50 Shades Of Lace: What Your Lingerie Says About Your Seduction Style

by Simona Tee

Some people have their favorite shades of lipstick; I have my favorite shades of lingerie.

I have lingerie for different moods, different colors and different seasons.

With time, people tend to enjoy change.

They want fresh starts.

Some people change their hair color, go a little overboard with their new acrylic nail designs, or even change their entire wardrobe.

But that doesn't always fix the rut we find ourselves stuck in.

Every woman who goes through a "need for more" or simply a "need for something new" phase must always find her spark.

For me, it's lingerie.

I change my sets as often as a normal person goes through socks or toothpaste.

I'm always looking for something new, even if its simply a different color of a style I already have.

I've also come to notice that color can do a lot for a person. The colors we use to describe emotions may be more useful than you think.

Color can make or break a mood, or it can describe a mood you're already in. It is a form of expression in more ways than one.

A bright shade of pink or a sunny yellow can hype you up or calm and center you.

The perfect shade of navy blue or black can either make you feel seductive or a little edgy.

Color has a power like no other, and when it comes to lingerie, even though you may be the only one seeing what it looks like, just having it against your skin — knowing it's there — can change your mood and perspective entirely.

For me, it's a kind of personal rebellion hidden underneath my clothing while I'm out in public.

Below is my go to lingerie color chart that will surely be your game changer when it comes to dressing for your mood:


Blue: Blue as a color is said to be stable and calming.

However, with blues you really have to be careful with the shades you surround yourself with and adorn yourself with.

Going with a colder shade of blue can make you more anxious, or it can make you more calm.

Be sure to wear a warmer shade of blue that has deep tones within it but is lighter in nature.

The right shade of blue is peaceful and tranquil causing the body to produce calming chemicals.

White: The color white is known for its symbolism of peace, virginity, clarity and freshness. It is a simple color that does not overpower the individual or unsettle them.

It is light and simple. When wearing it, the individual can feel fresh, clean, and elegant.

I feel my most elegant and beautiful when wearing white.

Violet: Violet as a lighter shade of purple representing sophistication and wealth.

As the color of the lilac flower with its light nature and beauty, it will give you the feeling of strength, peace and wisdom.

It is a calming, happy color that will give you the feeling of pure beauty and young elegance.

Green: Green is a great color to help decrease anxiety and calm a person.

In a light tone, it can center an individual and allow him or her feel more in sync with the earth.


Yellow: Whats more cheerful and loving than the sun?

Yellow is an attention-getter; it is optimistic, happy and a quick and easy way to bring up your mood.

Orange: Being a mix between passionate red and cheerful yellow, orange is a color of stimulation and enthusiasm.

It is said to increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an energizing effect, and stimulates brain activity.

Orange, though sometimes a "different" color when it comes to lingerie, it's a great reason to smile when wearing it.

With a lighter shade, it is something fun and unique in every way.

I do recommend staying away from darker, deeper shades of orange as they are colder and a bit more unsettling. They can cause anxiety and sadness.

Pink: Pink in any shade really is fun and exciting. It is girly, promotes balance of energies and peacefulness.

With its softer shades, they can be seen as tranquil, while the more brighter, neon shades can really make you feel as if you're the life of the party.

Patterns: A fun pattern can do a lot for a person. Sometimes you don't feel as if you relate to one particular color but want to make a different type of statement altogether.

Sometimes patterns are all that you need to brighten up your day.

Underneath your neutrally toned clothing, a bright cheetah print will be reason enough to smile.


Dark Green: We all have those sad anxious days. Green is a great color to help reduce your anxiety. It is a restful and quiet color.

It can sooth you and is said to invite harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety. Depending on the shade of green, it can calm you with its warm, earthy tone.

I prefer the darker, yet warm shades of green (similar to forest green) as they make me feel more down to earth when I feel most off.

Gray: As a color, gray in any shade can inspire people to be passive, uninvolved and have a lack of energy. It is a dulling color that can both represent anxiety and sadness.

However, if worn in the right shade, gray can lift your spirits.

I wear a lighter shade of gray when I'm feeling anxious because it is a color that does not overpower. It settles, as it is simple and close to white, which represents clarity and peace.

Brown: Sometimes I feel like poop. So, I wear brown because brown is the color of poop.

It's pretty simple. People like to associate their emotions with colors, so then act and dress accordingly.


Red: Want to be bold, sexy, powerful and get your blood pumping?

Well, red is the color for you! Red is the color of love, sex and seduction.

It will get you noticed, and allow you to, yourself, feel like you can take on the world.

Red lingerie is exciting and stimulating associated with passion. If you are in a slump and want to feel beautiful and strong, red is the color for you.

Maroon: As a gorgeous shade mixed between the passionate red and the powerful purple, maroon is the perfect color to help you get your seductive, confident prowess on the move.

It is a warm tone that looks great on warmer skin tones with darker features. It is less bold than the original red, but it's just enough color to make you feel sexier than ever.

Black: Black has always been linked to the unknown. The darkness of the color is seductive, bold, angry in a sense and will always be the go-to color when you want to feel sexy.

This shade will make you stand out and feel like a goddess.

For those shy girls, black will give you the bitchy bump you may need in order to feel like you're capable of taking control.

Purple: Purple in all shades is luxurious and powerful.

However, when you want to feel sexy, seductive and flirtatious, you should always go for the darker, deeper shades.

Deep shades of any color give you the edge you need to feel like a goddess; they are feminine and romantic. A deep purple is sophisticated, seductive and wealthy.