Jungkook's Hot Dog Review Will Make You Want One So Badly


I should really plan out when I'm going to watch BTS videos. It would be a good idea to watch them when I'm eating lunch or dinner because I swear, there's not one video on the group's BANGTANTV YouTube channel that doesn't have them eating. Seeing BTS eat their hearts out just makes me wish I was having whatever they're having. Just a few weeks ago on July 19, the guys uploaded a video of themselves having a pizza party backstage during one of their comeback rehearsals. Now, they've shared a video of themselves from behind-the-scenes of America's Got Talent. Of course, snacks were involved, but what really seemed to catch BTS' attention were the hot dogs. Jungkook went in first, and then thanks to his great review of the franks, the other members soon joined in. The video of Jungkook convincing BTS to eat hot dogs is so funny and will honestly make you wish you were part of the party.

The video, which was uploaded on Aug. 9, starts by showing fans a sign of BTS' dressing room at America's Got Talent. The guys appeared on the reality show on Sept. 12 last year, so I don't know why BTS and their Big Hit Entertainment are just sharing it now, but oh well, fans are happy anyway.

In the video, Jungkook started by surveying the snack table, which was full of pretty much every snack you could imagine, and took a few bites of chocolate before diving into the hot dogs. According to a fan translation by JL_Kdiamond, he said, "When it comes to the USA, it's a hot dog, isn't it?" (Yes, Jungkook, you're so right.)

He then covered his hot dog with relish and mustard before taking a big ol' bite of it. I seriously don't know who's filming these videos, but whoever it is has a good sense of humor because they filmed Jungkook eating so up close, which honestly made it so hilarious.

After giving the hot dog a taste, Jungkook says, "Mmm," with his mouth full, which I'm guessing was a pretty good sign of the hot dog being delicious.

Just look at his face! That's the look of one very happy person.

BANGTANTV YouTube Channel

Jungkook then told RM to try the food, so he did. RM took a couple of bites of the hot dog, and I don't know how, but there were still some bites left for Jungkook to finish off — this time with some onions.

I guess seeing Jungkook and RM trying the hot dogs made the rest of BTS hungry, because then Suga, Jin, Jimin, and V decided to make themselves hot dogs, too.

Jin said, "It tastes good. The sauce, pickles, and onions are good, too."

Thanks for letting me know, guys. I just wish I could try it! Seeing this video is giving me flashbacks to the time BTS shared a video of their backstage pizza party, which gave me major FOMO.

With how busy BTS is being the biggest boy band in the world, it's nice to see them hang out like this every once in a while.