Feeling stumped? These sexting ideas will get your ideas flowing.

20 Hot Sexts To Send Right Now, From Mild To Wild

Need ideas for hot messages to send? We've got you covered with sexts from mild to wild.

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Stella Harris is a certified intimacy educator and erotica author who regularly teaches people how to use their words to arouse.

A lot of people are interested in sexting and dirty talk, and almost as many people feel overwhelmed about how to get started, or what to say. But sexting doesn’t need to be complicated! You don’t need to write romance-novel-worthy prose every time you want to turn someone on. In fact, there are some formulas you can follow to help spark your creativity and get ideas flowing.

There are just a few key points to keep in mind before you hit send on your sext:

  • Make sure you’re both ready for sexting — ideally by getting explicit permission to dial up the heat.
  • Know your audience — make sure you know what body part words they love or hate, as well as any activities or topics that are an absolute turn-off.
  • Read the room — even if you’ve sexted before, it doesn’t mean a dirty text is always welcome. If you’ve recently argued or had delicate issues come up, make sure those are resolved before returning to the steamy stuff.

Ready to get hot and bothered? Check out these suggestions for some common sexting situations, then send your favorite one to make someone’s day.

Sexts To Send To New Partners

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Sexts are a great way to build anticipation or to start conversations about things you might like to try. Send messages that start with “I’ve never tried X...” or “Have you ever tried Y?” as a great starting point for conversations. To build anticipation, send texts that tease what might happen the next time you’re together.

1. I’ve never been blindfolded... how would you feel about taking control?

2. You should know my skin is very sensitive. The lightest touch gives me chills.

3. I have a brand new toy I haven’t gotten to try yet, would you like to see it?

4. What’s your favorite color? I’m deciding what panties to wear for our date.

5. I can’t stop looking at your lips in your photos. Looking forward to having them on my body.

Sexts To Draw Out Their Fantasies

Asking questions is the best way to get to know what someone likes. Even better, if you’re nervous about dirty talk or sexting, asking questions can get your partner to do the heavy lifting in the conversation.

6. What’s your number one fantasy you haven’t gotten to try (yet)?

7. Do you have any secret turn-ons?

8. Is there a scene from a book or movie that does it for you every time? (And will you share it with me?)

9. Do you have a recurring sex dream?

10. What kind of porn do you like to watch?

Sexts To Re-Live Hot Memories

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Some of the easiest sexts to send are reminders of things you’ve already done together. They’re a great way to let your partner know things you’ve enjoyed — and would like more of in the future. For example, “I keep thinking about X, I’d love to do more of that.”

11. I can’t stop thinking about the other night. The way you pulled my hair while kissing me was so hot.

12. I love it when you tease me. I can’t believe how long you made me wait to get off last time.

13. I miss your body, send me a picture?

14. It really turned me on when you tied me up — can we do that again?

15. Showering together was a great way to explore your body. I’m still thinking about running my hands over your soapy skin.

Sexts To Get Them Rushing To Your Place

Want to send a message that’s more fun (and effective) than “u up?” Here are some ideas to try.

16. I’m touching myself right now. If you can get here in the next 30 minutes, you can help me finish.

17. I just got out of the shower, would you like to see a pic?

18. I’m too distracted by dirty thoughts to sleep, can you help me out with that?

19. Help me choose which one to use? (Unless your mouth is an option right now.) [Include a picture of 2-3 sex toys.]

20. I’ve been thinking about you all day. Come over?

Remember, there are no “right” words to say. The hottest messages will be the ones your sweetie can imagine being said in your voice. So stick with what feels comfortable, even if that means staying on tamer side of the texting spectrum.