10 Reasons Why I Only Rock Red Lipstick And You Need To STFU About It

by Zara Barrie

I will always rock red lipstick, and you can shut the f*ck up about it.

There seems to be a collectively visceral reaction to the image of a woman in red lipstick, mainly from men -- but from a few women as well.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s so outwardly bold and titillating or if its unapologetic, in-your-face sexuality threatens to frighten the sheltered masses -- or if most people can’t shake the dated notion that "nice" girls should be soft and willowy, draped in an unassuming palette of pastels.

The good news is I don’t really give a sh*t WHY you loathe my red lips with such a fervent relentlessness.

I frankly don’t care to break down the reasons you would ever be so fearful of something so fabulous.

I am going to continue to recklessly spend my hard-earned cash on as many velvet-textured, luxuriously packaged, seductively provocative RED lipsticks as humanly possible, regardless of what you think or how you feel. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

What most people don’t understand is a woman who adorns her lips in the authoritative tones of crimson, oxblood, scarlet, maroon, geranium, vermilion, fuchsia and fire-engine RED is not desperately seeking approval.

Red lipstick is a choice I make for myself, and the powerful pigment will never leave my luscious lips…

1. Because I’m not afraid to own my sexuality.

Red lipstick is the most externally primal portrayal of fierce sexiness in existence.

So many women are nervous at the prospect of looking overtly sexy because they fear the judgment of narrow minds, deeming red lipstick "suggestive."

When I painted my lips blood red this very morning, I knew exactly what I was doing. I don’t fear my sexual prowess; I embrace it.

Lips are arguably the most understatedly sexy part of the female body.

We girls whose lips are frequently adorned with red rouge are inviting you to directly gaze at our sensual pouts.

We are celebrating the very presence of our mouth with a dramatic POP of the most compelling color in the rainbow.

2. Because I’m not sorry.

Petal pink, beige and nude -- subtle colors such as these invoke the frail feelings of forgiveness.

Pastels meekly whisper to the world, “I endlessly apologize for being alive, and I promise to take up as little space as humanly possible.”

Red, on the contrary, is radically unapologetic. Red doesn’t confess to sin; red commits dangerous crimes of passion.

By wearing red lipstick, you are holding your head up high and loudly proclaiming to the world, “I’m not at all sorry for anything, and I plan on taking up as much of your mental and physical space as humanly possible!”

3. Because I am fashion over function.

Wearing red lipstick isn’t exactly easy, even for the most experienced woman.

You have to use extreme caution when applying it, delicately keeping it within the narrow confines of your natural lip line -- or you risk looking like a hot mess Courtney Love in the tragic throes of a mega booze bender.

But that's quite OK with me because I've always chosen fashion over function.

Function is trite and mediocre and hopelessly boring. Fashion is inventive and emotional and wildly provocative.

4. Because I’m not desperate to kiss you.

When a girl chooses to smear bright, impenetrable shades of shocking RED directly onto the soft surface of her lips before a night out on the town, her intention is clearly not to kiss the first pathetic person who comes her way.

Her mission is to look as fierce as possible and embody first-class style.

Girls who sport sheer shimmery lip gloss (how non-committal and un-chic can you possibly be?) are an entirely DIFFERENT story.

Their pores seem to outwardly ooze a transparent sense of desperation -- and is there any trait less sexy than desperation? An overeagerness to lock lips repels kisses.

5. Because I’m not afraid to leave my mark.

OK, so let’s say I DO find someone who sets my heart ablaze, and I’m teeming with an irrepressible desire to kiss this person’s gorgeous lips: Don’t think for one minute I’m going to let my dramatic, red-adorned mouth prevent me from engaging in long, luxurious make-out sessions.

I’m not afraid to leave my red kisses all over you.

And if you’re afraid of a little bit of harmless lipstick gracing the surface of your skin, you’re a spineless loser.

And I’m grateful to have learned what a spineless loser you are because I don't kiss spineless losers.

6. Because I have something to say.

I wouldn’t be consciously drawing such vehement attention toward my mouth if I didn’t intend on using it, now would I?

I believe girls have such powerful things to say in the world, and by highlighting the vessel our words exit from with a ferocious color of strength, we make sure you listen.

Red lipstick affirms my voice and empowers my words.

7. Because I like intensity.

Red invokes such an intense myriad of potent feelings: sex, power, rage, hurt and love.

When a girl wears red, she’s unconsciously conjuring up the intense feelings in every person who comes her way.

Girls who wear red lipstick are not afraid of compelling emotions and live to make people feel things.

I'm not apathetic; I'm a passionate feeler of all things, and my red lipstick beautifully demonstrates that.

8. Because I don’t want to fade into the background.

People are loudly aware of your presence when you wear RED. Women throughout history have been instructed, no differently than children, to be seen and not heard.

To exist as nothing more than pretty little accessories to adorn the dominating arms of men. To be positively delightful and softly subtle.

Well, I guess I never got the memo because truth be told, there is absolutely nothing f*cking subtle about me. Maybe it’s the very reason I’m drawn to lipstick.

Red lipstick is positively bold; it attains the ability to turn heads and demand a reaction.

It's the color of power, not of submission.

9. Because I’m taking an active role in my beauty.

 Why is there so much shame in making an effort to look beautiful? The overtly "effortless" trend is really starting to get on my damn nerves.

It's beauty deception at its finest; I know it took you at least 45 minutes to achieve those oh so calculated "undone" bed-head-inspired waves.

Red lipstick is honest. By wearing it, I'm letting you know I know I'm making an effort to look sexy. Why should I ever feel ashamed about that?

10. Because I don't believe there is a "correct" way to be a woman.

I’m a die-hard feminist, and in the deepest part of my heart, I don’t believe there is any “correct” way to be a woman.

If a woman chooses to express herself with a badass, bold lip, that’s her goddamn birthright, even when society hates her for it.

Wearing red lipstick is my personal declaration of independence. I’ve had countless lovers tell me they don’t like my red lipstick: "It’s too bright." "It’s intimidating." "It’s not kissable."

For me to succumb to anyone else's standards of beauty over my very own would serve as a betrayal against myself.