Madison could win 'The Bachelor'

Let's Discuss The Odds Madison Wins Peter's 'Bachelor' Season


Peter is nearing the end of his season of The Bachelor, and per usual, fans are trying to figure out who will take home the final rose. All of the remaining contestants definitely have a strong connection with the Bachelor, so it's totally plausible any one of them could capture Peter's heart in the end. Of course, everyone has their opinion on who the frontrunner is, but there is a very strong contingent out there who thinks Madison wins Peter's season of The Bachelor. So, for all those on #TeamMadi, this one is for you.

Although viewers will have to wait until the finale to officially find out how Peter's Bachelor journey ends, he has at least hinted there will be a positive outcome. On Live with Kelly and Ryan, he said he was "very happy" with how everything turned out, and even told E! he knew "exactly" what he was doing during filming. He has also been very vocal about his season's ending being spoiler-free, which not only means production kept things on lockdown in Australia, but it also could indicate some sort of twist ending nobody is expecting.

So with all that in mind, here are some clues to check out so you can decide for yourself what you think might happen, and how Madison might factor into it all.


Reasons To Believe She Wins:

Madison got off to a great start this season. On her first date with Peter, she accompanied him to his parents' vow renewal. Although it was definitely an intense activity for a first date, Madison seemed totally at home while interacting with his family. If there's one thing fans know means a lot to Peter, it's his loved ones, so clicking with them was a great first step.

Another good sign for Madison's chances with Peter has been her ability to sidestep nearly all the drama that's gone down this season. Since Peter seemed pretty uncomfortable about the season's many chaotic moments, it's not a stretch to believe he'd match with someone who has abstained from seemingly every fight.

Madison and Peter also appear to have similar life goals. In September, Peter told Good Morning America he's looking for someone who is "thirsty for adventure," and Madison's ABC bio mentions "her dream is to travel the world and spread love through missionary work," so their priorities seem pretty aligned on that front. And although Peter hasn't made any pledges to not have sex before marriage like Madison has, their intimate conversation before hometowns about religion indicated they are on similar wavelengths there as well.

On top of all of this, Peter told Madison he was falling in love with her, before Madi even said it to him. Although he later told Hannah Ann he was falling in love with her too, something's got to be said for the lead coming out and dropping the L-bomb first. As for Victoria F., he hasn't quite gotten to the point of saying he loves her, thus providing more reasons to believe Madison is the true frontrunner.

Reasons To Believe She Doesn't Win:

While there are clues supporting the theory Madison wins, there are also reasons to believe her ending won't be so blissful. The trailer for Fantasy Suite Week shows Madison having a very serious convo with Peter: "I wouldn't be able to move forward if you have slept with the other women," she tells him. While audiences don't know how the situation plays out yet, Peter does admit to being intimate with someone else in the preview, and because of this, viewers are speculating Madison sends herself home.

There are also plenty of other theories out there about how this season ends, including ideas that Peter will choose another contestant, end up with a woman what isn't competing on this season, or go home alone. Fans will have to tune in to see how it all plays out.

Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.