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30 Sex Toys Everyone Should Try At *Least* Once

Treat yourself, amirite?

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Bestie, if you’ve never owned a sex toy before, now is the time to jump on it (no pun intended). As of 2022, 78% of Americans over 18 years old own at least one sex toy, according to a recent survey by BedBible. This is a notable increase from former years, which means the number of people prioritizing their pleasure is rising. Research has confirmed that sex toys can benefit our sexual health, and ongoing studies are examining the positive effects of sex tech on our well-being. Although buying a sex toy can still feel taboo for some, everyone deserves to explore and embrace their sexual pleasure in a way that feels safe and empowering. And whether you’re a first-timer or vibrator veteran, trying a new toy can be an exciting (and super hot) way to do just that.

When it comes to choosing the right sex toy for you, there are many things to consider. For example, what sensations do you enjoy? What type of stimulation does your body crave, and what does it respond to? Are you looking for a toy to use solo, with a partner, or a combination of both? Maybe you’ve started unpacking these questions already by playing with sex toys at home, and you have a pretty clear idea of what you’re looking for. Or, perhaps you’ve been intimidated by toys in the past, but after reading one too many chapters of smut, you’re super curious. Whether you’re looking for a powerful vibrator, a discreet cock ring, or a kinky accessory to spice up your BDSM fantasies, here are 30 sex toys that everyone should try at least once.

A Reliable Vibrator

While there are many types out there, from external vibrators to fancy ones that track your orgasms, there’s bound to be a go-to toy that you can depend on. Here are a few beginner-friendly vibes to help you get started.

If you’ve never used a vibrator before, the Pleasurette is a perfect choice for you. Petite, compact, and smooth, this straightforward sex toy is easy to use and features three vibration modes to help you explore your pleasure. It comes in mauve, gray, aqua, and fuchsia, and has a light-touch button at the base so you can easily control your intensity. Plus, this vibrator was handpicked by a team of sex educators at Good Vibrations — so you know it’s bound to be a fun one!

If you’ve ever delved into sex toy research, you’ve probably seen a wand or two floating around on the internet somewhere. Many of them are powerful, feature a round head, and double as massage devices, making them versatile for various types of sexy play. However, many wand-style toys are also huge — so if large and loud isn’t your thing, you’ll appreciate the Noje Rechargeable Mini Wand 2. The petite toy features the same silicone head you know and love, but in a smaller size. The little toy still packs a major punch, though; there are 10 vibration settings that’ll make you quiver.

This small yet mighty finger vibrator will remind you that sometimes, the sexiest relationship you can have is with yourself. Simply slip the loop over your finger and glide the vibrator wherever you wish — it’s great for clit stimulation, but you can use it wherever brings you the most pleasure. The silicone material feels comfy and soft, and the toy features 10 settings to match your mood. No shade to your ex, but this little toy is about to be your No. 1 in bed.

Finding the right sex toy is an art, so if you tried a mini wand and enjoyed it, why not keep the fun going with one that flutters, too? This compact silicone wand is adorable and features a removable bunny ear attachment that’s perfect for external stimulation. If you’re still a bit intimidated, don’t worry — it’s beginner-friendly with just one button to help you choose your ideal vibration intensity. The bendable head allows you to position the toy in whatever way is most tantalizing for you.

Look for a vibrator that’s simple and straightforward but still feels luxe. The Marilyn Waterproof Vibrator is a classic choice for your sex toy collection even if it’s your first time trying a vibe. The slim shape, sleek exterior, and smooth tip are perfect for clit stimulation or penetration — whichever you please — and the toy contains an easy-to-use dial at the bottom to control the speed.

A Dildo

If you’re curious to explore penetrative sex, a dildo, which is designed for insertion and doesn’t necessarily vibrate, can be a good sex toy to help you get started. Depending on your body and preferences, you may want to pick a dildo on the smaller side if it’s your first time, or something slender if you plan on using it for anal. Here are a few beginner-friendly dildos to choose from, and remember: Lube is your friend!

Although the Temptasia Bellatrix sounds like a villain from the Harry Potter series, this beginner-friendly sex toy is anything but scary. If you’re intimidated by the mere thought of trying a dildo, this one will help you explore new sensations without the pressure of buying a huge, girthy product. Made from body-safe silicone, the toy is smooth, has about five inches of insertable length, and features a strong suction base so you can attach it to a flat surface or even a harness.

There’s something about a handcrafted glass toy that feels both sexy and sophisticated. This smooth dildo from the brand Gläs is curved for deep penetration and its double-sided design makes it perfect for partnered play. The toy is lightweight, easy to clean, and temperature-responsive for sensory play.

If you’re looking for a quality dildo that’ll last a while, this one from the Blush Novelties Luxe Line is a solid choice. The Cici is smooth, durable, and harness-compatible to help you take any sexy adventure to the next level. It’s available in blue, purple, or pink, and has six inches of insertable length so you can explore whatever level of penetration that feels best.

