Here Are 20 Amazing And Quiet Sex Toys, According To Experts

Worried about everyone hearing your business? These are for you.

For anyone living with family or roommates, sex and masturbation — arguably life’s two best activities — can sometimes be fraught. Maybe knowing your mother’s in the next room is distracting. Maybe your roomie isn’t always the best about knocking before entering. And maybe your vibrator is so loud it sounds like your bedroom is being colonized by a hive of bees every time you whip it out. No matter the situation, raging paranoia about getting “caught” in the act is likely going to keep you from experiencing the full range of pleasure you deserve. Enter: The best quiet sex toys that will bring you peace of mind — and plenty of rolling orgasms.

The truth is that sex toys have come a long way in the last, oh, 30,000 years or so. From a paleolithic-era stone phallus dating back to 29,000 B.C. to double-headed wood-carved dildos from 13th century China, evidence suggests that humans have been using tools as a sexual assist for a long time. And while the first sexy tech boom of the 19th century led to the creation of some very noisy electric massagers in the 1880s, a more modern wave of innovations has produced a whole class of high-performance vibes that are super discreet without sacrificing any firepower. And wow (!) can a good vibrator bring the heat.

Carolanne Marcantonio, a Brooklyn-based sex therapist and co-creator of Wise Sex Therapy Associates, says vibrators are versatile tools for pleasure; they can be used alone or with partners, to stimulate anywhere on the body, not just genitalia. “Anyone can experience pleasure through vibration,” she tells Elite Daily. “Your whole body is covered in nerve endings and has the capacity to experience pleasure from head to toe.”

And while there’s absolutely no shame in being loud and proud with your sex life, sometimes you wanna get freaky without inviting the whole neighborhood in to listen. And that’s OK, too.

Sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, MA, a sexpert for Lovers, says quiet vibrators have lots of upsides. From packing them in your luggage to using them in bed, in the shower, or “with a partner for a quickie, somewhere discreet, like a closet,” a quiet sex toy is your ticket to private-yet-explosive orgasms.

The Experts

What To Consider Before Buying

Do you like external stimulation on your clit? Smaller, handheld vibrators are the way to go. If you prefer internal stimulation, try dildos to hit your G-spot or prostate Rabbit vibrators combine the best of both worlds. If you already have a few sex toys in your top drawer, consider purchasing a few silent accessories to round out your collection.

Here are quiet sex toys that will make excellent additions to your bedside collection without all the racket — because with a sneaky, silent vibe, the possibilities for pleasure are endless. Many of these were recommended by our sexperts; others were chosen based on high ratings from reviewers.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Elite Daily's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

The Best Budget-Friendly Option

Marcantonio recommends the unbelievably adorable Iroha Mini Sora by Tenga. “Rechargeable vibrators are great, but if you’re looking for something that’s quiet and discreet, sometimes quickly popping a battery in versus finding a place to charge your vibrator is a better option,” she says. “This toy takes one AAA battery, fits in the palm of your hand and looks like it could hold your earbuds. Plus, it offers multiple vibration options.”

The Best Flexible Vibrator

As the name suggests, this toy will keep your sexy time on the DL. Plus, this compact micro-wand vibrator, styled with a removable nubby silicone head for external stimulation, features a bendable neck for you to position the vibrator according to your needs.

The Most Unique Dildo

Angie Rowntree, founder and director of the award-winning ethical porn site, says this toy captures “that ethereal feeling of being between two worlds,” and if that’s not intriguing I don’t know what is. Another “whisper-quiet” toy, the Firefly Glass G-Spot Glow Wand is a borosilicate sex toy embedded with glow-in-the-dark accents that look like tiny fireflies. “We’ve never seen a toy like this, but don’t let the dreamy appearance fool you,” Rowntree says. “The Firefly Glass is an effective erotic aid, with a weight and shape designed to push you into a sweet state of pleasure. Because it’s powered by hand instead of batteries, you know it’s going to be quiet, and every stroke is going to be just right.”

The Best Silicone Dildo

Not all dildos look like penises; some look like tiny, little sculptures! In keeping with the theme of discretion, colorful silicone dildos like this one from Sportsheets are small enough that they’re easy to store, and vague enough in shape that they don't immediately look like dildos to the untrained (read: your nosy little sibling’s) eye. Plus, no batteries means no noise. Hallelujah.

The Most Discreet Sex Toy (You Can Wear It!)

The Vesper vibrator necklace from Crave is a sexpert fave, beloved by Marcantonio and Dr. Stefani Threadgill Briggs, founder of The Sex Therapy Institute in Frisco, Texas. The pinnacle of discretion, this vibrator is so sleek that it’s meant to be worn around your neck as jewelry during the day, then removed from the chain and used as a toy at night — and no one will even know. Now that’s innovation!

These Chic Cuffs

These wrist cuffs from NS Novelties double as bracelets that can be worn out on the town. When you’re not busy getting tied up by your lover, wear them stacked around your wrists as an accessory with a double-life only you and your partner are in on.

This Powerful Vibrator

Lisa Finn, a brand manager and sex educator at Babeland, recommends this “powerful and petite vibrator,” which features eight intensity levels and seven pulsation patterns. This vibe comes with a sculpted tip wrapped in ultra-soft silicone, allowing for pinpointed stimulation, while the underside provides more of “a diffused vibe experience.” This toy, Finn says, “was designed to adapt to each and every curve and can stimulate any erogenous zone with ease. Because of the deep, rumbly motor and plush silicone coating, the Touch X, even at full intensity, sounds no louder than a cell phone on vibrate on top of a pillow.”

