The final three contestants together on 'The Bachelor'

Bachelor Nation Finally Knows Peter's Final 2 Contestants & An Epic Finale Is Coming


After nine long weeks of The Bachelor, Peter Weber has narrowed it down to his top two women. While the process hasn't been an easy one for him, he's now that much closer to finding his winning contestant and possibly proposing at the end of it all. So now, from 30 contestants down to Peter's final two Bachelor contestants, the journey to see who ultimately earns the pilot's heart is almost over.

Before there were two, there were three: Victoria F., Hannah Ann, and Madison were welcomed to Australia for Fantasy Suite Week in the Jan. 24 episode. Having just brought Peter home to their families the week before (excluding Victoria), the three remaining contestants had their shots at testing their physical chemistry with the pilot Down Under.

While Fantasy Suite Week typically marks an exciting step for the relationships, it also comes with its fair share of awkward moments. That was particularly the case with Madison, who revealed her plans to abstain from sex until marriage. At the end of the episode, she walked off when Peter admitted he'd been intimate with at least one the other contestant, and Peter seemed heartbroken. Although she gave him a scare by showing up late , Madison ended up coming to the following rose ceremony, where Peter sent Victoria F. home.

Now, Peter is left with Hannah Ann and Madison as his final two contestants. It's not a shock either made it this far in the competition; they've both been rumored frontrunners for some time now, so it could be either of theirs to win at this point.


Hannah Ann, the 23-year-old model from Tennessee, first grabbed Peter's attention on Night 1 in the Bachelor mansion, when she earned the first impression rose. She was involved in some controversy at the beginning of the season with Champagne-gate, but has since been fairly removed from drama and focused on Peter. And although Peter vocalized fears about Hannah Ann having never been in love before, he told her he loved her during her hometown date (to her dad, Ranger Rick's, apparent dismay), and they had an awfully steamy Fantasy Suite evening, so she could totally take home a ring in the end.


Madison is also 23 years old and is a foster parent recruiter. She similarly had a hot start with the pilot; he chose her for the first one-on-one date of the season, during which they attended his parents' vow renewal ceremony. Madi looked like a natural among his family, and continued to shine in the season; Peter told her he loved her the soonest, and their basketball-themed hometown date seemed to go swimmingly. While some fans think she's a shoe-in to win the competition, there are also rumors she will send herself home before it ends, so fans will have to wait to see how it all plays out.

Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.