Who Is Brittany On Matt's 'Bachelor' Season?

Uh, There's Apparently Lots Of Drama Surrounding This New 'Bachelor' Contestant

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While the premise of The Bachelor is pretty scandalous on its own — one guy dates a whole bunch of women at the same time — the producers of Season 25 have really upped the drama this time around. During the Jan. 25 episode, five new contestants are introduced to mix things up, and one of the women has the other cast members talking from the start. So, who is Brittany on Matt's Bachelor season? She's been making impressions on fans since the season's promos started.

Chances are, you heard about Brittany before her appearance in Week 4. In a promo released on Jan. 4, a limo pulls up to Nemacolin Resort for new contestants to meet (and make out with) Matt. In the vid, one new woman, Brittany, tells Matt she "wants to make up for lost time" and plants one on him at first meeting.

Not so shockingly, the current contestants — some of whom have already developed strong feelings for Matt — were pissed when they heard about the arrival of the five new women. While everyone was majorly confused about why more people were brought into the competition, Brittany joked to her fellow contestants that it was because "they wanted to save the best for last." So yeah, if the producers were looking for more drama, they definitely got it with Brittany.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

In addition to the limo kiss, the promos hinted something happens with Brittany on the show that could "ruin her life." After peeking at her Instagram, however, it looks like Brittany's still thriving after filming. The 23-year-old from Chicago posts it all, from travel pics to yoga poses to classic full-body selfies. And this makes sense, since she's a professional model.

According to Brittany's ABC bio, she wants to move to New York City (where Matt lives, FYI), take a hot air balloon ride in Turkey, and travel "the world with the man of her dreams." The guy she's looking for is "fun, mature, and trusting" and "let[s] her live her life." She also says she "has no time for unnecessary drama," which will make her journey on Season 25 particularly interesting.

Season 25 of The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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