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Here Are The 21 Best Sex Toys For Men Under $40

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Shopping for sex toys can be overwhelming. There are countless options to choose from and not much guidance on what to get. Plus, sex toy categorization can be tricky. For marketing purposes, many toys are lumped into categories for men, women, and couples — but sex toys have no gender (and any toy can become a “couples” toy as soon as you use it with a partner). To help you on your pleasure-seeking journey, Elite Daily has rounded up some of the best sex toys for men.

As a sex educator, I regularly explain what to look for when shopping for sex toys. For starters, anything that’s going to be on or in your body must be made of a body-safe material. Common safe materials for sex toys include silicone, glass, stainless steel, and some plastics. (You want to make sure toys don’t include chemicals that can harm the body and that they’re made of a non-porous material that can be easily cleaned and sanitized). There are some “flesh-like” materials that are body-safe, but they can be hard to distinguish from jelly toys that are packed with toxic chemicals, so always do your research!

When shopping for anal toys, you also need to consider the toy's shape. The rectum is surprisingly good at gobbling up toys, and it isn’t a dead end — so a lost toy could mean a trip to the ER. To avoid any embarrassing outcomes, only use toys specifically designed for anal play, and consider whether the shape is right for your body. Not only should you look for a flared base, but it’s important to evaluate the difference in diameter between the toy's stem and the widest part of the base. Not all flares are created equal, and especially for varsity anal players whose bodies know how to relax, a bigger base is likely needed.

Luckily, the sex toy market has expanded over the last decade and there are a lot more options for folks with penises these days, as well as toys specifically for trans men. Here are some of the best sex toys for cis men and trans men, whether you’re looking for strokers, vibrators, anal toys, or kinky accessories.

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Cock rings are a sex toy staple. Whether used around the penis, balls, or to capture both, a cock ring can help erections last longer and may even make orgasms more intense. The Je Joue ring feels soft and smooth against your skin and comes in multiple sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

This anal toy can provide set-it and forget-it stimulation. Easy to put in place, the wide base ensures it can be used hands-free. Once in position, it will provide prostate stimulation while you focus on other forms of play, either alone or with a partner.

A cock ring with benefits, this ring doesn’t just encircle the penis; it provides anal stimulation as well. Several reviewers claim this toy led to “the best orgasm ever.”

This product features smooth, flexible silicone with an easy-to-hold ring. The graduated beads let you decide how far you want to go, and even the largest bead is beginner-friendly. The sparks really fly once the beads are removed, and timing the removal with orgasm can be especially explosive.

Penis sheaths can be used if you want to add some length or girth for penetrative sex, or if you like the additional texture sensation they provide. One reviewer calls this “the best toy [they] ever bought.”

This one is a great beginner plug for the anal toy-curious. This toy comes in two colors and they’re both made of body-safe silicone, making use and cleanup smooth and easy.

Aneros is one of the best brands on the market when it comes to prostate toys, and the Peridise is a fantastic beginner toy. Its unique shape ensures that your body’s muscle contractions are all the movement needed to provide ongoing stimulation once this toy is in place.

Like the idea of the Peridise but want to start even smaller? This is the set for you.

Many people find the suction sensation enjoyable for its own sake, but penis pumps can also help people achieve and maintain an erection. This pump even comes with its own penis ring to help you maintain the erection once the pump is removed.

Thanks to the tapered, curved shape of this toy, it’s not only simple to insert but can make finding the right spot simple, too. The toy’s wide base means it can be left in place, or it can be manipulated by hand for additional stimulation.

This packer comfortably fits into any packing garment and has a soft exterior and firm interior for a realistic feel. Although not designed for penetration, this packer has plenty of sexy potential, and can also be worn for day-to-day comfort.

This toy is the best of both worlds. The beaded shape provides extra stimulation on the way in and out, but the plug style and study base allow it to be left in place during play.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, but for folks who want to increase their anal capacity, check out this anal exerciser kit! It’s also a great beginner set if you’re not sure what size is right for you and want to start by exploring options.

Vibration isn’t for everyone, but the best way to find out if it’s a sensation you enjoy is to start small with a bullet vibe like this one. You can hold it against any erogenous zone or press it against the base of an anal toy to find out if vibes are for you. If you end up enjoying it, you can always upgrade to a fancier toy.

Strokers are a fantastic upgrade to solo play and can also be used with a partner to enhance oral sex or handjobs. The Tube’s design is convenient and discreet compared to similar products and features an internal texture that’s sure to please.

With two different internal textures, you can shake things up in one play session or treat this like two toys in one. The shape also makes it easy to hold and control pressure, even if your hand ends up slippery with lube.

Speaking of options, this four-toy package is a great way to figure out what shapes, sizes, and sensations you enjoy before springing for a pricier, dedicated toy. One reviewer says, “it takes your sex life to another level.”

At just $10, this stroker is an incredible multi-tasker. It can be used for solo or partnered hand jobs, to assist with blow jobs, or even as a much less expensive option than the fantastic Oh Nut for decreasing length during penetrative sex. But that’s not all! Many trans men report this stroker is the right size and shape for their bodies, especially if you cover one end with your hand or even close it with a rubber band to provide suction.

You’ve likely got items around the house that can serve as a blindfold in a pinch, but nothing beats the look and feel of leather when you’re trying to set the mood. Whether used on yourself to enhance alone time or on a partner to heighten fantasy play, a blindfold is a simple way to send sensations from zero to 100 in record time.

Rope bondage is incredibly popular, and it’s not difficult to learn one or two ties. (There are helpful books to walk you through the basics.) Grab a couple of pieces of rope so you can practice on your own, and then get ready to impress your next kink-curious date.

This sleeve-stroker is completely clear, giving you or a partner a great view of what’s going on inside. You can even use warm water to bring it to body temperature before play for a more realistic feel. And be sure to add water-based lube!

Adding a handful of tools and toys to your solo or partnered play is a great way to find pleasure and explore new fantasies. Be sure to keep your goodies in an easy-to-reach spot, like the nightstand or a box under the bed. Toys are more likely to be used if they’re within arm’s reach when the mood strikes. If cleaned after use and stored carefully, high-quality sex toys can last for years.