Stella Harris

Stella Harris is a dating writer at Elite Daily as well as a certified intimacy educator, professional coach, trained mediator, and published author focused on communication and relationships (and yes, sometimes that includes sex.)

Her freelance career is never dull; highlights include being sent to a strip club with a press pass to report on Stormy Daniels, appearing on the evening news to discuss the importance of sex education in schools, and speaking as an authority on banana slug mating habits.

Thanks to her sense of humor and ability to make difficult conversations approachable, Stella is a frequent guest on podcasts, and she's also a regular performer at live storytelling shows, including Mystery Box Show and Risk!

Stella's hobbies usually take people by surprise; in her (limited) downtime, you'll find her taking taxidermy classes, giving Halloween tours at her local cemetery, or simply snuggled up watching horror movies.

Stella is the author of two books, Tongue Tied: Untangling Communication in Sex, Kink, and Relationships, and The Ultimate Guide to Threesomes. Learn more at or follow @stellaharriserotica on Instagram.


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