Victoria F. was sent home on 'The Bachelor'

Let's Break Down The Reason Peter Sent Home Victoria F. On 'The Bachelor'


After eight weeks of dating multiple women, Peter Weber went from three to two contestants on the March 2 episode of The Bachelor. Leaving Fantasy Suite Week, Peter had only two roses to give out to represent who would make it to the finale. Victoria F. wasn't offered one of those final flowers, but since she seemed to be going strong with the pilot, some might wonder why Peter sent Victoria F. home on The Bachelor. Here's a recap of what went down leading up to her dramatic goodbye.

Peter invited his final three — Victoria F., Hannah Ann, and Madison — to Australia for Fantasy Suite Week. The episode typically represents a huge step in the relationship, as it's the first opportunity the lead has to spend some true alone time (no cameras allowed) with his contestants on an overnight date. While this week is typical for Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, this season was different: All three remaining contestants stayed under one roof while they rotated date nights, rather than living in separate housing like usual.

At the start of Victoria's Fantasy Suite date, Peter addressed last week's hometown incident. "I trust you ... I see the fight in you and obviously I'm still fighting for you as well," he told her. And although there were a few tears in the evening portion of their date, it seemed to go well. Victoria opened up to him about her past relationship, and explained it played a part in her finding it difficult to communicate with Peter.


The openness seemed to put them on great terms. "This conversation has been a huge turning point for us ... We've come up and made it through everything we had to go through," Peter explained to cameras. They entered the overnight portion of the date in good spirits, and in the morning Peter reassured Victoria F. about their relationship. "I just feel like we're in such a freaking good spot," he told her.

Of course, looking back on things, Peter sending Victoria F. home might not be too shocking; her Bachelor journey was riddled with drama. First there was the Chase Rice incident, during which she revealed she'd dated Rice after the singer serenaded her and Peter on a one-on-one date. In addition to a few other emotionally heated moments, Peter's ex showed up during Hometown Week to vocalize some strong concerns about Victoria, and Victoria was so offended when he brought it up that Peter never actually met her family.

That said, Peter and Victoria always seemed to work through their tough situations, and there were even theories Victoria could have won, so her departure was surprising to some fans, especially since Madison seemingly walked off in the Feb. 24 episode.

When Madison returned for the rose ceremony, however, she was offered a rose alongside Hannah Ann, and Victoria was sent home. Taking Victoria aside, Peter explained: "I just want you to know how real everything was for me ... and I was falling in love with you. I just know that my heart is farther along with the two other girls." With a tear running down her cheek, Victoria said she "felt stupid," but Peter begged her not to feel that way. After a few brief words, Peter escorted her to the departing van. "It is what it is," she said sadly as the van drove away.


Now, Peter has Hannah Ann and Madison as his final two contestants. Audiences can watch the final weeks of his journey unfold when The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.