Welcome to the glow-in-the-dark sex toy revolution. This five-inch dildo is made of quality silicone, has a “realistic” texture and feel, and features a powerful suction cup so you can attach it wherever you wish. With just one simple button, the dildo is easy to use for first-timers, is available in different colors, and will be sure to illuminate sexytime for everyone involved — literally.

If you’re looking for a versatile dildo for next-level arousal, you’ll love the Blue Dolphin, which has a variety of adjustable speeds to boost your pleasure. Simply twist the base of the toy to change the intensity, and you’ll be turned on in no time. The soft jelly material and “realistic” veined texture will tickle your erogenous zones — plus, the toy warms up the more you play with it. It’s waterproof and safe to use in the shower or bathtime, so grab one of your own and get ready to be wet ‘n wild.

Anal Sex Toys

Are you interested in exploring anal sex, but aren’t sure where to begin? When it comes to sexy things everyone should try at least once, anal sex is at the top of the list for many people. So, how do you make it less intimidating — or better yet, prepare your body for the new experience? Here are some sex toys that can help.

You may be thinking, Anal plugs?! Sounds intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. If you haven’t tried anal play yet and think it might be fun, this silicone plug set is beginner-friendly and helpful for users in the “training” stage. Each plug is made of flexible, medical-grade silicone, and you can choose between three separate designs depending on your comfort level and pleasure preferences. Try one alone or use it with a partner, but be sure to grab some lubricant to reduce friction, especially if it’s your first time.

What do you get when you combine a ‘90s mood ring with a modern sex toy? This fun color-changing butt plug that’s simple enough for beginners and experienced users alike. The toy features a thin design, tapered tip, and cradle-like base so you can wear it as long as you want, and the color turns from purple to pink based on the level of your body heat. Plus, it’s available in two petite sizes (either “mini” or “small”). Gotta love options!

These sensual anal beads will surely help you spice things up in the bedroom. The toy is designed to help you control every inch of your pleasure, whether you’re using it during masturbation or with a partner. Although trying anal beads for the first time can sound intense, the flexible silicone and easy-to-hold handle will make your experience as comfortable as possible. This one is lightweight, easy to clean, and travel-friendly — just be sure to bring lube with you, too.

If you’re experimenting with anal play and need a compact, easy-to-use toy, you’ll love the INYA. The slim tapered plug is the ideal size for beginners and veterans alike, and the loop on the end makes it easy to insert and control. You can choose between purple and pink and the toy pairs perfectly with your fave lubricant of choice.

Are you experienced with anal play and ready to take things to the next level? If so, this vibrating plug will do the trick. With a simple controller and three levels of vibration to choose from, you can pinpoint your pleasure exactly as you want — or you can tease your partner for some steamy fun. The flat curved base will hug your body while the round beads hit all the right spots.

Kink & BDSM Toys

Do you fantasize about being handcuffed by your lover? Did TikTok recently help you discover that you have a praise kink? Are you curious about bondage, power play, or sensory play in bed? If so, you’re in the right place. Here are a few kinky toys that everyone should try at least once. And as the rule goes with any form of sexual play (especially BDSM), make sure to establish consent and agree on boundaries with your partner beforehand.

These Radiant Cuffs are playful, safe, and fun to use in bed. Depending on your preference, you can use the cuffs as wrist or ankle restraints, and you can connect them via the silver clip chain or use your own bondage rope if you prefer. If you’re not into hot pink, the cuffs also come in neon yellow, and if you’ve never tried cuffs before, Babeland claims this one is the ideal pair for “bondage on a budget.” It’s only $16, so grab a pair and see what kinky play is all about.

If there’s one underrated thing that can boost your pleasure in bed, it’s playing with the senses — and you don’t necessarily need a massive dildo for it (but if you want one, by all means!). There’s something about removing one of your senses during sexytime that naturally heightens all of the others, and wearing a blindfold is a simple yet fun way to explore the feeling. This red rose blindfold is basic but still feels luxurious, and it’s especially fun to use with a partner. Feeling them tease you but you can’t see where they’re going next? Hot, hot, hot.

If bright pink neon handcuffs aren’t your style, perhaps you’ll like something a bit darker and artsier, like these cool restraints from Shots, an award-winning sex toy brand. The cuffs are easily adjustable with a velcro strap, and the fun pattern is perfect for anyone who likes a kinky sex toy with a creative touch. Use them around your wrists or ankles for some spicy fun in the bedroom, and keep them handy for all of your BDSM and power play adventures.

Apart from handcuffs and a blindfold, every BDSM-loving babe needs a beginner-friendly ball gag in their repertoire. If you’re ready to get naughty, this breathable ball gag will add some piping hot fun to your sexy adventures. It features durable leather straps, elegant stitching, and a ball with holes in it in the middle. There are 10 holes total to fit a variety of sizes, so you can adjust the gag as you prefer.