This Warming Massage Oil

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all sex toys have batteries. Dr. Threadgill also recommends adding some warming massage oil to your bedroom repertoire to spice things up while keeping the noise level down. Other products like lubricants, candles, and Kegel exercisers can also add pleasure to your orgasms, she says — especially this Bijoux Indiscrets massage oil, which is her go-to.

The Quietest Vibrator

Rowntree describes the design of the Satisfyer Luxury Pret-a-Porter stimulator as “whisper-quiet,” meaning the “only sounds you’ll hear are your own cries of pleasure.” With 11 intensity settings, this toy promises to please you quietly. “Just imagine a warm supple disc molded over your clit and then activated to send pressure waves rippling exactly where you want them to go,” Rowntree says.

The Quietest Rabbit Vibrator

This best-selling rabbit vibrator is the ideal double-stimulation machine that Rowntree describes as a “quiet, discreet, and luxury vibe.” One reviewer noted, “The internal vibration is really quiet (especially when it’s inside you or your partner),” and a second said she was “surprised by how quiet it is” because it’s “so powerful!” Perfect for external or internal stimulation, or both at the same time.

The Most Subtle Design

This itty-bitty, waterproof vibrator is a go-to for Dr. Threadgill and thousands of others who love the Mia’s sleek and subtle design. One reviewer praised this toy’s “quiet vibration.” Small and discreet but with a four-hour battery life? Yes please!

The Most Beautiful Vibrator

Marcantonio says her fave toys include Lelo’s Nea2, which she calls “a beautiful toy that looks like a work of art.” She loves this toy for its size and versatility most of all. “It fits right in the palm of your hand and it has curves,” she says, “so it can lay against you and cradle your clit, breasts, or any area you want to use it on.” It’s little enough that it’s super quiet, and pretty enough to blend into the rest of your room as décor. Voila!

The Most Scandalous Option

If you’re looking for a vibrator for more long-term wear than just a quick masturbation session, Finn recommends checking out the Jive Wearable Vibrator from We-Vibe. This Bluetooth-controlled toy gives “next-level vibration sensations” from the insertable egg-shaped silicone end. “The ‘tail’ bends to comfortably conform outside for discreet, extended wear anywhere. Standing, sitting, or in bed, or in the shower (it's also waterproof), this toy will stay in place and satisfy,” Finn says. The device can be controlled through the We-Connect™ app, so you or your lover have the power to adjust the sensations remotely from up to 30 feet of direct line-of-sight distance or within approximately 20 feet of 360-degree range. One reviewer called it “super quiet and unnoticeable for public or outdoor use.” Make of that what you will.

The Best Anal Vibrator

Another toy that’s compatible with the We-Connect app, the Vector had 10 vibration modes to cycle through. “Vector's contoured shape offers pressure and quiet, pleasurable, rumbly vibrations for both prostate and perineum, or booty bliss for any body,” Finn says.

This Bestselling Sex Toy

One of erotic toy store Babeland’s top 10 sellers for over three years, The Tiger Vibe is ridged to increase sensation with every thrust in and out, and the toy is curved to target the G-spot or prostate. Finn points out that the wide base makes it safe for anal play and can be used to stimulate the clitoris. The waterproof, silicone Tiger Vibe G5 features simple button controls and an easy grip-loop handle, plus a strong motor with six speeds and six patterns. According to one reviewer, “I didn't find it to be too loud, particularly underneath covers. I could still hear it, but it was muffled enough so that I wasn't worried about anyone in the house hearing it.”

This Sex Toy Geared Toward Couples

Threadgill says her favorite sex toy brand is Lelo because their products are “aesthetically pleasing as well as pleasurable.” For something silent-but-sexy — and a favorite pick for couples — Dr. Threadgill recommends the Tiani 3 by Lelo. One end, she says, is designed to be inserted vaginally, while the other end functions as a clitoral massager. Both partners feel the vibes, and the toy is controlled by a remote. The future is now!

This Larger Option

Dr. Threadgill also recommends the Lelo Smart Wand as an excellent toy with long lasting battery life and a variety of massage patterns. Because of its size, this toy is not entirely silent, but it’s quieter than others in a similar size range.

This Versatile Restraint

If you’re looking to add some heat while remaining discreet, bondage and restraint tape are two additional non-electric sex accessories worth experimenting with. Instead of full-on handcuffs, restraint tape is versatile and lets you and your partner build intimacy through shared creativity. Use it to tie someone up or conceal different parts of your body for a super-hot tease — there’s no wrong way to go about it.

This “Knee-Shaking” Air Stimulator

Rowntree says the Womanizer Premium is consistently one of the most beloved toys among the site’s subscribers. What makes it so special? This toy is Womanizer’s flagship air stimulator, with a mind-boggling 12 levels of intensity, hands-off auto pilot mode, and Womanizer's innovative “Smart Silence Technology,” meaning the toy only turns on when it senses it’s touching skin. As Rowntree puts it, “You can enjoy knee-shaking pleasure without anyone being the wiser.” According to one reviewer, it makes “a soft humming noise but it’s barely noticeable.” Another user said it’s “way quieter” than most toys they’ve tried.

This Toy That Simulates Oral Sex

Another similar favorite of her site’s subscribers is the Premium 2 clitoral stimulator with the same features — plus two more additional intensity levels. Because why not? It’s nice to have options.

Whether you’re living with your parents or in a house full of roommates, sometimes you want to get sexy without letting anyone else in on the action. For times like those, a quiet sex toy will do just the trick.