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Why Spring Is The Time To Manifest Your Best Life (& How To Do It)

TikTok’s manifesting queen shares how to “declutter” things that aren’t serving you.

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After a long, chilly winter, it’s time to breathe a collective sigh of relief, because spring — or, better yet, spring weather — is *finally* here. That means embracing sunny skies and flowers in bloom, and hopefully leaning into spring cleaning (in more ways than one). From decluttering your closet to getting rid of a cuffing season situationship that’s dragged on way too long, there are so many directions you can take to tidy up this season alone. According to Australia-based manifestation coach Chloe Samantha Corcoran (or simply “Chlo”) — who’s built a following as @themanifestingqueenchloe on TikTok — spring is the best season to manifest your best life. The manifestation queen tells Elite Daily that now is the perfect time to let go of what no longer serves you to make room for bigger and better things.

With nearly 40,000 TikTok followers and a loyal online community of spiritual enthusiasts, Chloe, 22, radiates “cool big sis” energy — from sharing confidence-boosting positive affirmations and thoughtful writing tips on TikTok to her podcast episodes, in which she teaches listeners how to “create a life of magic and fun.” She is also in the process of writing her first book about her spiritual journey, manifestation, and the power of reconnecting to your authentic self. After learning about the law of attraction from a documentary a few years ago, the former law student ditched her professional plans to pursue a life of freedom and never looked back. Now, the manifesting queen wants you to chase what lights you up, too.

Below, Chloe tells Elite Daily why spring is the ideal time to manifest your best life. She also shares her favorite spring manifestation rituals that’ll set you up for success, including visualization and finally ditching your toxic situationship.

Chloe Samantha Corcoran

Elite Daily: How did you first get into spirituality and manifestation?

Chloe Corcoran: It was Sept. 20, 2019, when I had my spiritual awakening by accident. A Netflix documentary came up in my “suggested” section called The Secret — it’s about the law of attraction. At that point in my life, I was two months shy of 19, depressed for six years, anxious, had a social phobia, and was stuck in a long-term toxic relationship. I was a paralegal studying law. I had been kicked out of my home at 15 and had been homeless… which a lot of people use as my origin story.

Watching the documentary about the law of attraction was the first time someone had told me that my thoughts are creating my reality and my thoughts are a choice. In that moment, I thought, “Well, no wonder I’m depressed… No wonder I’m living this life full of self-hatred and have had an eating disorder for 10 years.” From that very moment of discovering the law of attraction, I was like, “I know I’m meant to learn about this and teach it to other people.” I quit my law degree. I went on to read books, find podcasts, and listen to audiobooks… It was just a world of exploration and learning. “My healing heals the world” is my mantra. It’s what has driven me since that day.

The key to manifesting is you have to live as if you already have what you want.

ED: How is the law of attraction related to manifestation?

CC: Law of attraction is “like attracts like” — whatever you’re thinking, you’re going to keep attracting thoughts of the same nature. So, you know when you’re in a downward spiral thinking “Everything is sh*t,” then more bad things keep happening? The same thing happens when you start to focus on positive energy and positive things. You meet a new friend, attract a romantic partner, you get a new job, and the good just keeps getting better. That’s basically the law of attraction.

Something I love to teach is when you’re trying to manifest something, you don’t actually want that “thing” — you want the feeling of what that thing is going to bring you. For example, you don’t just want to manifest money — you want to feel abundant, safe, and free. You don’t want a relationship or partner — you want to feel unconditional love, feel accepted, feel seen, all of these things. We can channel those emotions right here, right now. That’s going to put out energy into the universe and bring things into our orbit — into our reality — that are of the same vibration.

ED: How do you actually start manifesting something into reality?

CC: The key to manifesting is you have to live as if you already have what you want. You have to show up as if it’s already manifested and it’s already yours. Visualize it. It can sometimes be as simple as thinking or feeling something, and that thing is brought to you. But I don’t want to put out the misconception that you don’t have to do something. For example, this feature wouldn’t have existed had I not put out content on Instagram on TikTok. I had to show up. A lot of people think manifesting is just wishing, but it’s actually going after your goals.

Align your thoughts by saying “I already have what I want.” Align your feelings by channeling previous emotions. If you want to feel unconditional love, when have you felt that before? Then, take aligned action — do something and get out of your comfort zone. You cannot create the life of your dreams if you stay stuck and stay where you are. Once you’ve taken that action, have faith, trust, surrender, and build a relationship with the universe. Believe in it.

