Here's What Matt James' NYC Life Looks Like When He's Not On 'The Bachelor'

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Matt James is entering one of the most competitive environments there is as the lead of The Bachelor Season 25, but he should be used to that given his extensive background in corporate America. The franchise newcomer has an extensive professional background that balances financial know-how with a ton of charity work. Here are all the details about what Matt James' real job is, and how he got there.

Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, James enrolled in Wake Forest University in 2011. While at school, James studied economics and was also a wide receiver on the Wake Forest football team (which is how James met his best friend and future Bachelor Nation star Tyler Cameron). After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in economics in 2015, James set out to pursue his passion for football professionally by trying out for NFL teams. Unfortunately, neither the Carolina Panthers nor the New Orleans Saints opted to sign him, so James instead used his economics degree to land corporate jobs.

First, James worked at PNC Bank in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he assisted in portfolio management and underwriting corporate credit facilities, according to his professional bio. Then, he moved to New York City in 2017 and started at his current job with CBRE Group, Inc., a commercial real estate and investment firm. James' focus at the company is real estate in the downtown Manhattan area.

Along with his real estate career, James has also made charity a part of his profession by founding ABC Food Tours with Cameron. The nonprofit, which the duo created in 2018, funds excursions for children from underserved communities to restaurants around New York City. Oftentimes, James and Cameron themselves will lead the food tours to ensure the kids have a truly memorable experience.

As a real estate broker, entrepreneur, and community organizer, James really is killing it when it comes to his professional life, but now he's shifting his focus over to his romantic future. Whoever ends up with James' final rose is sure to have an amazing life in the big city ahead of her.

James' season of The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.