This Video Of BTS’ Backstage Pizza Party Will Give You Major FOMO

I swear, it seems that in almost every Bangtan Bomb video, BTS is eating something. If it's not birthday cake (decorated by the lovely Jimin), it's chicken. If it's not chicken, it's pizza. I'm never surprised anymore. This is the group that casually ate snacks at the 2017 American Music Awards. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, just search "Demi Lovato Sorry Not Sorry 2017 AMAs" on YouTube, and you'll see. Not even 30 seconds into the performance, Jungkook was already munching away and the camera caught the moment perfectly. It goes to show that BTS might be the biggest band in the world right now, but at the end of the day, they're just ordinary guys and they gotta eat, amirite? The video of BTS' backstage pizza party is BTS' latest Bangtan Bomb, and honestly, it's giving me major FOMO.

By FOMO, I mean the "fear of missing out." Basically, I so wish I could have been part of the pizza party because, for starters, BTS was there, and second, because anytime I see someone eat food, I instantly get hungry. And when it's seven guys totally devouring their pizzas (which looked so cheesy by the way!), I get this sudden urge to call the closest pizzeria near me and pretend like this video is a mukbang, so I can feel like I'm at the pizza party with BTS.

BANGTANTV YouTube Channel

Based on BTS' outfits in the video, the Bangtan Bomb was probably recorded earlier this year in April right before BTS went on stage to perform "Dionysus" on Show! Music Core. In the video, the oldest and youngest members of BTS, Jin and Jungkook, were enjoying their pizza slices when RM joined them backstage. Unlike Jin or Jungkook, who just went straight for the food, RM said he probably shouldn't eat because it could make him feel off during their performance.

According to a translation by Channeem Subtitles, RM said, "I won't eat that now because it'll make me get indigestion." Totally understandable.

Being the thoughtful member that he is, Jungkook told RM, "You'll regret it if you don't eat this right now," because apparently the pizza was really that good. Jungkook and Jin even debated which pizza tasted best and used the excuse that they had to finish the whole box because that's just good manners. Sure.

Jin said, "We must eat this deliciously. It's good manners for pizza."

Then, for the next minute or so, the video just showed Jin and Jungkook devouring their slices of pizza before going off to perform on stage. Once they came back, BTS had yet another pizza party for the members who didn't get a chance to grab a slice the first time around. Having just finished performing, Jimin, V, RM, Suga, and J-Hope seemed to be really hungry, and although Jin ate pizza before, he just couldn't resist joining his members for yet another slice.

At one point, Jungkook teases the others by bragging that he and Jin got to eat the pizza when it was warm, to which Jimin responded, "It's better [now]." Cold pizza is where it's at, OK? Jimin said so.

Watch the full video below.

Wow, watching the video just makes me wish I had a friend group like BTS. Oh, well. There's always BTS' "Eat Jin" videos to look forward to, right?