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Here's Everything We Know About The 5 New Women Joining Matt's 'Bachelor' Season

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Matt James' journey to find love on The Bachelor is officially underway, but fans might not have even met his final rose recipient yet. During the show's Jan. 4 premiere, Chris Harrison noted the show received a record number of applications from women wanting to be on Matt's season. And as fans now know, that means five more contestants will soon arrive to compete for Matt's heart. So, who are the new women on Matt's Bachelor season? Many fans will have seen them before, actually.

Warning: Light spoilers for The Bachelor Season 25 follow. In the Season 25 promo released on Jan. 4, another limo pulls up to Nemacolin Resort, and Chris tells Matt, "Everything is about to change," as new women show up to meet the season’s lead. While it’s unclear why ABC added to the already-large cast, the latest contestants aren’t completely unfamiliar faces in Bachelor Nation. In fact, all five of them were featured in The Bachelor's October 2020 Facebook post that revealed the women who were being considered for Matt's season.

Now, fans have confirmation that the five new contestants introduced on Matt James’ season will officially join Season 25 during Week 4 (aka the episode premiering on Monday, Jan. 25).

But they won’t be the last of surprise arrivals. The season preview also teased the return of Heather Martin, a previous contestant on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor who now appears to be looking for love with Matt. Her arrival, however, doesn't seem to be as premeditated as the other women's were.

"Heather, what are you doing here?" Chris asks her in the promo (as if he doesn't know...), adding that she could “destroy this whole thing for Matt." However, Heather assures the camera that, whatever she's up to, "I do feel like Matt's worth it."

Most fans already know who Heather is, but what about the other women? Here are the five new women who will begin vying for Matt’s heart on Jan. 25:

Brittany Galvin

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This 23-year-old model hails from Chicago, and in the season preview, she instantly stirs up drama with the other women by announcing the producers "wanted to save the best for last," insinuating the new contestants are better than the original ones. In ABC’s “Meet the Newest Arrivals” promo, Brittany also tells Matt she wants to make up for lost time and kisses him fresh off her limo entrance. But there’s also footage of her emotionally admitting something that happens on the show could “ruin my life.” Does she have a secret?

Catalina Morales

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Catalina won Miss Puerto Rico in 2015 before heading to law school and becoming an attorney. The 30-year-old's Instagram bio reveals she's one busy lady who splits time between New York, Florida, and Puerto Rico. As if a law career weren't enough, she's also a published author who previously hosted a Puerto Rican TV segment called Catalina's Universe. In her ABC bio, Catalina describes herself as a “you only live once” kind of person who’s ready to meet her own Prince Charming.

Kim Li

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Kim is a 28-year-old registered nurse who's been sharing her experience working throughout the coronavirus pandemic, as well as educating people about the disease and how to get tested, on Instagram. Oh, and she also describes herself as a "professional dumpling" in her Insta bio.

Ryan Claytor

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Ryan was one of the first new faces to appear in the promo, as she stepped out of the limo and immediately told Matt, "You look so fine!" The 26-year-old New York dancer is no stranger to TV; she recently performed on the FX show Pose. When she's not dancing, Ryan has also been a vocal advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement on Instagram, and in her cast bio, she says she wants to be just like Wonder Woman.

Michelle Young

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As a former Division I basketball player and current elementary school teacher, Michelle is passionate about shaping the next generation of leaders (not unlike Matt’s work in his non-profit). The Minnesota native clearly has big dreams for the future, and she’s looking for a partner to help change the world with her. Who knows, maybe Matt could be that person. Although Michelle’s Insta presence is limited (she finally joined in April of this year), the few posts she has shared include glamorous photoshoot pics, as well as a candid shot of her on the basketball court.

Fans can look forward to officially meeting the latest contestants when Season 25 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 25, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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