Rev Up Your Sexting Game With These 15 Advanced Dirty Talk Texts

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You can only type "Ooh that's hot," or, "I want you so bad right now," so many times before it starts to get a little repetitive. That's basically the opposite of what you're going for when you're getting your sext on. Just like with sex IRL, it's a good idea to mix things up and keep your dynamic fresh when sexting, which is why it doesn't hurt to have a few dirty sexts to send your partner on hand (literally) for whenever the ~sexty~ mood strikes.

Here's a little inspiration to help rev up your sexy texting game and get those fingers working overtime. (On the keyboard! Ahem.)

Take Them For A Trip Down Sexy Memory Lane.

1. I can’t stop thinking about how good you felt inside me last night.

2. Hey, remember that time we [*insert sexy memory here*]? I really want to do that again.

3. Do you remember what it felt like when my mouth was all over you? Because I do.

Tell Them Your Fantasy.

4. I’ve always wanted someone to tie me up. And by someone, I mean you.

5. I’ve always had a fantasy of having sex outdoors. Want to go camping?

6. What do you think about about roleplaying? Because I'm feeling like a very naughty nurse right now. Let’s play doctor!

Give Them A Preview For Next Time.

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7. Next time I see you, I'm gonna tear your pants off and do whatever I want. Cool?

8. Look what I bought today… Wanna play? (Send a photo of some new lingerie or sex toy.)

9. Just so you know, when you come over tonight, I'm going to f**k you so hard.

Ask Them What They Want.

10. Hey, did you hear? Today is [*insert your partner's name here*] day! That means you get to pick whatever we do in the bedroom... all you have to do is tell me what you want.

11. Tonight you’re in control. Consider me ready and willing to take orders in the bedroom.

12. What's your ultimate fantasy, that you’ve never told anyone before?

When In Doubt, Get Straight To The Point.

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13. Hey, I’m super turned on right now so text dirty to me.

14. I'm so turned on right now. Get over here.

15. Hey, you’re cute. Wanna bang?

Sexting can be a super hot way to bond with your partner, but don't worry too much about crafting the “perfect” sext. Enthusiasm is really the key here. Let your mind and body dictate what you want to say, and have fun with it.