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Woman exploring sexual pleasure with a new sex toy vibrator.
The 25 Best Sex Toys For Women Under $40 To Keep On Your Nightstand

Treat yourself 😘

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Are you ready to grow your sex toy collection, but aren’t sure where to start? If so, you’re not alone. There are countless options out there to choose from, from vibrators and dildos to BDSM-inspired accessories and beyond. Plus, sex toy marketing can get pretty confusing. Although many toys are marketed specifically toward women, men, and couples, the truth is, sex toys have no gender. It’s all about finding what works best for you and your pleasure.

That said, though, I do believe there’s something unique about the importance of sex toys for women. After all, sexual health research has consistently shown that there is a gendered orgasm gap in which men tend to experience orgasm more frequently than women. The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior — aka a decade-long comprehensive study of human sexual behavior — has shown that women report "less satisfaction with sexual activity than men with less pleasure, less arousal, and fewer orgasms." Although the orgasm gap is becoming more widely recognized, it’s still alarming and serves as a reminder that women deserve to O — whether it’s with a partner or not.

According to a 2022 survey conducted by Statista and BedBible, approximately 82% of American women own at least one sex toy. Plus, The New York Times reports that sex toy sales have skyrocketed as a result of people enjoying more, ahem, *alone time* during the pandemic. If you’re a woman, let this be a sign that it’s time to take pleasure into your own hands (literally). Here are some of the best sex toys for women that are sure to give you the pleasure you deserve.

If you’re looking for a reliable vibrator, the Pirouette is a solid choice. The multi-speed dial means you can choose from a variety of intensities and the toy is both penetration and clit-friendly, depending on your preference for pleasure. The vibe was hand-picked by a team of sex educators at Good Vibrations and comes in either teal or magenta.

Based on thousands of reviews, it seems like women all over the world love the Satisfyer 1 Next Generation, and it’s easy to see why — the toy makes it feel like someone is literally blowing and sucking on your clit. No big deal. With eleven different stimulation modes, waterproof material, and plenty of suction, this sex toy is bound to make you moan. But fear not — it also has a “whisper” feature if you need to be discreet.

If you or your partner are into anal play, you’ll appreciate this fun confetti-decorated anal plug. The whimsical yet functional design, tapered tip, and extended neck make this toy easy to insert and wear for long periods of time, whether you’re warming up for sex, exploring with a partner, or playing solo. At just over three inches, this toy is friendly enough for beginners and veterans alike.

Excuse me, but how cute is this petite lipstick vibrator?! The elegant metallic case makes the vibe feel luxurious yet it’s super practical with a rechargeable USB port. The angled “lipstick” tip is great for applying pressure right where it counts — and the best part is, the vibe is discreet enough to fit in your purse or wallet. I love a compact travel-sized vibe, and I promise you’ll want to take this one everywhere.

The next time you’re having a hot hookup, add some adornment with these adorable-yet-sexy nipple covers. Each one features a black cover and red bow on top, and they’re reusable so you can play with them again and again. If red isn’t your style, Babeland also sells this burlesque-inspired pair in black. Grab one set or both and add a classy twist to your next sexy romp.

Bring an elegant, yet spicy touch to your bedroom adventures with this luxurious red blindfold. Sometimes, losing your sense of sight can make other physical sensations feel more heightened — which can lead to discovering pleasure in unexpected places. This blindfold is soft, affordable, and makes a great gift for someone special (or yourself).

In my humble opinion, Dame is one of the best sex toy brands out there. Founded in 2014 by sexologist Alexandra Fine and MIT engineer Janet Lieberman, Dame is all about making an impact — including helping close the pleasure gap for women. You love to see it. This bullet vibe is simple, versatile, soft to the touch, and has a rounded tip for pinpoint vibration.

Even if you’ve never explored impact or temperature play before, this set is great for anyone who wants to expand their pleasure with some light kink. The mini flogger made with leather tassels is lightweight, beginner-friendly, and offers a tickling tease. The adorable heart toy provides a fun way to play with temperature; you can pop it in the fridge to cool it down, but if you bend the heart, it warms up.

You’ll love experimenting with this velvety-smooth sex toy which offers five modes of vibration for mega pleasure. Whether you prefer a gentle or more intense feel, the Electra provides powerful stimulation (both internal and external). Reviewers say it’s beginner-friendly and “great for the price.” What more could you ask for in a sex toy?

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to style, I love a mix of tough and soft — and the same goes for bedroom attire. Whether you’re brand new to BDSM and restraint or a veteran looking to heat things up during role play, these black handcuffs are 100% the move. The pair features metal clasps and a badass black design covered in delicate lace. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re easy to wash so you can play again and again.

If you’re searching for a subtle-looking sex toy to keep on your nightstand, this one may be a solid choice for you. Ergonomically shaped to fit your hand, the Romp Wave Layon by We-Vibe is waterproof, USB rechargeable, and crafted from body-safe silicone for peace of mind. Reviewers rave about its unique shape and quiet nature — but don’t be fooled, this toy has four patterns and six vibration modes for mega pleasure.

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable sex toy that can lead to mega pleasure, try this cock ring from Babeland. With a smooth, minimal design and stretchy silicone material that glows in the dark, this cock ring makes a fun yet functional addition to your sex toy collection. Grab your favorite lube and try the ring solo or with a partner to spice things up.

