BTS May Not Drop Another Album In 2020, But It's For A Good Reason

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With BTS releasing their highly-anticipated album Map of the Soul: 7 in February, fans thought they just might get another BTS record before the end of 2020. Usually, the group releases at least two projects a year — whether it be an EP or a full-length album — but 2019 was an exception, since the members took a much-deserved extended vacation. Fans are now wondering if BTS will drop another album in 2020, so here's what to know.

After releasing Map of the Soul: Persona in April 2019, fans waited 10 months for another album from BTS. The group released a few collaborations, remixes, and covers to keep fans busy during that time frame, but fans knew nothing could beat a full-length album.

That day finally arrived on Feb. 21 when BTS dropped MOTS:7 and their lead single "ON." Due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, however, Big Hit Entertainment made a few changes to BTS' comeback schedule, like moving their global press conference online, canceling their Seoul tour dates, postponing their European ticket sales, and performing without a live audience for several Korean music programs.

In a March 10 VLIVE, RM admitted he and the rest of BTS were devastated their comeback didn't go exactly as planned, especially because they couldn't connect with fans IRL. "We announced a comeback but there is no audience. Like a spell, we kept saying we have to be okay. Same thing for the concert, too. It [was] really hard. I have no energy. We prepared a lot. We really prepared for a really long time," RM said, according to a fan translation by @agirlinthepark.

Watch some of RM's stream below.

Now, rumor has it BTS may not release another album in 2020 — but it's for an understandable reason.

According to a fan translation by @BTSChartDaily, Maeil Business Newspaper reported, "@BTS_twt has decided not to release another album this year and will focus on the world tour instead." Elite Daily reached out to Big Hit for comment on the report, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

With BTS more in demand than ever, their schedule has been jam-packed with international appearances and their tours have been growing in scale. If these reports are true, it makes total sense they need more time to focus on touring and recuperating between comebacks.

As of now, BTS has not canceled their North American or Japanese tour dates, although that could change, especially with all the concerts and other music events that have been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

If BTS' next comeback isn't until 2021, ARMYs will understand. For example, when Big Hit announced the cancelation of the group's Seoul tour dates, fans had such a mature reaction to the news. Instead of sharing their frustration online, they came together to donate funds to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and some fans even donated their ticket funds, according to Osen.

Since BTS is always releasing so much content throughout the year, like documentaries, Run BTS! episodes, and BangtanTV clips, their next comeback will be here before fans know it.

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