Tianna Soto

Tianna Soto is a Contributing Editor at Elite Daily where she covers dating, relationships, sex, single life, and more.

Previously, she worked as a writer and associate editor at Her Campus Media where she covered lifestyle, wellness, and oversaw TikTalk, a franchise exploring viral TikTok trends. She holds degrees in psychology and Spanish from NC State University and earned a masters from Columbia University.

When she's not writing, Tianna can be found sipping coffee, practicing yoga, singing show tunes, and planning her next travel adventure. You can follow her on Instagram at @tiannafayee and learn more about her work at www.tiannafaye.com.

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3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Crush On Their Best Friend's Sibling

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Wait, Does Kendall Jenner Want A Baby?! She Dropped A Major Hint

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Before Going Official With Your Partner, Consider This

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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Probably Crushing On A Roommate Right Now

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7 Sweet Things Queen Elizabeth Said About Prince Philip Over The Years

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