A winner in both form and function, the My Private O Vibrator is ideal for women who travel often and need a dependable toy to keep the Os coming. The small bullet vibe can be gripped like a pen, allowing you to pinpoint pleasure the way you want, and the one-speed button control make it a non-threatening toy for beginners. Choose between hot pink or purple and be sure to grab some lube and one AAA battery for your new vibe (sold separately).

This one’s for all of my bondage-loving babes out there. Explore the art of erotic bondage with this high-quality rope, which comes recommended by Midori, the author of The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage. The material is durable enough to hold a knot well and soft enough so that it won’t chafe your skin — plus, it comes in various lengths, and you can choose between classic black or sexy red.

For some women, having a nearly lifelike-looking sex toy is a total turn-on. If this sounds like you, the Pink Jelly Slim Dildo might be a perfect fit (no pun intended). The toy is made from super flexible material and has vein details that look and feel like the real thing. Whether you’re experimenting with vaginal or anal play, the wide base makes this dildo easy to hold onto and adjust to your liking. It also has over 800 rave reviews on Adam & Eve, so make of that what you will.

There are few things in life more satisfying than a good masturbation sesh, and this toy is bound to take yours to the next level. This penis stroker from Babeland features a soft material on the outside, gentle massage nubs on the inside, and unique ULTRASKYN material that literally warms up the more you touch it. Not only is the sleeve great for solo play, but it makes the perfect toy to use during oral sex to heighten your partner’s pleasure.

According to Babeland, this sex toy is the world’s only nine-speed vibrating cock ring, so naturally, it had to make the list. The toy is made with enhanced gel-like silicone that’ll feel stretchy and comfortable on your skin and it’s easy to control with a simple on/off switch. I love how the cock ring is super versatile, too — it has the ability to stimulate the clit and boost the length and firmness of an erection, making it ideal for all types of steamy play, whether solo or with others.

Have you ever experimented with a finger vibe before? If not, take this as a sign to treat yourself. This one from Adam and Eve is little but fierce — it features 10 vibration and pulsation modes that’ll make you shiver, and the massaging nubs and curvy tip make it perfect for teasing all of your sensitive spots.

If you’re new to anal play, you’ll appreciate this three-piece plug set from Babeland. You can choose between a twisted spiral design, narrow cone shape, or a classic design including balls of increasing sizes. The exciting mix of structures is perfect for experimenting with different intensity levels, and the smooth feel provides heightened erotic stimulation. Just be sure to grab lube to reduce any friction and discomfort — beginners especially!

With 10 powerful vibration functions, this toy is ideal for exploring all of your body’s sexy sensations through blended orgasms. The curvy, textured shaft flexes as you slide it inside while the fluttering silicone petals tease your clit. (Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?) The toy is perfect for playing under the covers, but it’s also waterproof and submersible for sexy fun in the tub.

Whether you’re buying a gift for someone or you’re curious to experiment on your own, this set from Babeland is the ultimate sexy self-care set! The kit includes three stimulating toys: the Pebble (a petite external vibe), Classic (a contoured vibrator), and the Cock Ring (which fits around the penis, fingers, or another toy). The Play and Please set also includes a motor that powers all three toys and a USB charger cord for when you’re on the go. And as if this set couldn’t get any dreamier, it’s majorly discounted right now, so add it to your cart ASAP!

Who doesn’t love a dual-action sex toy that’s also super affordable? This hybrid toy features both a penis ring and anal plug so you can keep the orgasms coming again and again. The ring keeps you hard, the plug stimulates the prostate, and the toy is designed to stay in place no matter where your sexy adventures take you.

If you’re turned on by the idea of temperature play in bed, it’s time to invest in a set of candles and take your fun to the next level. These candles from Babeland are made of body-safe paraffin wax so you can explore your pleasure in a safe, approachable way. To use them, hold the candle at an angle to control the flow of the wax. Then, once the wax dries, you can easily peel it off. FYI, the candles are unscented and non-staining so you won’t have to worry about messing up your sheets!

If deep penetration is your thing, you’ll love the G-Kiss Vibrator, which is designed with your ultimate pleasure in mind. The contoured tip makes it easy to find and rub your most sensitive spots and the dual vibrator offers multiple speeds and intensities, making for a powerful sex toy all-around. The vibe is compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubes, so grab some to make sure your play stays comfortable and safe.

I love a vibrator that’s equally pleasurable and aesthetically pleasing — aka the Echo. Made of soft silicone, the toy is durable yet flexible, and super portable. It features 10 speeds, three intensity levels, and seven pulsation settings, meaning that you’re sure to find a combo that suits you. The waterproof vibe is easy to charge with a simple USB port and the curved design makes it easy to hold during use. As an added bonus, the Echo has a memory chip feature where the toy resumes on the last vibrator function you used, so you don’t have to search for that perfect mode every single time.

As a sex and relationships editor, I may be slightly biased, but there is absolutely no reason why women shouldn’t experience pleasure whenever and however they want. If you’re a woman who’s ready to treat herself or you’re shopping for a special someone, grab one of these stimulating sex toys and get ready to heat things up. Brands like Babeland and Adam and Eve have plenty of options to choose from, and while the above products are all relatively affordable and under $40, if you want to splurge, have at it. Here’s to lots of Os for you and the women in your life — so that one day the pleasure gap can be a thing of the past.