BTS' Bangtan Bombs Have Subtitles Now, So Celebrate By Watching Jungkook Eat Ice Cream


The BTS ARMY woke up to the best surprise on Monday, Jan. 3: BTS' first Bangtan bomb with English subtitles. Fans have been asking Big Hit Entertainment to add subtitles to BTS' YouTube videos for years following BTS' meteoric rise to international superstardom, so they're grateful Big Hit finally added the feature to BTS' regular vlogs. The addition of subtitles means fans can follow along with the group's immediately when the vlogs go live.

While BTS has uploaded English subtitles for their official music videos on Big Hit's YouTube channel for years, they never uploaded English subs for the boys' videos uploaded on their BangtanTV YouTube channel. The channel is used for BTS' more casual content, like clips of the members eating hotdogs, having a pizza party backstage, or dancing to each other's solo songs. Fans love seeing the videos because it provides a behind-the-scenes look into BTS' hectic schedule.

Previously, the videos only had Korean subtitles, which meant fans had to look elsewhere for an English translation. Since other Korean-speaking fans provided the translations for free on their YouTube channels or Twitter accounts (not all superheroes wear capes), it meant the translation would come hours, if not days, later (since they translated in their free time). Not all heroes wear capes, y'all.

The BTS ARMY really appreciated the fan translations, but felt Big Hit should add English subtitles themselves, especially since BTS' international fanbase is growing so rapidly and the burden on fan volunteers was becoming intense. In November 2019, fans even trended #BigHitAddSubs on Twitter in hopes the company would hear their concerns.

Now, the waiting is over, because BTS' first Bangtan Bomb with English subtitles is here in all its glory, and it's about Jungkook eating ice cream. Literally.

Since BTS and Big Hit didn't announce the English subs would be coming, fans realized the addition only after clicking the subtitles button on the clip.

Of course, the first English sub fans read was all about BTS enjoying ice cream sandwiches. "It's supposed to pop when you do this," RM said while opening his snack. "Corn ice cream is delicious," Jungkook added.

After finishing his sandwich, Jungkook moved on to popsicles. "Jungkook is moved by the taste," the subs hilariously read.


Watch the whole clip below.

At the moment, there are only English subtitles provided. There hasn't been any announcement regarding whether Big Hit plans to provide translations for other languages as well.

Besides the subtitles, the BTS ARMY is happy the group will make their highly-anticipated comeback on Feb. 21 with Map of the Soul: 7. The year 2020 is looking good for the BTS ARMY and fans can't wait to see what BTS surprises them with next.