Your Libra Season Horoscope Isn't As Sweet As You'd Like It To Be

by Valerie Mesa
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Fall is always incredibly whimsical. It doesn't matter whether you're a fan of change either. Autumn is a time of maturity, and as the leaves begin to change color, your Libra season 2020 horoscope will pave the way to your success. The current astrological transits could easily put a damper on Libra season's Venusian charm, so if you find yourself feeling restless or unmotivated, you're not alone.

Just days after the sun enters Libra, Saturn — Lord of Karma and the planet of boundaries, structures, and limits — will station direct after four months retrograde in Capricorn. You'd think the sun in Libra squaring off with Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in a cardinal earth sign is enough, but Mercury's shift into Scorpio will only intensify things. Mercury is the planet of communication, thought process, and cognition; Scorpio is deeply psychic, taboo-loving, and regenerative. Together, these two celestial energies will continue to bring hidden truths to the surface, especially those regarding government systems, and authority figures who have misused their power.

The moon will also reach its peak in warrior-like Aries on Oct. 1, while its feisty planetary ruler, Mars, retrogrades through its cardinal fires. When the moon is full, the unconscious blends with consciousness, and something important is revealed. Pluto will also go direct in Capricorn on Oct. 3, and the celestial saga continues. Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio on Oct. 13, so at least you'll be somewhat prepared.

On that note, here's what Libra season has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:

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Aries: You're Reflecting On The Value Of Your Partnerships

It's OK to be vulnerable sometimes, Aries. The month kicks off with an audacious full moon in your sign, while the sun energizes and revitalizes your harmony-seeking seventh house of compromise, negotiations, and committed relationships. In addition to being an opportunity for profound healing, the moon conjunct Chiron in your sign means it's time to express your affections, desires, and emotions unapologetically.

Taurus: You're Ready To Embark On A Self-Care Journey

Take a step back, recharge your energy, and surrender, Taurus. This season's full moon in Aries will shake up your secretive 12th house of closure, karma, and all things behind the scenes while sitting alongside Chiron, the wounded healer. This will challenge you to acknowledge, and open your heart to your current reality, without disregarding your boundaries. With your planetary ruler, Venus, giving Mars retrograde come-hither eyes, your sex appeal will be hard to resist.

Gemini: You're Seductive, But Somewhat Inhibited

Saying you are extra flirtatious would be an understatement, Gemini. The full moon in Aries will shake up your experimental 11th house of friendships and extended networks, bringing closure and clarity to your sense of belonging in the world. Sure, the thought of having friends with benefits never ceases to turn you on, but is it worth your time and energy? Don’t let your insatiable desires get the best of you this season.

Cancer: You're Being Challenged To Take The Lead

You’re attractive when you take charge, Cancer. This season's full moon will conjunct Chiron, and with Mars retrograde igniting your career sector, you could be especially consumed with your professional life. Don’t give your loved ones the cold shoulder. Venus will be sashaying through your second house of pleasure, while forming a harmonious trine to Mars in your traditional 10th house. It might be difficult at first, but you can make everyone happy simultaneously.

Leo: You're Gaining Insight And Making Interesting Connections

The sky's the limit, Leo. This is especially true with coquettish Venus dancing through your fixed fires, considering you’re as desirable as ever. Open your heart to the possibilities. Ask the universe for what you desire most, especially if it revolves around falling love. The season’s full moon will illuminate your adventurous ninth house of luck, expansion, opportunity, and unknown territory, which could have you feeling restless. You know what you want, so don’t be afraid to make your move.

Virgo: You're Doing You And Minding Your Own Business

Your privacy is sacred, Virgo. No one needs to know what's happening in your personal life. Guard your energy, and be mindful of your surroundings. The full moon in Aries will activate your erotic eighth house of intimacy, soul-to-soul connections, and joint ventures, which will inevitably shed light on your ability to merge with another mind, body, and soul. The moon will sit with Chiron, which could resurface repressed emotions about past betrayals, but it’s time to heal.

Libra: You Really Want To Celebrate Your Solar Return

Your relationships are a reflection of you, Libra. The full moon in Aries will ignite your harmony-seeking seventh house of rulership, bringing closure to your one-on-one partnerships and ability to compromise. Though you may be naturally driven to please the people around you, it’s time to focus on your individual desires. Mars retrograde will align with your planetary ruler, Venus, as she transits your rebellious 11th house of friendships. It's always a party when they're around.

Scorpio: You're Being More Compassionate With Yourself

Communicate with your partner, Scorpio. You haven't lost your mojo; you're just not in the mood. Besides, with your traditional planetary ruler, Mars, retrograding through your responsible sixth house of due diligence, the last thing you're jonesing is physical activity. The full moon in Aries will illuminate this area of your chart, which could put a magnifying glass over your daily duties and acts of service. How could you make more time for yourself and your responsibilities? You owe it to yourself.

Sagittarius: You Feel Uncertain, But You're Going With The Flow

Don’t be afraid to express your individuality, Sagittarius. The season's full moon will set the tone for the rest of the month, all the while igniting your flirtatious fifth house of creativity, romance, and passion. Though this energy is nothing short of celebratory, the energies could easily stifle everything from your confidence levels to your creative process. Don’t fret. Think outside the box.

Capricorn: You're Squeezing The Logic Out Of Your Emotions

Your inner feelings always know best, Capricorn. This is especially significant for you this season, given that the full moon will ignite your fourth house of home, family, and inner experiences, and set the tone for the season. Ask your ancestors to guide you, both in your personal and professional life. Venus will ignite your eighth house of shared resources, so you'll be thinking about your future more than usual this season.

Aquarius: You're Really Looking Forward To The Future

You're a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for, Aquarius. With the sun highlighting your expansive ninth house of education, long-term goals, travel, and personal philosophies, you will likely be preoccupied with thoughts revolving around your future. A full moon in Aries will shake things up in your communication sector, which could easily create friction between you and your peers. Use your sparkling intellect to create the peace of mind you desire.

Pisces: You're Being Challenged To Make Decisions

Are you being honest with yourself and your loved ones, Pisces? While the full moon adds emphasis to your finances, unique possessions, and sense of security, you could feel overwhelmed by the topic of money, or perhaps the joy — or lack thereof — you experience in your day-to-day routine. Acknowledge your emotions before you make assumptions, or worse, project insecurities onto your surroundings this season. The sacrifices you make will pay off sooner than you think.