's let the fall bliss wash upon us before the cold fist of January sets in.

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