Ryan Claytor accepting a rose from Matt James during a rose ceremony on 'The Bachelor' Season 25

Victoria Comes For Ryan's Real-Life Job In This New 'Bachelor' Episode

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Every season of The Bachelor comes with villains and vengeance, but with Matt James as the lead, it seems the stakes have been raised. As troves of women fight for the Bachelor's heart, each contestant is under major scrutiny — not just from fans at home, but also from the contestants they're competing against. After five new women joined the cast during the Jan. 25 episode, fans are eager to learn more about one contestant in particular. So, what is Ryan Claytor's real job? The Bachelor star's livelihood was recently brought into question.

Despite the fact that they walked into filming mid-season, it's clear the producers chose the new Season 25 cast members well. By the end of Week 4, all but one of the newcomers snagged a rose and moved on to the Feb. 1 episode. Unfortunately for Brittany, Catalina, Michelle, and Ryan, most of the contestants who had been at the resort since Day 1 weren't exactly happy with more women being added to the mix. And leading the drama-filled outrage was, of course, "Queen Victoria."

Leading up to the Feb. 1 episode, a teaser posted by the Instagram account Bachelornation.Scoop showed Matt (finally) confronting Victoria for her aggressive ways. "It's been brought to my attention that there's this toxicity in the house," he told her, before asking why she thought it was okay to call Ryan a "ho" for being a dancer.

In case you're confused, according to Ryan's ABC bio, she's a professional dancer living in New York. Not only did the self-proclaimed dance artist have a role in FX's Pose, but she was also part of a scholarship program at Alvin Ailey School (a prestigious academy in NYC). Her Instagram has a highlight dedicated to "dance," which showcases videos of her impressive technique, including high kicks, intricate across-the-floor combinations, and every dancer's worst nightmare: fouetté turns. In short: Ryan has major talent.

From the look of the promos, Matt's finally going to address the on-screen bullying. He says the name-calling and rumors could "potentially ruin someone's life" and needs to come to an end. While it's good he's stepping in and putting an end to the mob-like mentality among the cast, I have a feeling Ryan has the poise and passion to walk away from the Victoria situation unfazed and even more fabulous than before.

Season 25 of The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.