There’s something sexy and flirtatious about wearing nipple pasties, whether you’re lounging around your apartment alone or in bed with someone special. This fluffy, burlesque-inspired pair from Babeland is equal parts funky and adorable — aka the perfect little accessory to add some character and flair to your sex life. Each one is two inches in diameter and has reusable adhesive on the back, so you can wear them again and again.

A Cock Ring, Stroker, Or Sleeve

Although vibrators and dildos get a ton of hype in the sex toy world, there are a variety of sex toys for folks with penises as well, from rings to sleeves and beyond. Here are a few you can use for masturbation, teasing your partner, intercourse, and everything in between.

If you’re going to try a new sex toy, why not grab one that glows in the dark? This cock ring is super functional and easy to use, and it was handpicked by a team of sex educators at Good Vibes, so you know it’s bound to be a solid choice for your collection. The waterproof toy stretches up to four inches in diameter and the blue silicone material legitimately glows in the dark. Whether you’re playing solo or with a partner, what could be better to light things up under the sheets?

Many first-time sex toy users think they have to try an extravagant product to get the job done. However, some of the most pleasurable sex toys out there are the most simple, self-explanatory, and basic-looking. The Good Head Sleeve Mini Stroker is a great toy to have on hand for masturbation, hand jobs, blow jobs, and even intercourse. Simply slide it over the penis however you’d like; the squishy material and soft nubs on the inside will feel amazing, and you can use it with water-based lube for extra glide.

If you’re ready to add a cock ring to your sex toy repertoire, this will be the cutest one, no doubt. It features a bright confetti-inspired design and is tapered for your comfort, stretching up to four inches for maximum pleasure. Plus, it’s made of body-safe silicone and works great with lube. The ring is simple, straightforward, and a sex toy you should absolutely try at least once — whether it’s on yourself, a partner, or a little bit of both.

If you’ve never tried a masturbation sleeve before, let this be your sign to get started. This reusable one from the sex toy brand Screaming O is stretchy, waterproof, and equipped with a nubby interior to take your self-love to the next level. Although the toy isn’t compatible with oil-based lubricant, grab your favorite water or silicone-based formula to the inside and squish the stroker around to distribute it evenly. You can experiment with different speeds during solo play or even use it with a partner to tease them a little extra!

This fun penis stroker will be the answer to all of your sexy dreams, whether you’ve tried one before or not. The stretchy material and ergonomic design make this sex toy perfect for solo play — it has two entryways, a small, tight tunnel at the end, and gentle massage beads throughout the middle. Whether you’re having a solo sex session or teasing your partner, this toy has you covered in all the right ways.

A Lubricant, Serum, Or Gel

Lube is your friend. Whether you’re engaging in a hot solo session or spicing things up in bed with your partner, using a body-safe lubricant can help reduce friction, make sex more comfortable, and enhance your pleasure overall. While there are tons out there to choose from — and you should keep any allergies or sensitivities in mind — here are a few lubricants, serums, and gels to keep on your nightstand.

No matter what your sexcapades look like these days, everyone needs a dependable lubricant in their collection. This formula from Babeland contains moisturizing aloe and hibiscus and green tea, which is anti-inflammatory. Aside from these ingredients, BabeLube Natural is vegan, cruelty-free, and contains no artificial scents or sweeteners.

Dame is one of my favorite sex toy brands out there, and their lube is A+. This plant-derived formula includes aloe vera, green tea, oat, hemp, and other nourishing ingredients that combine to enhance natural moisture, reduce inflammation, and promote blood flow. The lube is free of glycerin, parabens, hormones, and sugars, and the bottle is discreet so you can bring it along wherever you go.

When it comes to sexual pleasure, a little serum can go a long way. This silky formula from women-owned brand Personal Fav is infused with soothing aloe vera, calming chamomile, ginseng, hemp, and horny goat weed, which work together to awaken your senses and reduce discomfort. The formula contains no glycerine, parabens, or harmful chemicals and is safe enough to use with latex condoms. Simply pump a small amount on your fingers — or your favorite toy — and let the fun begin.

If you’re looking for a subtly sexy product to add to your collection, you’ll love this nourishing massage oil from Java Skin Care. With organic, all-natural ingredients, the serum is versatile enough to use for a calming full-body massage or down there to combat vulva dryness. Although it’s mostly body-safe, be sure to avoid contact with your eyes and avoid using them with latex condoms.

When it comes to sex, there’s nothing like a smooth, long-lasting glide to put you over the edge. Whether you’re masturbating, having intercourse, or teasing your partner, this water-based lube will be your new BFF. With a cruelty-free formula that’s 95% organic, the lube is colorless, clear, and perfect for ensuring a slippery feel. Use it as a natural lubricant down there or rub some on your new toy to ensure sexytime stays pleasurable and physically comfortable.