ED: What do you think about viral TikTok manifestation trends like 369, 5x55, or the 2-cup method?

CC: I don’t use 5x55 or 369, or any TikTok methods. Not saying they don’t work for other people, but for example, writing something down 55 times… there is no surrender or letting go in that. With 369… breathe! Chill! You’re grasping onto this desire so tightly. When does it have space to manifest if you’re holding onto it and can’t let it go? I don’t love that method or any method that requires you to constantly be hammering it home. You have to show up, do your part, take action, then let it go.

ED: It’s technically autumn in Australia right now, but here in the States, it’s springtime, which is an ideal time for setting new goals. Why is spring the best season for manifestation?

CC: I see spring as a blank slate. It’s the perfect time to plant seeds and set intentions. Everything has its cycles, and springtime is the most energetic — it’s a time to put yourself out there, a time when you’re going to sparkle and shine. It’s like shedding or letting go of the version of you that existed in the winter.

The main question you need to ask yourself during spring is “Who am I in this next season?” and “Who do I want to be?” Set those intentions. Get clear on who you want to be and what kind of life you want to live.

ED: What are your personal favorite spring manifestation rituals?

CC: I love manifestation walks. I’ll go for a walk and just visualize — and I also make playlists. I have a playlist called “I’m in love.” Then, we’ve got meditation and journaling. Write a list or letter of everything you’re letting go of — relationships, behaviors, or thoughts that aren’t aligned with who you want to be. Let it go, whether you want to burn it safely or throw it out.

Visualization is also so powerful. I saw this man reading at the bus stop the other day, and I thought, “OMG, he’s reading my book!” I haven’t even finished writing my book yet, and I thought, “I’m fully delusional.” But I love it. You have to get delusional. And it will be true — I know when I publish my book, there will be a man sitting at that bus stop reading it.

ED: How do you stay focused when a goal or desire isn’t coming to fruition quickly?

CC: One thing with manifestation is understanding that the timeline isn’t up to you. You decide the “what,” but you don’t get to control the “how” and the “when”; it’s not your business, really. One step a day is going to propel you forward — it’s about creating momentum. If you want to write a book, you don’t have to write the whole book today, but write something. Write 100 words. Write every single day, because you’re not going to get better at writing if you don’t write.

Whatever it is you want to get better at, start doing it and let yourself be bad at it. Accept that the first time you do something, it might be trash. It’s OK to be sh*t at things when you first start, and it can take years to master something. We need to embrace that. And if you put yourself out there and it doesn’t work how you want it to, the universe has a better plan.

ED: Do you have any stories of when manifestation worked super well for you?

CC: I did a really dramatic thing a few years ago when going through a breakup where I wrote this letter — I felt like I was the main character in a movie. I had my ex’s ring, so I put the ring and the letter in an envelope. I was trying to find a way to let go of the relationship and its energy in a way that was dramatic. I asked my friend, “What should I do?” He was like, “Why don’t you throw the ring in the ocean?” And I said, “That’s so cliché. It needs to be more original than that.” He said, “Why don’t you leave it on a train going southbound?”

So, I wrote this really dramatic letter, left it on the train, stepped off, and also had a full-on soundtrack for this. I made a playlist. The next day, I manifested my dream apartment. That same month was also the best month ever in my business. I had never made more money or attracted more followers and clients. Once I let go, it created space for everything new to come in.

ED: What else should people do this spring to manifest their best lives?

CC: Do a spring clean, Marie Kondo style. Go through everything in your life and make a list — it’s called the law of incremental upgrade. You have to declutter to create space for new things to come in. Ask “Does this align with my highest self?” For example, you can’t manifest the love of your life when you’re stuck in a sh*tty situationship. Cut off your situationship! There’s no reason to have a situationship, sorry. Get rid of them.

Get clear about what you want. The highest vibration you can cultivate is gratitude, joy, empowerment, freedom, and love. If you can feel into that, you’re pretty much a magnet for attraction. F*ck what anyone else thinks, what society tells you, or what is realistic. Delete “realistic” from your vocabulary. Also, don’t forget your childlike, playful energy. Make things fun. The road is the destination — there’s nowhere you need to be. Enjoy the journey.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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